Ulcerative Colitis and Lomotil Anyone?

Has anyone ever taken Lomotil to help with diarrhea???? I am currently on 4 Lialda a day, trying out Pro-Biotics and about to start the Lomotil.. I read on the lomotil side effects that it can worsen UC… Has anyone ever used it with success?



So what is Lomotil? (A combination of atropine and diphenoxylate)

Atropine is a medication has is used to treat several different things: spasms in the stomach, bladder and also the intestines.
Diphenoxylate is commonly used as a medication to treat diarrhea.
The combination of these two medications atropine & diphenoxylate is Lomotil.

Here is an outside link to Lomotil here.

13 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis and Lomotil Anyone?”

  1. Hi,
    I have been instructed by my medical guys that I am never to take any diarreha medication. They said taking diarreha medications can result in a condition called “toxic megacolon” and it is bad bad bad (you will probably die).
    Hope this helps,

    1. Hey Peter,
      I know this isn’t funny stuff we are talking about here in the posting, but you never cease to crack me up with your comments. I am pretty sure that you aren’t even trying to be funny, but to me and my wife your comments nearly always are(in a very good way I must add)
      thanks for everything,

      1. Hi Adam,
        You are absolutely correct – I wasn’t trying to be funny (New Zealanders are reknowned for 2 things: (1) having absolutely nil sense of humour (2) males of the species having extremly small genetalia). That is what the doctor in the hospital told me last time I was admitted and I was very sick and they weren’t joking. I have attached a weblink below for your consideration:


        Basically the important bit is as follows:

        In some patients with acute ulcerative colitis, agents which inhibit intestinal motility or delay intestinal transit time have been reported to induce toxic megacolon. Consequently, patients with acute ulcerative colitis should be carefully observed and Lomotil therapy should be discontinued promptly if abdominal distension occurs or if other untoward symptoms develop.

        Gluten free working a treat – just on Pentasa twice daily now. All blood work sweet.

        Take it easy, bro
        Keep up the good work,

    2. I wouldn’t recommend Lomotil if you have ulcerative colitis. My mother did and ended up dying of colon cancer. I blame the GP for killing my mother at 54.

  2. I’ve been taking Lomotil for a year now and it helps me a lot and makes me more regular – as in going fewer times a day but still going plenty. My GI doctor prescribes it to me and also told me I can use immodium. You’re not going to get toxic megacolon unless you become constipated. If that happens, you just stop taking the lomotil until everything flows again. I actually did get constipated once this year but it was because I was prescribed other pain meds when I hurt my back – they kept me from going for about two days – and that is just as bad as going too much….


  3. I used to take immodium a lot before I started SCD. I asked my doctor about this and he said it was ok as long as I wasnt going over the daily dosage.

    I no longer use any of that since being on the SCD. I did however come across a product called esdifan. It is an all natural product and is a zeolite which removes toxins from the intestines. It also does not constipate you. I have read great reviews from IBD and IBS sufferers.

    I ordered the product online and will use it for my next flare up (which hopefully never comes) but good to have the product just in case.

    Its worth a shot.
    The website is http://www.esdifan.com

    Good luck!

  4. I took Lomotil to help my diarrhea only once and so far I felt no side effects. it is true that Diphenoxylate is use to treat diarrhea and combining it with Atropine which is use to treat spasms in the stomach, bladder and intestines is in my own opinion, an improvement. In any case a visit to a good doctor is the best option.

  5. My mother was prescribed Lomotil for her ulcerative colitis. She had severe attacks of it and her abdomen was distended. She died of bowel cancer at 54. I would not recommend this stuff which I blame for my mother’s early death.

    1. I’m so sorry to hear that your mother passed. Could you explain further why you think lomitol was the cause. Seems unusual that it would lead to colon cancer.

  6. I know this is an old post, but I just started taking Lomotil (actually the generic kind) yesterday and so far it has worked for me. I have been pooping over 20 times a day and the relief it has brought me the last day and a half has been much needed in my opinion. When I woke up this morning it was back to UC and poop galore. I popped a couple Lomotil and it definately helped. Side note: it actually takes a couple hours to start working, but once it does, you do get relief from the urgency. I’m very sorry to here about your mother motherless, I really hope the Lomotil wasn’t the factor that caused her death because I don’t want to die. My doctor prescribed it for me, so if I do die, hopefully my wife and son become rich from medical malpractice.


  7. I know how you feel Blake. I’m going upwards of 15-20 times a day. I just took my first Lomotil pill a couple hours ago and fingers crossed, i’m praying for any relief. At this point i’m willing to try just about anything.

  8. I have colitis, have been taking lomotil for 3 years, I couldn’t live normal life before. Am living like a normal person now. I do get flare ups once or twice a year but they don’t last long. If I get constipated, I just stop the lomotil for a time or 2 until I get over it, then right back on lomotil. I think it is a magic pill. The dr. Prescribed 2, 3 times a day. They worked so well I now ( for past 2 years) only take 2 a day morning and night. Btw I am 83 years old.

  9. After much research and diagnostic tests, i have got the information i was after on this page.
    Thank you, guys! Doctor prescribed Lomotil, but on an “as required” basis. One or two would get me 8 or so hours break from the loo. But then agony during the night. Thank you, Bobbi.
    Owe you a beer!
    Ps, anyone have issues with alcohol? I do like a beer or two. And a glass of red…

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