Ulcerative Colitis and The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen to Me


I would just like to share a short feedback after my Ileostomy – I am 18 years of age and had UC since the age of 13. My UC was very very bad and did not respond to any medication – I have been on all sorts of medications eg. prednisone, Predsol enimas, Asacol exct you name it, I’ve been on it, even the SCD diet. Nothing seemed to help. I had bleeding UC with lots of blood lost and became anemic with extremely low blood pressure (80/44) was “normal” for me. Since the beginning of the year I just got sicker and sicker and was more IN Hospital than at Home – my UC got Cortisone dependent and it was decided to remove my Colon. They had me for a month on intravenous Cortisone, Asacol pills, CVP through my neck/main artery for feeding, Potassium & Iron drips to prep me for my operation. Had my Operation on 28 June 2013. BEST decision ever ! I feel like a new person and can advice it to any one ! I had a second chance on life a nd have NO problems with my Stoma !

Some more about me:

I am from South Africa, I am still in School and finish my High School Career this year.
I couldn’t do Sport before my operation – was to sick, but NOW I have joined the Gym and wants do Body Building – I love the training !


I have my Stoma / Ileostomy currently – I am so very Happy !
No problems at all ! I can eat literally EVERYTHING under the sun and I have NO PAIN, NO DISCOMFORT, NO JOINT PAINS/ Arthritis any more, I have picked up weight and went from 44kg – 55 kg and never looked and felt this good in the past 5 years !

Ulcerative Colitis and The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen to Me

I had my Ileostomy – removal of my Colon on 28 June 2013. BEST thing that could ever happen to me ! I will have my 2nd Operation in January 2014 for the J-Pouch.

UC made my life a living HELL !! I do not even know where to start. It stole my energy, my social life (the Toilet was my best friend !) I could never do “normal” things like my Peers, it drained LIFE out of me…. day by day and my Colon intoxicated my entire Body !! UC was my “Partner” for 5 years – my Silent Killer…. this is a Illness I do not wish on my worst enemy – and I will ALWAY keep praying for people still living with it ! Terrible, Terrible disease. My Family supported me through out this time and I would not have survive without their support – During all my Flare ups, My Mommy used to sit with me every second in the Bathroom, rubbing my back, praying for me, talking me trough the terrible pain, motivating me to just hang in there for the next minute just to keep on breathing……When I feel like I can not go on anymore – she “carried me spiritually and mentally”. I will never be able to thank her enough for her inner strength th rough out this period.

During my illness I have gathered that Dr’s almost WANT to keep you “SICK” sometimes, because, lets face it they make LOTS of money out of people like us. They will pump your body full of drugs – no matter WHAT the long term result will be on your health. There is only ONE drug I refused to take and that is “Refelex” (I think may go by another name Abroad – Remicade ?) What’s the use of giving me Refelex – when its confirmed my UC had become Cortisone resistant and my track record clearly showed that my UC is non compliant with ALL the previous drugs ? at the end of the day it would also not worked and 20 years from now I sit without my Colon anyway plus Liver or Pancreas Cancer, due to the side affects, but why would the Dr’s worry about that…..?? Just more money to be made….

After my operation the Dr confirmed my my Colon was SO EXTREMELY diseased and “malformed” due to UC, NOTHING could or would have saved it !

Medications & Supplements:

without a doubt – DRINK YOUR PROBIOTICS first thing in the morning, eat healthy, fresh vegetables and lots of Papaya and Bananas and red Apples. I used to take 1 teaspoon of Turmeric mixed with little bit of Honey everyday to help eliminate the Toxins of UC from my sick Colon – I believed it helped a lot. Cant cure you but sure as hell help to eliminate Toxins that cause all your aches and pains. when I was very ill I used to take L-Glutamine, 1teaspoon with juice to help reduce the Cortisol level (body stress level, cortisol gets excreted by Pancreas when you are very sick, almost like your body is in “shock” when you are in a flare up )

Please STAY AWAY from SUGAR and STARCH it make your bad Bacteria, that cause ULCERS just multiply !
Have yourself tested for H.PYLORI Bacteria – BIG contributor to BLEEDING UC !!

Monitor your Nutrition’s, Iron, Potassium, Vit K, Vit D levels through Blood test once every 2nd month. I had Vit B12 + Vit B com injections every 2nd week by injection

written by Martinique


5 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis and The Best Thing That Could Ever Happen to Me”

  1. Hi Martinique.

    I have had an ileostomy since having surgery in March and I agree with you 100%. I too have almost zero symptoms and surgery was a great thing for me.

    Best wishes to you on your post-surgery life!

  2. Martinique. Wat ‘n wonderlike voorreg om jou te ken. My engelkind… wil net vir jou se, jy is sowaar ‘n voorbeeld vir ons almal. Nooit het ek jou hoor kla……. al kon ek die pyn op jou maer bleek gesiggie sien. Altyd reg met jou mooi glimlaggie terwyl jou gesiggie ‘n storie van pyn en ongemak vertel het. Hierdie 5 jaar wat ek jou so moes sien, het my so hulpeloos laat voel. Soms het ek gevra, waarom so ‘n jong kind soveel moes deurmaak…. maar ek weet JESUS het jou nooit alleen gelos nie….. Vandag, kan jy jou storie vertel om ander te help. En dis ook hoe ek jou ken, altyd reg om ander by te staan en te help, ten spyte van jou eie pyn of probleme. Ek PRYS ONS HEMELSE PAPPA vir sy groot genade, getroue bystand en jou goeie gesondheid van vandag. Jou sprankelende geaardheid en positiewe benadering deur dit als, het my laat besef…….. hoeveel ons het om voor dankbaar te wees. Wil net vir jou se…… I LOVE YOU so much en jy bly my HERO!!!!!

  3. Hi,just got diagnosed this summer n was dealing n suffering from this disease. I was hospitalized for a month due to severe blood loss n diarrhea,gave me a lot of medication but nothing worked and right now they put me on remicade, this will be my fourth infusion.i had my second colonoscopy last week and it seems that it looks the same nothing change, so they recommend me to have a surgeon consultation,i was terrified knowing that this will be the last resort of my disease, but aim dealing now with soo much pain in my rectum, im only taking asacol hd n rectal enema,the Percocet help but they don’t wanna give me anymore pain med bec. Of the side effect of it, i also used prednisone,Canasa,cyclosporine ,antibiotic, but they taper off me in prednisone bec it will only be used in short term treatment.im a mother of four, working as a care giver, now that i have this terrible disease i feel like i don’t have my life, I’ve been in the bathroom many time, no sleep, always in the house bec. Of scared of having flare up n cannot make it on time in the bathroom,im living in phila,if anyone on the same situation like me, pls. Do respond, that way i feel im not all alone, feel very depressed and feel sorry always for myself bec. I cannot do anything with my kids n my husband, but im very thankful that they supported me all the way….thnk you good luck to everyone…

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