UGH – I Can’t Figure out How to Get OFF Prednisone

Help Me Get off Prednisone, I am having a hard time getting of this colitis medication.

Im a 32 year old male and I can’t seem to get off prednisone steroids.  I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis for about 13 years and I’ve been on just about every medication there is.  I don’t think i have ever been in remission.  I’m in constant pain everyday of my life …my back my joints basically my everything hurts.

Is there anyone else having trouble getting off prednisone?
What pain do you feel?

Dose anyone get infections alot like Staph Infections and MRSA infections?

No medications really work good for me they just keep me somewhat tolerable and I’m talking somewhat.

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There are many different stories listed as you can imagine since so many people with ulcerative colitis are being prescribed steroids and specifically prednisone / prednisolone at some point or multiple points throughout life with colitis.  It is one of those very tricky medications that often helps treat the symptoms, but also it can often have some nasty side effects as we learned with the results of the Prednisone/Prednisolone Survey.  One thing that we should all agree on is, make sure to consult with your physician or medical doctor before you start taking this drug.  Although the little white prednisone pills might look innocent, they can pack a mean punch and are not something to play around with.



6 thoughts on “UGH – I Can’t Figure out How to Get OFF Prednisone”

  1. Start researching the surgical options. If you have UC, surgery can “cure” the condition, but not so much if you have Crohn’s.

    Talk to your doctor and ask them what they see is instore for you in the future, and ask about the potential of surgery. It’s a huge thing, though, so be sure to research and get comfortable with the idea of the procedure. Good luck!

  2. I had a terrible flare this past January (I’m actually having one right now, too), but back in Feb., my dr. prescribed me prednisone to try to get control of the flare. I was on it for 3.5 months (tapered from 40mg), and it didn’t work. Are you getting any relief from it? It didn’t stop my flare, made me gain 10lbs, and I had horrible bone/joint pain while on it. It was hard to tell what caused what, but I seemed to have more problems on prednisone than off. My dr actually wants to put me back on it…and it makes no sense to me. I think they are struggling because they can’t get my condition under control. I felt the negative effects from the prednisone for months after taking it, but I’ll never take it again. If you are getting help/relief from it, that might change your perspective, tho. Please also keep in mind that long-term use of prednisone is very bad for your bones…it depletes them and it’s not advised for long-term use. What other treatments are you on?

  3. Christine, look up and research Garden of Life products by Jordan Rubin and his story.
    I had nothing to loose so I tried his products, along with actually drinking some therapeutic oils from Gary Young Living co. nasty but I about healed myself, if I stay on two products now and some other vitamins I rarely have bouts and my colonoscopies, Dr.s do not understand for their is some irritation but not fully inflammed so like remission of the disease.Pretty amazing if u stay on these faithfully how they can help and research other remdies that heal the stomache lining. It is an ongoing process but I hope to beat out anyone using the knife on me. Also homeopathic Spascupreel by Heel(works like steroid but no sides) for spasms taken as directed and do not store with oils, vicks, etc. Homeopathics do not work well if u r a smoker tho. Good Luck Dawn

  4. Hi! I agree with Dawn… My Doc says that “Primal Defense” by Garden of Life is the best Probiotic out there for GI issues. It’s about $40 online for 180 caplets. I’m in a flare-up right now and I’m up to 4 caplets a day.
    Best of Luck!!!

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