Ulcers in My What? I’m Sorry Doc, Can You Spell That?

My Ulcerative Colitis Story:

So there I was at 19 years old. I was preparing myself for a career in the Navy. Just received my passport and I was headed to Coasta Rica for two weeks in paradise before my new beginning…
My mom kept telling me it was my nerves, that I needed to stop worrying.

Well I didn’t think stress would make my bottom fall out bleeding!

Good thing I made that trip to the doctor. Too bad it took 2 ER visits, 3 doctors, 1 GI, a lot of poop samples, a blood transfusion, and a hard-core non medicated sigmoidscopy to diagnose me with Ulcerative Colitis.

ulcerative colitis ulcers
Ulcers in my what! I’m sorry Doc, can you spell that for me?!
The next several sentences out of his mouth will stick with me forever.

Being told that you have an incurable hereditary disease is a hard pill to swallow. Nevertheless, I was a fighter. I would get through this.

Nearly two weeks later I was released with a good bill of health. Unfortunately Costa Rica didn’t happen. Neither did my military career, since I couldn’t pass the medical exam.
Then, the depression set in. I was young and I didn’t necessarily have the best support system. For fear of rejection, I painfully went beyond my limitations for years. Partying, smoking, eating whatever, and constantly stressing. I was always flaring, even hospitalized a few times, due to my refusal to take medication. I didn’t take medications because I didn’t want to be labeled as “sick”.
As I matured, I began to accept my Ulcerative Colitis more. I had gone two years symptom free so I was hoping I could continue on a healthy path. In 2009 I married, my husband joined the Navy(I live vicariously through him!), and we got pregnant. My UC didn’t stay remissed, as I expected it wouldn’t.
I flared at 13 weeks. After another un-medicated sigmoidscopy, my GI put me on Asacol. This worked wonders until my 30th week of pregnancy.
Another flare, but this was different. I was beyond sick. I felt like death. My GI doctor doubled my meds, but four days later I was still ruling from my throne.
My GI called to drop the big C.Diff news! C.Diff!?

We tried every medication that was safe to kick the C. Devil.

Five weeks later(three hospitalized), another awful sigmoidscopy, a UTI, a premature birth scare, an appendicitis attack scare, a million suppositories and enemas, and giving in the Prednisone, I was finally healed! I looked like the marshmallow man from all the fluids and steroids, but I was alive!
I gave birth to a healthy boy and continued my treatment. My first colonoscopy concluded that I did indeed now have pan colitis. My doctor increased my Asacol and suggested I start a more aggressive plan upon ceasing nursing my son.
I just flared three weeks ago, thanks to C.Devil. Yay. Ofcourse I didn’t respond to the Flagyl so I had to give in to Zifaxan. It worked wonders and I feel like a new woman.
My doctor dropped the Remicade bomb two weeks ago. I was hoping to get by another eight years without hearing that word.
In two years my passport expires. There is yet to be a stamp inside of it. Ive moved on past Costa Rica, but that doesn’t mean I have given up on my dreams. My story isn’t over yet. It may take another ten, but I will have my “Happily Ever After”.

My Colitis Medications:

Currently: Lialda, Pro-B Capsules, Maxaron Forte(iron), DHA, folic acid, Osyco(calcium)
A strict diet, regular exercise, and a stress-less life
Previously: Prednisone, Asacol, Colicort, Rowasa, Canasa, Flagyl, Vancomycin, Zifaxin, and Pro-B packets.


Submitted by “The Queen” in the Colitis Venting Area


3 thoughts on “Ulcers in My What? I’m Sorry Doc, Can You Spell That?”

  1. Hi There Queen,
    I think you and i are very similar, I really hope to get some more passport stamps in the near future. Keep your head high, you have a great personality and I’m sure you’ll be able to do whatever you want. Your positive spirit I think will ultimately be the most valuable fighter against UC.
    thx so much for sharing your story,

  2. Yep, another traveler here… domestic and international… I’ve done it, and it’s still scary, and you’ll do it too. Maybe we should start a thread about that, where we share our travel stories. I’ve flown in Depends before, but was just thinking how much fun that’ll be with the new airport body scanners! I’m looking forward to how much fun I can have with this… should I put on two pairs and then demand a pat-down? ;-)

    Take care Queen…. if you had a kid, dang, you can do anything!

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