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Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trials Survey

Adam, the founder of

Adam, the founder of

Thank you to all the 549 Participants in this month’s iHaveUC Survey!

The survey was focused on ulcerative colitis clinical trails, and WOW, some very interesting ideas, suggestions, and comments by many of you regarding this type of research.

Below are the questions that were part of the survey.

Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trial Survey (May 20, 2016)

Official Survey Answers – In the Summarized Form CLICK HERE

  • Question #1: Do you have ulcerative colitis?
  • Question #2: Have you ever participated in a UC related Clinical Trial?
  • Question #3: Would you expect to be paid some money for participating in a clinical trial?
  • Question #4: Some clinical trials require a lengthy time commitment from beginning to end. What is the maximum time period you be willing to be involved with a clinical trial?  Read the 300 Full Responses about the time commitmentCLICK HERE
  • Question #5: Some clinical trials or “studies” require UC patients to travel to a specific doctor’s office, university laboratory or other clinical site…How far would you be willing to travel from your home to a location like this for a clinical trial that you were interested in?
  • Question #6: Would you expect to meet with a doctor at the clinical trial to explain what is going on and answer your questions?  Read the 225 Individual Responses regarding Clinical Trial Doctors – CLICK HERE
  • Question #7:  What types of potential Ulcerative Colitis medications or treatment solutions would you be most interested in learning about with regards to clinical trials? Read the 184 Individual Comments & 23 “other” ResponsesCLICK HERE – Question 7 Full Responses
  • Question #8:  If you have experience with any UC related clinical trial, please feel free to share what your experience was like.

Official Survey Answers – In the Summarized Form – CLICK HERE

Thank you once again to everyone on the newsletter list who participated!

And thanks to those below who submitted your pictures:)

Have a great week, and more to come in the near future,
Adam Scheuer

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some of the participants from the newsletter group:

1 thought on “Ulcerative Colitis Clinical Trials Survey”

  1. Hi, My son has a chance to be in a clinical trial for FMT. It is one transplant via colonoscopy through a reputable hospital in New York, If anyone has had experience with this please reply. I’m concerned about safety. Has it worked for anyone on this site?


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