Ulcerative Colitis and Humira


I have been diagnosed with UC in June of 2010 during a business trip to India. I had a great experience there and was treated in a very good hospital to stabilize me enough to fly back to the states. Since then I just had another bad 4 week flare up, in conjunction with enteropathic arthritis, which pretty much immobilized me for the entire time.


In order to get the ulcerative colitis and arthrithis under control, I am taking 4.8g of Lialda per day. I used to take 40mg of Prednisone, but it lost its effectiveness after 6 months and my Rheumatologist switched me to 32mg of Medrol per day. In order to fight the Arthrithis I am currently taking 1000mg of Limbrel which makes a huge difference on my pain level. Over the last 5 days my flare up seem to slow doen and I have 4-6 hour windows in between movements.

Current Situation:

As this is the second outbreak within 6 months and the arthritis problems never go completely away, my Rheumatologist recommended to go on Humira, which was approved by the insurance yesterday and I will start my treatment today, hoping that I can start my normal life again. I will keep everybody posted on the impact this drug will have.

***UPDATE FROM December 23rd Below ***

Hey Adam,
I started my first 4 Humira injections on Tuesday night and I have to say it was nothing like I read in other blogs. You can hardly feel the needle, if at all, and I had no burning sensation or bruising on the injection site at all.
Right now I am completely pain free and I can get up, walk, work, do all the things I wasn’t able to do for the last 4 weeks. My Christmas is already here and I do not need any more presents. Being able to move and do things is all I wanted. I talked to my Gastro guy yesterday and he proposed to put me on Imuran to get me off the Medrol quicker, but after reading the side effects, I will stick with the Medrol for a little longer and slowly decrease the dose myself once the Humira takes over for my UC issues,
Now it is just a waiting game again for the Humira to be fully effective. I will have my next 2 injections on 1/4 and then get 40mg every other week. I can’t wait to get rid of all the other medications and hopefully get the UC in remission to have somthing else but white food again.
I would love to here from other people with a UC/Enteropathic Arthritis connection to see how they are doing on Humira.

Adam, feel free to add these comments to my initial post.

Update December 29th, News Gets Even Better:

Just wanted to send you a quick update for my blog.

Had some very good days with movements stretching out from 4-5 hours to a 9 hour stretch today. I am still taking 4.8g of Lialda and 3.2nd of Medrol, but only have very little blood if any at all. The arthritis is almost completely gone and I have started to build up some of the lost muscle mass by starting some light workout exercises.
Regarding my diet I am eating steak and potatoes for dinner, had some chopped sirloin with mashed potatoes for lunch and normally have some bagels with honey and peppermint tea.
Other days I have pasta, chicken and rice. I also eat Activia yoghurt, home made jello and Danish butter cookies. It seems that the hardier I eat the better my movements get.
I have my next 2 shots of Humira due next Tuesday and really know that it made already all the difference for my arthritis. Still have some issues sleeping all through the night, as I seem to het up every 3-4 hours, but now I can do it at least painless.

3 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis and Humira”

  1. The very best of luck with the humira. I know all too well how painful arthritis can be. I begin humira in the new year, Hopefully it will work for both of us :)

    1. Best of luck to you. This was the first time in my life that nothing seemed to work and I was in constant pain. Sure hope to have this beat now and move on with my life and get the stress off my family as well.

  2. Hey There UC Man,
    How is everything going with you? Are you still getting the relief that you had earlier? I sure hope so, its so cool to hear someone having great results with the Humira!!

    Best of Luck with Continued Success!!

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