Ulcerative Colitis in Los Angeles

I am a very young 38 year old female. In the beginning stages of colitis…I thought i was dying. The blood was mortifying. The skin issues made me want to commit harry carey. You see I was living in Los Angeles, working as a wardrobe stylist with celebs. All of the sudden I was passing blood and breaking out in hives all the time. Made me want to drink more…and do more drugs. During the beginning stages of all this I was working on a movie as a set costumer, dealing with a jealous boyfriend and an ex-boyfriend that I wanted to be friends with but he wanted more. The stress, booze, drugs and blood loss was too much to bear. Not to mention, I was new in the industry and didn’t have health insurance…..so had to deal with a public hospital for the poor people. A learning institution where you are dealing with convicts and homeless people while there. Not to mention, only being half “twilighted” (kept awake to feel all the pain so when you scream from the pain, they know to stop so they don’t cause damage they will have to repair, thus costing them less money) during the colonoscopy. There’s much more to this but I have to go for now. Must put out a fire.

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By:  “Jane Doeman”

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