Ulcerative Colitis and Homeopathy

Terrie b fshIntro:

Hello everyone, I was diagnosed with UC a year ago. It’s horrible. Adam you are bang on the money about the pharma industry – I was annoyed by that guy from England (I’m English too) saying he doesn’t pay for meds – yes he does through national insurance lol.

For 15 years I was on anti-depressants. I came off them and started seeing a brilliant homeopath and I don’t have depression. Then the colitis popped out. I did research into the various meds I was on before and saw UC is listed as a side effect!

Anyway, reluctant to have cameras and enemas stuck up my bottom I decided to treat is with homeopathy. It’s working really well but it’s not a quick fix. I avoid foods that make me flare up and the list of things I CAN eat gets longer as I get better.

Homeopathy will eventually get rid of the UC. It is fixing the problem from the inside and all I have to do til then is avoid flare ups. The last bad one was 8 months ago and I felt like I was going to die.

I’m fat though – but I’m ok! X

Some more about Terrie:

I’m English but living in Ireland, I have two little girls and a great partner. I work as a body piercer and a photographer. I have a questionable sense of humour and I’m extremely honest! I’m also a recovering alcoholic – just under 11 years clean 8 sober!


I’m stable at the moment so I’m just prone to looking pregnant every few days. I ate beans last weekend and I had diarrhea and tiredness for a week. At my worst I felt exhausted, diarrhea for 8 months, astonishingly sharp cramps, mucus in my stools, severe dehydration, brain fog, no memory, acne, flu like symptoms and total loss of sense of humour lol

Terrie’s Story:

I think I covered this in the first box by mistake.

I hate doctors. Drugs and surgery are not for me. I use homeopathy and avoid food I know makes me ill. Why wouldn’t I?? I’m shocked that people are still eating everything and then getting put on more drugs – if I’m intolerant to it I’m not eating it!

At one point I felt like my colon was coming out of me. I hadn’t a clue what was wrong, never heard of UC. I nearly fainted with the pain at times, but so far this year I’ve been 100% fine.

It’s scary though and I don’t entertain fear in my life. I am terrified of baked beans and steak. I feel sad as well because I always loved food and now I’m really pissed off with it. I’m tired of cooking or eating out, I wish I didn’t have to eat at all sometimes. I eat the same limited group of foods, white carbs are ok, cheese, chicken and fish, over cooked veg and fruit smoothies are ok. I can eat scrambled eggs but I don’t really enjoy them. Basically I can eat junk – all the stuff I avoided to stay slim I now live off.

I would really love to lose 2 stone – I am a uk 14 and I hate it. I just took a photo of my double chin and I’m disgusted. I just don’t know what to eat to lose weight, isn’t it great that’s my only problem right now?!

I would urge anyone with UC to get off drugs and find the best homeopath they can asap – drugs cause colitis.

I’m looking forward to looking around your site and connecting with other sufferers – thank you so much for creating this dude!!


I covered this in two other fields lol

Hans Weitbrecht is my homeopath and he’s the best in Europe – highly recommend him. Sometimes I need a remedy to give me the mental strength I need to cope with UC.

written by Terrie B

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2 thoughts on “Ulcerative Colitis and Homeopathy”

  1. Hi, Terrie. Yes, colitis sucks, it sucks bad! I’m currently flaring. It’s been pretty mild as I make my own kefir, which really helps and am also making my own kombucha now. I hate taking drugs, too, because of side effects so am taking as little as possible, canasa and sulfasalazine. I’ve been using natural supplements for years and basically nothing really helps me except diet. I haven’t been real careful about my diet because the kefir helps me a lot but I still get cramping and blood and diarrhea in the morning. So sick of it! Last night I put 1/2 papaya, a banana, and water in my blender and had that for dinner with a hard boiled egg. Did a lot better this morning. It sucks that I have to watch what I eat because basically my diet isn’t that bad but I do like potato chips and with this flare, they are a no-no! So is caffeine, chocolate, and lots of stuff, that’s why I’m doing the juice now. Hope you stay well!

  2. Terrie,

    I support your decision to choose homeopathic medicine but I will warn you to keep close watch on your symptoms. A Few years ago I started having symptoms and treated them with homeopathy. It really didn’t work well, and by the time I went in to see the Gastroenterologist, 95% of my colon was diseased. What I did not know was, the longer a flare goes on, the higher up the colon the disease climbs. I have to take massive amounts of steroids for several months and I lost 25 years of bone density in the process.

    What I’ve learned is that you have to do your best to manage this disease at all times, but know when to turn to Western medicine.

    Take care!

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