Ulcerative Colitis – Early Remission in Mumbai, India

Meet Pradeep:

I am 28 years old from Mumbai,India.Currently into business. I was diagnosed for UC in September 2012. First symptom was in March 2012. Till now one colonoscopy is done.

Hobbies:- Playing cricket & football, swimming & listening to music.


No symptoms. Occasional mucus in stool

UC and Early Remission

MY FIRST SYMPTOMS appeared in March 2012. I was making 4-5 trips to the loo and could not control my first bowel movement in the morning which was watery initially followed by normal stool. I couldn’t notice any blood in there. The subsequent trips were to pass the gas with loud sounds. My doctor told me it was a stomach infection & gave me antibiotics which worked & was relieved from symptoms in 4-5 days.

After 6 months, on 24th of September the same infection returned & I went straight away to doctor, who asked me to get some tests done & see a gastroenterologist if possible. My symptoms got worse & I was making 8-10 trips with mild abdomen pain & this time I could notice blood mixed with stools.  I couldn’t distinguish if I want to pass the gas or I need to empty my bowel.  Sleep was also disturbed.

Stool test & stool culture test did not show any infection.

I took second opinion & went to surgeon to check for piles. He suggested a colonoscopy, and I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis early state. I was infected till mid transverse colon, so it can be called left sided colitis.

I was put on Mesacol for one week. & VSL3 probiotic (10 days course) tablet.

After a week when the biopsy report came I was put on Omnacortil (steroid) along with other medications. I went into remission after taking steroid for few days.

After my research I thought that a doctor specializing in gastroenterology would be the best person to treat me.  He increased the dose of mesacol and asked me to take omnacortil for 3 more weeks. After 1 week of taking omnacortil I developed steriod acne, pain in my left knee & was told these are side effects of steriods.  After I stopped taking steriods, I started feeling dizzy & told my doctor about it and was told it was happening because of high blood pressure. I went to physician to record my BP for some days & it showed normal levels.  I decided to change my doctor & went to other doctor who specializes in IBD diseases.

He reduced the dose of mesacol & gave medicine for dizziness. Well, I don’t feel dizzy now and I’m off the medications for dizziness.  I am making one trip every day. Can notice mucus sometimes, doctor said not to worry about it.  Only thing which I am concerned about is polyp which is present in my left colon. I don’t know when would be the next colonoscopy done. I want to see the condition of the colon, whether any healing is done or not.

I had to alter my diet after the diagnosis. I am vegetarian & have stopped eating outside food.  My intake of spices is zero, even though my doctor said moderate spicy food is ok. I was off milk for around one month but have started taking it recently cause I can tolerate milk. Taking yoghurt everyday.
Both the doctors have told me that one needs to take medicine even when your gut is inflammation free. It can come back anytime . I don’t know for myself if I am going to take medicine for life or try alternative medicines. Still early to take a call on that.

I will update you on my next colonoscopy results.

Take care :)


Taken Omnacortil for 4 weeks- 3 tablets ,tapering of one tablet every week – off steriod as of now
Was taking Mesacol 1.2 g 3 tablets a day, now reduced to 2 tablets a day.

written by Pradeep

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16 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis – Early Remission in Mumbai, India”

  1. When I had a colonoscopy and my doctor found about 3 polyps they snipped them out. I’m glad the medication is helping you. Sometimes for many people the medications stop working or we have such bad side effects from them, we try the scd diet or natural supplements, which seems to help people a lot. Good luck to you, Pradeep.

    1. Hi Maggie

      Have you stopped medications completely.What natural supplements are you taking?
      I am going to clear my doubts about polyp at my next appointment. Surgeon who did colonoscopy told me that if it gets bigger, then it needs to be removed.


  2. Hi Pradeep,
    It is alsmost one year i’m having this UC. I’m from bangalore..I have made some changes in diet which helped me a lot…
    1) Include Jowar, bajra and amranth(Rajgira) flour in to your diet
    2) I’m also vegiterian..Try brown rice which also benificial and fermented brown rice whihc is very good
    3) Walk evryday and Yoga and pranyam and some proper brething exercises


    This is some link to relieve you from strees..you can call me to share our experiences..9739600444

    1. Hi Brajabasi

      I know stress & diet can aggravate the symptoms.I have heard about benefits of yoga. Would be learning it soon. Have you tried ayurveda & homeopathic medicines.I have noted your number.Would get in touch with you soon.


      1. Hi Pradeep,
        I have tried all Ayurvedic , homeopathic and naturopathy. Right now taking medicines from VP khadiwal from pune..ayurvedic medicine…but don’t know it helps or not, but he suggested some diet which is helping me..also take Bael Murrabba and Bilagyl medcine from sandu which is helping…

  3. Hi, Pradeep. I take turmeric for inflammation, probiotics, MSM, l-glutamine, I take a fiber supplement every morning with my smoothie, ground flax seed, astaxathin for an antioxidant as well as vit. C, D, and Krill fish oil. I do not use caffein or eat eggplant or cabbage, anything with gluten, and hardly any alchohol, Maybe some white wine if I’m not in a flare. Yoga sounds like a great idea, I wish I could be more strict with myself to do that, and go for walks. Hope this was helpful.

  4. HI Pradeep,
    am from mumbai too and was diagnosed with UC 14years back…was 10years old then.But my reccent colonoscopy and blood works show that i now have crohns diseasase.i have tried almost all the mainline meds out there and currently on steroids and anti-inflamotary drugs.Id suggest you try out alternate treatments like ayurvedic or homoeopathy.i did try them but no luck.but there is no harm in trying it out…everyones different and reacts differently to different treatments.
    if you wanna talk more about it or share or have any questions or anything heres my mail id…itd be happy to help in any which way i can.

    1. Hi Mansi

      Sorry to hear about the wrong diagnosis.I have got 2 references for alternative medicines.One is homeopathic which is in Surat & second one is Ayurvedic which is in delhi. I would give it a try for one of those soon.Currently i am consulting Dr.Devendra desai- hinduja hospital. He specializes in IBD. You can take second opinion from him. I have added you on gtalk.

      Take care

  5. Hi Pradeep,
    Good to hear you are feeling well. I have been in remission for nearly 2 years now and my specialist recently prescribed me salofalk granules, which i have found to work really well with no side effects.
    All the best!

    1. Hi Dan

      Well i was on junk food for some days & could see that my body is not responding well to it. I hope that there is no relapse of UC. salofalk granuels is similar(source:-google search) to Mesacol which i have been taking. How is your colon?? Is it inflammation free.


  6. Hi pradeep,
    I recently got diagnosed with UC. I live in india.. i am currently working in bangalore..
    I think it is not an eady thing to cope up with UC in workplace. Are you having any tips for me so as hw to manage with UC in tye workplace. I dont want to attract any attention yet i want to stay safe. I understand its best to have a word eith my employer but i am not sure if they would really understand. TIA..

  7. Ashish Shrivastava

    Its been around 4 years i am dignosed with UC and had 2 flare up till date. the first one was in May and lasted till Sep.. I was under strong medication.. Mesacol and 40 mg steroid… after that I was asked for a surgery.. as I use to go from motions around 15 to 20 times a day.. Then i switched to Ayurveda and my doc suggested me to take only moog dal khichidi and fresh chas (Butter milk).. I recovered in a month time.. but took 4 months to stop the blood to come..
    in oct next year i got the second flare up in Oct and i changed the doc again, but still ayurveda… now its aroud 2 years and i am still on ayurvadic medicine…I can eat almost all things.. I have discovered the things i am reactive to and I avoid them.. Stop eating Maida(all purpose flour) in any form..
    I will suggest Ayurvade as I dont have to eat steroid or mesacol any long and leading a better life..

    1. Hi Ashish,

      I was detected with UC in 2015. I am on mesalazine. I am currently having a flareup since I was diagnosed. I would also like to g

      Can you please provide the details of Ayurvedic medicine you are taking and where I can buy them

      Many thanks,


  8. Ashish Shrivastava

    Adding to my last commet, I now take basti treatment (enima) suggested by my ayurvadic doctor. I am about to go for my colonoscopy with in a month. Basti can be done by doctor or even you can do it with some ones help at home.
    Just taking medicine will not help Basti is also important along with it. Doctor gave me some dry leaves and few more things in it, which i boil in milk and water and then with the help of catather insert inside.
    Consult your ayurvedic doctor and start doing it..
    If required I can give you the contact number of my doctor..
    My mail id is ashish.jshrivastava@gmail.com

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