Budesonide / UCERIS Reviews – A New Colitis Medication

iHaveUC.com founder Adam super happy that so many UC'ers posted their UCERIS reviews so quickly!!:)

iHaveUC.com founder Adam super happy that so many UC’ers posted their UCERIS reviews so quickly!!:)

How did UCERIS work for YOU?

(also called Budesonide )

With the previous posting from Alice on this potential alternative to “prednisone”, I think its for sure time we add a new “medication review” for UCERIS.

Here is a direct quote from the UCERIS website:

“UCERIS is a different kind of treatment for ulcerative colitis. It is specifically designed to target the colon and helps eliminate the symptoms of UC, with a safety profile similar to placebo (sugar pill). UCERIS is a prescription corticosteroid medicine used to help get mild to moderate UC under control.”

So, if you have experience with UCERIS, please fill out a review regarding your experience via the button below!

And, if you are interested in reading Alice’s story which talks about UCERIS, you can do so via the link to her story her – .

Research on Uceris (Budesonide):

A Safety Evaluation of Budesonide MMX for the treatment of Ulcerative Colitis (February 23, 2018)



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Uceris Budesonide
Average rating:  
 143 reviews
by Riz Maslen on Uceris Budesonide

Been taking it for over a week and no change to my current flare up am hoping that perhaps another week may help to ease everything.
I have however just done some research on Lauricidin anyone else come across this? I have tried every thing over the years and nothing really keeps me in remission for any great length of time.

by Mohamad Sahebdin on Uceris Budesonide
Budesonide 9mg tablet

I was recently prescribed budesonide (Cortiment 9 mg prolonged release tablets). I used them for just over a week but did not help with the UC flare up. I don't think it is a good medicine unless your symptoms are mild.
My IBD nurse had to change for the stronger Prenidsolone tablet for next 8 weeks. I'm hopeful that the Prenidsolone helps to bring the inlfammation under control.

by Denise on Uceris Budesonide
cost suggestions?

my mother had a trial of 30 days and it worked great she stopped it because the prescription with medicare rx payment was $966. She is on a fixed income and did not pick up the medication. She had great results...she is in a flare now and I am looking for a coupon or program for assistance? Does anyone know of any?

by Brian on Uceris Budesonide
Worked wonders

After initial UC diagnosis and six weeks of unsuccessful treatment with other drugs my GI doctor said let's try the Rolls-Royce drug and put me on six weeks of uceris. Within seven days the flare subsided and I was symptom free by the end of treatment. I've been on daily mesalamine since, and my latest colonoscopy showed effective remission. Uceris is very expensive, but I'd have to say worth the price.

by Rebecca on Uceris Budesonide

Not a fan, but it helped my symptoms short term. Not as effective as Prednisone for me.

by Jamie Barrett on Uceris Budesonide

The first time I used Uceris it took me out of a flare in two weeks. Never had any side effects, but my Dr. does not keep me on it more than a month. The second time it did not work, but I was under an enormous amount of stress. My Dr. put me on Immuran (sp?) for a short while then added Cromolyn Sodium when I was better and took me off Immuran and I am now on Cromolyn. Cromolyn Sodium has little or no side effects. I am also on apriso twice a day and follow the SCD diet with adding foods in that seem to be O.K.

I am an Event Planner a very stressful job and into another season and another flare up. I took Uceris and got rid of the bloody stools and cleared up somewhat. Trying now to go back to the SCD diet, but it is hard once you can eat all the gluten free products including corn tortilla's. On, cooked vegetables, meat, eggs and yogurt only. Seems to help and trying to be patient.

by D on Uceris Budesonide
too early to tell

I have been using the Uceris rectal foam for 2 weeks now and it has not stopped the bleeding. The only difference is somewhat less diarrhea. Canasa for 2 weeks did nothing! The Uceris is twice a day for 2 weeks, and then once a day for 4 weeks. I am hopeful that this works and so disgusted with this horrible condition! Dr. is suggesting biologics and I really don't want to do that...

by Shannon on Uceris Budesonide
Worked....but at a price

I've been on Uceris for a loooong time, way longer than I should have been because nothing else worked for me. I have not had any side effects that I know of. However, I recently found out through endo testing that my adrenal glands are completely shut down because of the Uceris. The drug is touted as "GI specific" and not as bad as prednisone, but be aware that it can cause the same problems as prednisone!!

by Alex on Uceris Budesonide
It seems to be working....

I am on Mesalamine pills daily and have been doing Uceris for a month. NO side effects that I can identify and I think it is working because I have not had a flare, but I had not had a flare for 5 months before I started taking Uceris. My Gastro MD believes Uceris will help calm down the inflammation in the lower part of the colon which gives me the UC diagnosis.

by Mike Green on Uceris Budesonide

Used it for three months and then switched to Stelara which is not doing well for me. Uceris did seem to work but it is a steroid and hard to stay with.

by Debbie on Uceris Budesonide
Hair loss with Uceris

Hair falling out by the brush full

by Cheyanne on Uceris Budesonide

It makes me incredibly angry/moody

by Andi Nieman on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris for microscopic colitis

Decreased diarrhea immensely. SEffects: weight gain,vag bleeding,facial hair increase,moon face

by Peter on Uceris Budesonide
It works, but really feeling the rage

Has been great in terms of reducing my flare and doesn't have as many side effects as pred, but unfortunately, it still comes with the rage - absolutely furious irascibility. Where normally, I'd just shake it off, I'm really struggling to not fly off the handle...

by Shirley on Uceris Budesonide
Budesonide 3 mg

I had C-Diff in 2015 from too many antibiotics given for kidney stones. Finally after app. 6-8 months, got rid of it, taking Vancomycin. The diarrhea continued, I had a colonoscopy, showing I had Microscopic (collagenous) Colitis. Dr. prescribed Budesonide 3 mg. tab each day. After 2-3 days, I couldn't have a bowel movement & was in pain from it. I have tried several different ways of taking from 1 each day to every other day. To no avail, I just can't stand the constipation.

I just found out that the Budesonide has lactose in it, which I have an allergy to.

I am a 79 year old female. Dr. just put me on Lialda 1.2 GM twice each day & Predisone10 mg.once each day. I've been on these two for two weeks & am still having terrible diarrhea. I have also modified my diet to exclude fiber, acids, etc. I wonder if anyone else had the constipation problem from Budesonide. Thanks

by Lynn Koons on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris user

I am on my 6th and final week of Uceris. It has helped, but definitely has not stopped the bleeding. The side effects that I have experienced are insomnia, leg cramps and headaches. Was so hoping that this medicine would be the answer to my prayers. But it doesn't seem to be for ME.

by K. Hill on Uceris Budesonide

Started using uceris back in December 2016. Its late January 2017 now and it seems like its helping my flare up but I think its giving me lower back pain and I have these big red swollen lumps all over my legs. I really can't give a review right now. I'll see you guys in another few months

by Laura F on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris-a double edged sword

Started with Lialda,added prednisone, then added Uceris, and was weaned off prednisone. I have been on Uceris for 4 months. All the steroids are starting to affect my body though. Tiredness and they have increased what was controlled high blood pressure, to the point the md will probably add more bp medicine, as it is now extremely high. Very frustrating. About 95% in remission, except when I start to get stressed about my bp, which doesn't help. Uceris is not a forever drug, I know. And I am determined to go the other direction, not add more UC drugs to my regimen. Any thoughts? The high blood pressure is really a concern. 189/90, so I will probably be going off very shortly here. It was good while it lasted.

by Kate on Uceris Budesonide

Intially the Uceris seemed to help with my moderate UC, I noticed less blood. However as time went on, the blood returned. I used it just over two months. My appetite increased, I gained 10 lbs. even though I workout 5 days a week. I was extremely bloated and gassy. I am a thin person, so this was extremely difficult on me. I stopped 5 days ago. First I was nauseated and tired, but that is getting better daily. I have also taken Canasa and Lialda. None of which has helped. Going to gastro next week to discuss other options.

by Rose on Uceris Budesonide

I have had an extremely positive view of taking Uceris for three months. I have had no side effects and I wish I were able to take it full time, but as it is a corticosteroid , I realize that is not possible. I was prescribed Uceris after terrible reactions to trials of (Canasa, Apriso, and sulfasalazine). I, unfortunately am in the small percentage who can not take/tolerate 5-ASA meds, a real bummer for me!! Uceris brought me back to a normal state of living. Now I have to figure out a remission plan without the helpful 5-ASA's that most folks can take. I do know I can count on Uceris for flare-ups. It works wonderfully well.

by Dawn on Uceris Budesonide

I was on Uceris for 10 days but the horrific gas (and pain along with it), increased acne, increased blood pressure and mood swings were not worth it. I stopped and am continuing with Lialda.

by qayaqueen on Uceris Budesonide
wonder drug

I have lymphocytic colitis - doc tried several other treatments including generic budesonide, to no avail. very difficult to keep up with an active lifestyle when you never know when you'll have an "accident". Uceris has given me my life back. I take only 1 tablet/day, which keeps the symptoms - diarrhea and massive flatulence - in check. Somehow, the twist of targeting the release of the medication in the intestinal tract makes all the difference. I can fly, bike, walk, ski, etc in confidence now. I have put on a little weight, but now that I am aware of it, I think that's controllable as well. I am fortunate that my health insurance covers the drug 100%.

by norm on Uceris Budesonide

micro lymp. colitis 7 days on 3mg no results no side effects besides dry mouth when bike riding.3 month precrip. of 3 2 1 $1800 my share $900.

by Krash on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris rectal foam

Started on Uceris (budesonide) rectal foam for proctosigmoiditis on July 1 after having been on numerous meds (including Uceris oral) over past 2 1/2 years, with varying degrees of effectiveness -- but had never achieved remission during that time. Bathroom visits maybe 5-6 times per day, usually with blood.

Was pushing my GI to prescribe Humira, which he was reluctant to do. He prescribed Uceris rectal foam as sort of a last-ditch resort to avoid a biologic. I started on it July 1, 2x/day for first two weeks, once daily for next four weeks. Response was pretty remarkable both clinically and symptomatically. Very rarely have blood in stool any more, have cut bathroom visits from 5-6 per day down to 2-3, and on some days just once. Stool is semi-formed or formed. Latest colonoscopy shows noticeable reduction in area of inflammation to bottom couple of inches of rectum.

At end of six weeks, called manufacturer and asked whether six-week treatment protocol was recommended because it was inadvisable to take for longer. They said no, it was because original clinical trials lasted for six weeks. Discussed w/GI, he said it was safe to continue because it is a topical application with almost no systemic activity or side effects. This was fine by me, as it has given me relief and more of my life back.

Have now been on it for 8 weeks. Two days ago, I noticed a small rash on one side of my face. Since then, it has spread to other cheek, neck and behind one knee. Rash is red bumps, often in a line, itches a lot. I am pretty certain this is a reaction to the Uceris, as I had a similar rash with prednisone last year. In the Uceris prescribing information, skin reactions are listed as a possible but uncommon side effect, based on the clinical trials.

Will be discussing w/my GI soon, but have made the decision to reduce application to every other day instead of daily. I hope this skin condition can be brought under control because in all other respects the Uceris foam has worked better than all the other meds I have been on.

by Marty Perkins on Uceris Budesonide
Ucerus review

I have taken Ucerus for about a year. The past 6 months I have tapered down to one pill a week, cut in half x twice a week. I am having no side effects and am basically in remission.

by Chuck on Uceris Budesonide

Tried it on 2 different occasions with lialda. Last time I tried it GI said after 5 weeks with no progress, and he said it could take up to 8 weeks so give it a full chance. I did. Still did not work for me.

by Casey on Uceris Budesonide
Quit after 4 weeks

I took Uceris for four weeks with no alleviation of symptoms. Like a post below, I am also unsure why my GI prescribed this to me if it is for the upper colon and my colitis is in the Redfin and sigmoid colon. With that being said and a colonoscopy later, my GI has prescribed me the Uceris foam today. Waiting for the pharmacy to call and tell me copay price, can only imagine.

by Shawn on Uceris Budesonide
Oh yes Uceris; hell no prednisone

I have been on and off Uceris 3-4 times as my gastro won't let me stay on it for more than 2 continuous months. It always seems to work and creates poop within just a few days! Yeah! Since I have no long term experience, I always revert back to my lovely active UC. I did not have any (or very mild) reactions like I have with prednisone. Can I say I HATE prednisone? Very little help in the poop department some but not so much to cheer about, weight gain, weight gain and more weight gain. I was a usual 145lbs at 5'9", diagnosed and got down to 120-125. 1st round long term prednisone up to 150, 2nd round up to 165, last round up to 195. Moon face and seeing my own cheeks in my normal vision was very annoying. This last round, thankfully I have been able to lose it much easier and down to 165. I see my gastro next month and curious about those that have posted about long term Uceris use. I do get sick so easily so maybe he is trying to protect what is left of my immune system. Seems I've tried every thing and NO long term relief. He has mentioned Humera(?) but seems hesitant to try it. I have active UC in my entire colon but do not think my pain is worth removing it. He dies t get me but I have learned to live with sometimes 5-20 trips to the bathroom a day, depending on if it's a good or bad day. Accidents few and far between, pain has been less frequent the last 5 years. Diagnosed 2002. Age 46.

by Tammy on Uceris Budesonide

Has any one experienced skin problems? My fire arms are horriable with bruises and blood that lays under my skin . My skin is like tissue paper anything I rub up against causes bleeding they look so bad I started wearing Sleeves that go up to my elbows. Can anyone help??

by Jodianne S. on Uceris Budesonide
Please use Uceris coupon

I have Crohns Colitis and have been on Uceris for 5 months-- one pill a day following a severe flare after being in remission while on sulfasalazine for over 20 years. It helped me tremendously. I had no cramping whatsoever and very limited episodes of urgency and diahrrea, which could have been diet-related, as my diet is very limited which all sufferers of Crohns knows well. I did experience some fuzziness on my chin, difficulty sleeping, easy bruising, sleeplessness, and excessive hunger. I am currently on my 6th week of Humira and just ended my Uceris regimen. I am already going back to my pre- Uceris Crohns symptoms. Again, could be food-related, so I'll take a dose of citricel and give it another week before contacting my GI. Not sure what the next step will be since I've tried 6MP and Imuran, both of which my body couldn't tolerate. Anyway, PLEASE don't pay over $25.00 for Uceris. Use this coupon if you possibly can : https://www.uceris.com/tablet/savings. Good luck!

by Jerrie DeRose on Uceris Budesonide
will never know how it works

I definitely see why some kind of controls need to be put in place by pharmaceutical co. My insurance won't cover the cost which is $5,370 a month. My sulfasalazine quit working and my colitis has gotten out of control.

by Max on Uceris Budesonide
Didn't make a difference

I was on Uceris for about 10 days with absolutely no difference in my symptoms (e.g., I still had blood at every bowel movement). My GI said it would only take Uceris one week to reach maximum effect, so clearly this drug just isn't effective for me.

That said, I have ulcerative proctitis, so it's a little strange that my doctor even prescribed this in the first place (since it's designed for release in the upper colon). I convinced him to prescribe me the Uceris rectal foam instead, but I'm not sure if I'll end up taking it because the copay is $150.

I've been on other steroids, including oral prednisone, cortisone foam, and a compounded budesonide suppository, but none have worked. (The budesonide suppository helped for a few weeks in combination with Canasa, but then stopped working.)

A tip: if you're interested in taking budesonide for colitis, ask your doctor about prescribing a compounded suppository. You'll have to go to a pharmacy that does compounding (places like Walgreens and CVS usually don't), but it'll probably be much cheaper than buying Uceris foam.

by Chris on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris off to a slow start ...

After a very bad UC flare started in late February, 16' my doctor put me on Ucerus. I had been on Lyalda as maintenance and I believe the flare occurred because of the holiday/ post holiday return to eating like a typical a American, meaning not SCD! Beer, bread, cake, sweets, etc.

So I started Ucerus while also returning to the SCD diet, which I did on the past with good success. I have surely improved and can't point to any consistent symptoms but I don't know if it is the diet or Ucerus. Condition now is still 3 to 7 or more visits to the bathroom with urgency in the am, typically. But less blood, cramping and swelling. So I am better, but not without moderate symptoms.

I have a colonoscopy scheduled in two weeks so we'll see where this goes from here...

by Robert on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris is for UC not Crohn's

Unlike someone posted earlier, Uceris is for UC. The other source of Budesonide is Entocort EC which IS for Crohns as it dissolves in the upper GI. Uceris does not dissolve till it reaches the colon. It's helped me to reduce my pancolitis symptoms between remicade infusions but generally starts to wear off after a week. I'll be switching to Entyvio as 6 doses of 10 mg/kg of remicade has yet to induce remission.

by Jen on Uceris Budesonide
Long term user

I've been on it for almost a year. I just switched to a new GI who is getting me off of it because it's not supposed to be a maintenance drug. I've packed 10 pounds (belly area) onto my small frame although I do yoga and work out regularly. I'm halfway to a werewolf with the growth of facial hair (not charming on a female) and have moon face. It kind of works. I always go through bouts of blood, severe gas and mucous even on Uceris, but it does help with the urgency and frequency. Gives me horrible headaches and frequent urinary tract infections. I hate the side effects and want my face and figure back. Better than having an accident, but between this and the prednisone tapers...it wears on my self-confidence. My self-image tanked with the diagnosis, and all the meds just further strip away the dignity.

by Joe farah on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris is a no go

Well, This would be the second time I have been given Uceris. The first time I took all 30 days worth of pills, I saw no change whatsoever., I changed my diet and took Prednisone for a while. I stopped Prednisone and was doing fine for almost 6 months. This was 5 years ago, since then I have taken multiple drugs but nothing works like prednisone. My doctor keeps telling it's a horrible drug and he needs to get me off of it. I take it when I have a flare-up then I stop for a while.

The only side effect thank god is waking up at all hours of the night. But I have been able to deal with it. I guess my only option now is to try Humira, I have to say that cutting out the grains from diet helps. Hope this helps, may be taking Prednisone first and then Uceris might work but taking it while I am having a flare-up has not helped. God bless, this is a horrible disease, I pray that one day they find the root cause for this and make a medication that cures it.

by Kathryn on Uceris Budesonide

I had a flare up as a result of either food poisoning or a stomach bug. No one can really tell me which. I was given Uceris. I had to wait 24 hours for the drug to come into my pharmacy. I called and the doctor said I could take 3 of the other benezo drugs I had from the last year flare up. I started the drug on a Thursday. Friday I went to the bathroom 10 times but on Sat that was down to 2. The side effects suck but after resting all weekend they are much better. Side effects: sleepy. I have to be in bed when I take the medicine. That is contrary to most things I have seen online but I guess I am special. I am also taking Calcium 1000, vitamin D 1000, and Vitamin C. I think those are also helping me adjust to the side effects. I have a lot of energy now. Additional side effects (now better) were difficulty focusing at work, cramps (could just be the UC), periods of nausea, alternating between being hot and being cold, headache, weakness, and muscle aches.

Again these only lasted a few days and I am doing much better. I am finally hungry and feel comfortable actually eating. Doctor has me on this drug for 2 weeks one a day and then for a week every other day. After that I am off of it. I think I will continue the vitamins. Before this flare up I had started Vitamin D and I think it was helping my stomach.

by Leann on Uceris Budesonide
Not for UC

One gastro specialist gave this, but no effects on UC. Two other gastro specialist we saw stated Budesonide is for Crohns because it is targeted in the lower SMALL intestine and never reaches the colon.

by Maren on Uceris Budesonide
Out of the Frying-Pan into the Fire

Okay, the main reason for that review title is because I've been wanting to use that line from The Hobbit, BUT it also has some relevance to what I have to say about uceris.

It took a few days of being on uceris for me to notice a difference in my UC symptoms (a really good difference, I might add). I think it’s safe to say that unless people have suffered from this disease, or diseases similar to it, they wouldn’t understand how awesome a bloodless, mucusless, solid poop actually is. It’s pretty dang awesome.

Throughout the first month of being on uceris, I was feeling so great, I almost forgot I even had this gut-wrenching disease. Then I started to notice some side effects. I had the appetite of a 17-year-old boy on a high school football team (I’m pretty sure my stomach turned into a temporary bottomless pit); my joints became swollen and sore, which became much worse when I exercised; I gained ten freaking pounds in, like, one week! What the cuss?! Aaaaand, I had heard that, unlike prednisone, uceris wouldn’t cause moon face. But it did for me, and it was much worse than prednisone. My face has been ginormous for more than two months. I’ve had six people ask me if I had my wisdom teeth taken out (I mean, I have . . . about four years ago), my grandma didn’t recognize me when I saw her at Thanksgiving, and the first thing my brother said to me when he came to visit was, “’Sup, Cheeks?” My darling brother also pointed out at Christmas that I was getting hairy, which probably wouldn’t be so bad, if I were a guy. So, I shaved my face for the very first time ever. Woohoo! Check that off my chuck-it list (it’s such a dumb accomplishment that you should just “chuck it.” Haa. Get it?). I felt slightly proud for not even nicking myself with the razor, but then I realized that my round, valley-less face most likely provided some aid to that.

Anyway, I have been off of uceris for a little less than a month now. My ridiculously large appetite and the swelling and pain in my joints have subsided, and, although my face is still puffy, I can no longer see my cheeks in my peripheral vision, which I think is a big plus. My Abdominal Snowman (I really wish I could take credit for the creation of that term, but I can’t. My dad heard it somewhere, and we thought it was funny) has been put to rest and hasn’t awakened since uceris came in a took care of business.

I’m not quite sure how to rate uceris. On the one hand, it totally made me feel like a human being again. It feels great. On the other hand, I became a hairy, heavy, huge-faced, hungry hippo. But, alliterations aside, my side effects are beginning to go away—I am just hoping like crazy that my UC symptoms don’t come back.

by Terri Smith on Uceris Budesonide
It works, and there are coupons!

Uceris works to put colitis symptoms in remission, but I have experienced weight gain and extreme swelling of lower extremities. Using Uceris also results in some irritability and overwhelming carb cravings that ebb and flow.

As far as its cost, the manufacturer has a $25co-pay program that your pharmacy ought to be utilizing for you. The coupon is applicable to insured and uninsured alike. There is no reason to go without this medicine because of cost. https://www.uceris.com/tablet/savings

by Susan on Uceris Budesonide
cannot afford my uceris meds

I would like to give uceris 5 stars, but i cannot afford the pills. I am suffering b/c of it. Do I put food on the table or pay for pills?

by Anna on Uceris Budesonide


I have been on Uceris for a little over 2 months now and it has done wonder do my UC. But not the same for the rest of my body. BMs went from about 9-10 a day to under 4, so woohooo! Abdominal pains subsided about four days after starting Uceris (I'm in apriso too).

The one downside of my use of Uceris is the weight gain I've experienced. The first week on it I gained 4 pounds. Since my initial dose in mid September I am up almost 15 pounds while my dieting and exercise have stayed the same. I actually increased the number of days I work out from a normal 3 to 5 because I was unhappy with my weight gain. I have noticed an increased bloating in my lower extremities and my feet and ankles swell insanely during my runs.

Uceris has done wonders for my UC symptoms, any suggestions from anyone about other medications similar to Uceris, without these unfortunate side effects?

by Gabrielle on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris (yay or nay)

So I have been on Humira for the past 2-3 yrs. My first flare on it was after about a year, so my dr's changed my injections from every other week to every week. That was working fairly well for about another year and a half, but then I started flaring again. I was sent for CT scans and blood work and when my scan came back "abnormal" and I was told everything was fine, I decided to look for a new GI for a second opinion. He sent me for blood work and a barium enema. Have you ever had one of those????! Worst test in the world by far. Anyway, on top of that I was started on Uceris as well. All blood work and the enema came back normal so it was just a waiting game I suppose.

After my first month with Uceris I started noticing things were getting better. Finally! So, so far yay for Uceris.

Now here we are and it's November. Just 9 months after my flare in February. I am flaring worse than I have in a long time. I RAN OUT of my Humira back in September and waiting for insurance to cover it was the biggest headache. Anyway, about a month ago, I started flaring and then to be without my medication, life has been complete hell. My Dr. , finally decided to call me in Uceris again and this time, I've been on it for about a week and a half, and re-started my Humira (literally with 4 injections at once) just yesterday. I have no change in symptoms as of yet. I'm almost positive there is no way to know if it's the steroid that isn't working right now or if it's not working because I have't had my medicine in conjunction.

Uceris- maybe?

But life is pretty sh*tty (no pun intended) haha.

by Milton on Uceris Budesonide

I have had UC for 16 years. I have taken Asacol, Rowasa, Lialda, Colaszol, prednisone, Uceris, and Azathioprine. Asacol, and Lialda no longer work. Azathioprin caused uncontrolled shaking and high blood preasure. For 9 years I was symptom free. The last 6 years have been a roller coaster. Prednisone works for me, no side effects, and no weight gain. I had a flair in June 2015 and am trying to get in remission again. I took Uceris for one week and woke up with most awful feeling in my head, symptoms of heart problems, weak legs, light headed and just felt awful. I stopped taking Uceris. I am still dealing with the side effects of Uceris. As long as I am on prednisone I do quite well. I am on my way down from prednisone, but not sure what will happen when I am done with the prednisone. I might try Entyvio, but not sure I can afford it.

by CK on Uceris Budesonide

Took Uceris for 30 days. Although it doesn't work as quickly as prednisone, it works without the side effects of steroids. Still did experience hunger, but no rash or headache or moon-face.

by Donna H - Plano, TX on Uceris Budesonide
Update: 1 month on Lialda/Uceris Combo

It's been a full month on the Lialda (4 tabs/day) with Uceris (1 tab). It took several weeks but the UC severe symptoms gradually are subsiding. I have to say, that I have also given in to the fact that there are some foods I just cannot eat! (i.e. anything with vinegar! Is this from all the oil and vinegar dressing? Pickles? Sauerkraut? Coleslaw? I ate a lot of these types of foods while "dieting" because the acidic foods are recommended to burn fat. I even drank apple cider vinegar each morning for 6 months about 2 years ago. Hmmm, did any of this effect the onset of UC last fall? I wonder.)

Back to the drug combo...I actually feel pretty good with just morning pit stops. I think the Uceris has played a definite role in my UC starting to go into remission but I can tell I'm gaining a lot of weight and need to talk to my doctor about it.

By the way, taking 2000 mg D3 vitamin supplement is helping tremendously with energy level and muscle/bones feeling good these days.

I also now take 20 mg omeprazole and 1 GM sucralfate each day.

9 pills a day is a pretty good cocktail but if I keep going in the right direction minimizing the awful UC symptoms, I'm willing to keep it up! I also realize now that a lot of it (for me) has to do with staying consistent with your regiment of proper diet and Rx. Hang in there folks and God Bless!

by Maddy on Uceris Budesonide
Worked for me!

Uceris did what Lialda alone could not do. The good thing about Usceris is that 90% goes into the gut. I was told if I hadn't shaped up, I would be admitted to the hospital. Uceris was working within a week. Took it for two months. Very sick the whole time and for months, but all gut damage, not a flare up. Thank goodness Uceris did work for me. Horrible disease!

by djintx on Uceris Budesonide
Lialda / Uceris Combo

Diagnosed with UC in March 2015 at 57. This is the worse disease and horribly dibilitating to my life style. I'm afraid to go to far from home and can't play golf any more for fear of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Initially, I was placed on 3200mg of Asacol daily but did not get remission so increased to 4800mg daily. This dosage seemed to help a lot but it took about 5-6 weeks. As I slowly tried to reduce back to 3200mg, the flare-ups slowing came back again. As of September 2015, my dr has switched me over to Lialda 4@1.2g daily along with Uceris 1@9mg daily. By June I was becoming very tired with leg muscles hurting. Discovered that extreme fatigue was due to exceptionally low (14) Vitamin D count which is common especially in woman. Added 1000mg Vitamin D Supplement which is helping a lot!

Too soon to know if the Lialda and Uceris are going to do the trick. Side effects after 1 week are red bumps (like acne but not) on neck and sides of face, bloating, mild abdominal pain and gained 5 pounds in one week! This can't continue for sure but willing to give it another couple of weeks bc while stools are loose, it's down to 2-3 times a day versus 5-6 times a day.

I'm glad I found this board to read what others are experiencing with the disease and different treatments. God bless you all and good luck!

by Jean on Uceris Budesonide

I took uceris for 50 days (because that is all the free samples I could get) it worked great. All UC symptoms were gone. 5 days later after my last Uceris tablet my RA returned in my hands and a trace of blood with bowel movement. Prednisone was horrible for me, did not gain weight or get the moon face but suffered weakness in muscles, could hardly climb stairs and was slow to improve my UC. I have just started 9MG of Budesonide which was compounded for me, as it only comes in 3mg per tablet. Uceris is budesonide so hope this works as well. I am also on Lialda 4 tablets a day. I was diagnosed with UC in 2001 and had no flares until Jan 2015. Was on Lialda 2 tabs a day for years but was remiss in taking it in 2014, thinking that is what caused the flare.

by Dianne on Uceris Budesonide

I liked this medicine because it really helped UC get back on track but affected my emotions and even more when I was coming off the medication along with bruising and feeling week after the third month

by kate on Uceris Budesonide

did not work for me and started me bleeding...as I researched further bleeding is a side effect !!!!!

by Adeeb on Uceris Budesonide
Didn't work for me

Tried Uceris for 3 times and did not help reduce my UC. Switched back to Prednisone and starting Entyvio

Meds: Uceris humira, Asacol

by Megan on Uceris Budesonide

I recently got put on Uceris and it worked for the first few days. My doctor only wanted me on it for a couple of weeks..... First week went great so she said to go for one more week.... I regretted it. It made my joints swell up, I developed these random red spots all over my legs, and red bumps on my joints that hurt like heck. I haven't taken it in 2 weeks now and my joints are still suffering, I still can't eat and I still can't even keep water in my system. I'm 23 years old and got diagnosed with UC when I was 21. I have been on prednisone, lialda, humira, you name it, I've been on it and nothing works.

by Gina on Uceris Budesonide

Well day 6 of the Uceris and it looks like I am flaring. No cramping or urgency but lot of blood. So, I guess it's not working or maybe even making me worse. Of course it's the weekend and I can't contact my doctor. So, if it gets worse, I'll go to ER. What's so weird is that I don't feel bad. I had gas pains yesterday but I was able to cook, eat, walk, shop, etc. then this a.m....WHAM it hits. That's what I hate the most about this disease is that you never know when it's going to hit. Remaing faithful though that this will soon pass. I've got airline tickets for a vacation next month! I am determined to make it!

by gina on Uceris Budesonide

I had previously blamed Uceris for my symptoms (diarrhea, nausea, etc.). I finally had enough and went to my GI Urgent Care facility. I found out that I had a virus along with c-diff. That's why I was having the terrible symptoms and felt so bad. I've since then completed a 14-day Flagyl (now that's another story!! Ugghh!) dosage and I feel better. When I finished the Flagyl, I began taking the Uceris again (no way I could take it with the Flagyl....I could barely eat while taking the Flagyl) and I'll repost in a couple of weeks to let you know the progress. I've been on it for 3 days now and I feel ok, but not back to pre-UC days. I may still have the effects of Flagyl in my system too, so that may be some of the reason I'm not feeling up to par yet.

by Gina on Uceris Budesonide

Day 7 of the uceris and my symptoms are worse. Very loose watery stools and I think there may be a little bleeding ( I saw pink but I did eat 2 bright red Popsicles yesterday). I also don't have much of an appetite. I am going to call my GI's office Urgent Care later today to see what they recommend. I did read that diarrhea was a side effect so maybe it's the med and not the UC. So far no bad cramping, just a gentle urge. I have also developed bad gas since taking the Uceris. I'm so desperate I will consider prednisone again as it was the only thing that put me in remission. No sleep, shaking, and puffy jaws beat the runs!

by Gina on Uceris Budesonide

I have been taking Uceris for only 4 or 5 days. At first I thought it was working great as I started having formed stools again and only 1 or 2 a day. I actually thought it had constipated me one day as I didn't even go once! Oh happy day!! However, today, loose stools returned along with a little cramping. I will continue to take the Uceris though as I feel I haven't given it enough time to see the full effects. I know it's not as fast as prednisone so I will give it a few weeks. The good thing about it is I haven't experienced any of the hunger attacks, sleeplessness, jitters, or sweats that I did with prednisone . I will post back after I've taken it longer.

by Kathleen Kinney on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris gaining weight

I have been using Uceris for about a month now and it is the only medication working for me. I have colleagon colitis for over 10 years and I take codeine sulf 30mg 2x daily, and Dicypclomine 20mg 4x daily. The problem for me is that now I am gaining weight fast on Uceris. I am ready to stop this medicine and just deal with my colitic. At wits end and frustated.

by teresa devick on Uceris Budesonide

Well we didn't know if it was working for my daughter. She reached remission with 6mp, Lialda and Uceris. But she is now having a little trouble getting off the Uceris and so now it looks like it was playing a bigger role in getting her to remission then we thought. Still hoping she can stay off it and save it for desperate times. I gave it the full 5 star because it looks like it does work and because she really didn't experience any side effects and was on it for a year.

by Mary Koller on Uceris Budesonide
Helped in the Mix

My husband has always had trouble staying in remission with his colitis because he was a smoker. Every time he tried to quit, four months later he would come out of remission, without fail. Eleven months ago he switched to e-cigs and started taking Super Bio-Enteric Curcumin w Bioperine-Bromelain, on top of his usual Apriso, and a very specific probiotic (Saccharomyces Boulardii + MOS) recommended by a specialist. He made it 11 months this time but then came out of remission. Instead of prednisone, he went on Uceris and switched back to Lialda, which he was on years ago. After only one month, he is now back in remission, and we suspect the Uceris to be the reason, although the switch to Lialda might have helped. He has had no side effects from the Uceris and prefers it to prednisone, but the cost is outrageous. Being a VA retiree, he cannot use any of the discount cards. The 60-day supply prescription would have had a co-pay of $848, but when we dropped it to a 30-day supply, the co-pay fell to $124. Go figure. I share all this because maybe something in his story will be useful info to someone else. Good luck to all.

by Ashley on Uceris Budesonide
It was great while it lasted!

I was given Uceris when I made a necessary GI change in early 2013. It was an alternative to Prednisone which I was thrilled to know existed. At the time it wasn't fully on the market so my doctor gave me samples. I was on the brink of it being released so the following month I was able to get a normal prescription. If it hadn't been for a manufacture coupon that my pharmacy had I wouldn't have been able to afford it. This medication is very expensive. With insurance and the coupon I only had to pay $25 per month.

The medication worked great for me. I took it alongside Lialda. No side effects at all. I discovered though that in December the medication started to fail. I started to get a few flares but somehow they didn't get beyond the initial phases. Yesterday, 4/30/15, I started passing a startling amount of blood and my GI doctor is going to start me on Humira so that tells me this medicine was not a long term answer for myself.

While I was on it I absolutely loved it and couldn't have asked for a better alternative to prednisone so definitely if you can afford it and are offered the medicine try it. Ask your pharmacy if they have a coupon, visit the website for uceris, there may be a discount card you can get.

by karen doughten on Uceris Budesonide

uceris works for my husband very well. but it cost $600. so we cant afford to take it. he needs chi uceris to help him . dont know what to do.

by Teri on Uceris Budesonide
First Day on Uceris

Today is day 1 on Uceris and I am hoping for the best. I've been on Asacol, prednisonse, Rowasa, Canasa, Apriso to name a few and am on my 3rd doctor. The first two didn't seem to care, the last one was ready to put me on REmicade and that scared me which is why I'm on dr #3 whom I love. He prescribed the Uceris foam which is not ready for distribution so he put me on the oral version. I am hoping it works because i get bad cramping, nausea and bloating and see the water turn red when i go to the bathroom which is at least 8-9 times a day (at last count). I'm scared to eat because Im feeling that's why Im cramping and I am dealing with anxiety because of this and had to be put on cymbalta and xanax. I'll keep ya'll posted.. This chronic illness sucks!! I have a 4 and 6yr old and work full time and I can't enjhoy life because of this illness..

signed, hopefull but fed up.

by Mara on Uceris Budesonide
UCERIS worked for me

After probiotics stopped working, I tried many medications with either horrible side effects or no results. It took the full 8 weeks for me to see results from UCERIS, but I've been on it for a year and have been in remission the whole time. I'm now taking it every other day and have no side effects.

by Lisa on Uceris Budesonide
Long Term of Uceris

I have been on Uceris for about 2 years. It does work great, but now I am having problems with my blood tests. I have WBC counts that go up and down. It gives me headaches, shakes/tremors and fast heart beat to name a few. I am going to see if i can get off this drug and see if my Blood tests go back to normal.

by michelle on Uceris Budesonide

I have had UC for 8 years now and have had many flares. I have always turned to prednisone every time which worked but i was sick of the nasty side effects. Then this year in a flare my doctor introduced uceris. When he told me it would give me the same end result without the same side effects as prednisone i jumped on the idea. i tried it and my doctor was not lying. It has kept me symptom free for about 6 months now and i love it!

by leez on Uceris Budesonide

I started Uceris 5 days ago, to date, I still have yet to see the positive results. I'm continuing to flare without relief from Uceris. I'm keeping my hopes high with this drug as a better option to prednisone, which has been the only drug so far to stop my flares...I wonder if you can take prednisone with Uceris to supplement or jump start the healing? Anyone knows?

by Lou on Uceris Budesonide
Miracle drug form

Diagnosed in 2010 with UC. I was off and on prednizone coupled with Asacol for a 2-3 years. Everytime I went off the prednizone I would flare. My GI doc put me on Uceris and it has be like a miracle drug for me. I have been off and on with it for the last 2 years (mostly on) and it has been working great. I heard Uceris is coming out with a 6mg version for maintenance which I can't wait to go on because the Asacol doesn't seem to maintain me at all.

by Ann Mand on Uceris Budesonide

I just wrapped up an 8 week course of Uceris.

I had been going to the bathroom 18 - 20+ times a day. Liquid stool with blood in every one. I was also nauseated continuously and so crampy that I wasn't walking completely upright. I was taking Lialda and using a Rowasa enema. I picked up Azathioprine and Uceris from the pharmacy on a Thursday afternoon and took both products that day. I took my second dose of Uceris on Friday morning. When my husband came home from work I went out to greet him the first thing he said is "You're walking upright!". I still can't believe how quickly I improved. I completed my 8 week course of Uceris 4 days ago. I continue to take Lialda, Rowasa and Azathioprine. I am still working my way up to the full dose of Azathioprine. So far so good.

by Kelly on Uceris Budesonide
Didn't work for me

I just finished a week of Uceris. It did nothing for me except upset my stomach, raise my blood sugar and give me headaches. My GI wanted me to stay on it for another week. ...uh.....no. I really had high hopes for this drug, because my next step, which I have resisted for 9 months (using SCD and Asacol to try and obtain remission), is Remicade. Getting the preliminary lab work tomorrow, and will start next week, I guess. I am scared to death of Remicade and just feel really defeated. Sorry this review had some whining with it. ;)

by Paulette on Uceris Budesonide
Doubled Edged Sword

2nd review

Still on this drug that stopped blood, diarehea, and cramps.

Trying to take it every other day now but I have a strong feeling I'm going back to square one, once I stop taking this drug

Well after all it was advertised as a temporary solution for remission. It has done its job. Problem is its very expensive.

I'm on Medicare and it's approx $750.00 co pay for a 30 day supply.

by Nicole on Uceris Budesonide

I have had UC for about 8 years now, diagnosed when I was 16. I tried asocol, flagyl, and colazol. The latter worked okay, but my UC seemed to really flare up after I started graduate school. My doctor put me on Lialda, which worked a littler better but I still had days where I didn't want to leave my house. I have been taking Uceris, 1 9mg pill a day, off and on for a year now. It works great for me. I consider it a miracle drug. It kicks in about 3-7 days after I start taking it. I wish this drug had been available when I was in college. I went through some terrible days, as I'm sure you all have. Now I depend on Uceris when I have a flare up. My only two complaints are the cost and I do have vaginal bleeding between periods. It's a little annoying, but so worth it!!

by Karen on Uceris Budesonide
Is this stuff working?

I started taking Uceris 3 weeks ago to control a flair which happened due to decreasing my Azathioprine. Bad move! Somedays are better than others so I can't really tell if it's working. I did use Prednisone for a flaire and it worked really well. After that I went into remission. I am thinking to give this another week or two and see if I improve. Not sure it's worth hanging around for it to work.

by bust-a-move on Uceris Budesonide
so far so good

After not being able to taper off Prednisone for 13 months, and after examining the extent of damage in my colon, my doctor recommended trying Uceris. So, I tapered off the Prednisone while taking Uceris over a period of about 6 weeks. I have now been off Prednisone for 3 weeks and things are going just fine with one exception. I'm sure this side effect does not affect most folks out there but, I'm a post menopausal woman and have started vaginal bleeding with the Uceris. I'm sure it has to do with the progesterone level in my body. Anyone, just another thing to figure out. But, so glad to be in remission. I'd love to hear from any women who have had a similar experience.

by Merlina on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris didn't work...

Uceris didn't do a thing for me. My issue is I'm pregnant and was already flaring when I got pregnant which is a big no no, however after years of trying and years of being in remission just when I started to flare I got preg. I was on lialda , canasa, then rowasa, procort, cortenema, now I'm on 12 balsalazide and uceris. UCERIS didn't do jack. After all this now I'm in prednisone three times a day and noticed a huge difference just from the first day. In fact a few people I know who have also tried uceris said it did not work.

by Ort on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris didn't work

The first 5 days on Uceris were ok, but the next 7 were horrible. I suffered from bloat, worse runs, almost constant nausea, headaches and it interfered with my sleep. 3 days before I stopped taking it, I got real bad pain in my sigmoid, and when I went to the bathroom there was a lot of blood. That was the last straw. Uceris might be good for others, but definitely not for me.

by Paulette on Uceris Budesonide

Ok, I am on my secondcroundcof taking this drug that kept me in

Remission the first time, about 4 months before I tapered off and then symptoms started again.

This is my second go around, not as good as first, but hanging in there with some ocassional tough moments.

This time I started back up in June I think to present.

Has anyone attempted to take 2 9mg time released pills a day on their own?

Doc said I could try it before I have to perhaps go to PLAN B PREDNISONE. I'm going on a month trip, never took Pred, and ccertainly don't want to try another new

drug while away a month.

just wondering if anyone tried that?

by Jennifer on Uceris Budesonide

I have had a flare up for about 2 months now after remission for 3 years! My dr gave me uceris and I have been taking it for 4 days and I have no improvement in symptoms. I was so excited about the reduced amount of side effects from prednisone but I don't see a point to this med.

by Catherine on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris review

I have left side UC. I was excited to read how well it should have worked. However, not the case for me. I found after 14 days still ZERO symptom relief. As though I was taking nothing to control my symptoms. In fact I was getting worse. I am now on prednisone. My gastro suggested perhaps my erosion was too low for the drug to give full effect. . Glad I at least attempted.

by Randy on Uceris Budesonide
Works pretty good

After my flare-up, my maintenance drug wasn't working. Doctor gave me a week sample that took away all blood and diarrhea. Then kept me on it for 3 months. Better than the usual symptoms, but still have more gas than usual in my lower colon, and 3 movements a day, 2 mostly prompted by gas buildup. It's a little uncomfortable. But I won't know for another month if it will bring me back into remission--I'm not sure if the gas is normal, but I did see it as one of the side effects. I'm a little concerned.

by Steve on Uceris Budesonide
Helped Control a Flare Up

After visiting the ER due to a rough flare up I was prescribed Uceris. A few days of use and my UC symptoms were getting less severe. By day 5 things felt under control. I do have what feels like a caffeine rush after using it, but it is minor and lasts a short period. For me it's easier than the prednisone side effects!

(Note: I also take Lialda daily so my results could be due to the combination)

by Gluten free Kitchen Queen on Uceris Budesonide
Not as fast acting

THis is the first time I have used Uceris. Initially, I could feel it at work. After one month of use my symptons haven't been controlled like prednisone. The positive side, Uceris doesn't have the horrible side effects of prednisone. Canasa seems to work best for me. In addition I am on a wheat/gluten free diet and, a diet high in probotics. This seems to reduce the flare ups.

by Adrian on Uceris Budesonide
Didn't work for me

My doctor put my on Uceris after my 2nd flare up May 2014. I was hopefull since this is a drug that is supposed to target the colon. For me it did nothing. I might as well have been taking sugar pills. After a month the doctor took me off the Uceris and put be on prednisone. It doesn't seem the pred is doing much either. I hope Uceris works for someone.

by Alice B on Uceris Budesonide
So after my Ucerus post-and it not working for me...

I hope Ucerus is a viable option for some of us even though it didn't work for my case.

Tomorrow I'm going in for a flex sig and other tests because my GI wants to try out the new Entyvio on me.

I'm a tad freaked out as this will be my third biologic after antibodying to Remicade and minimal results with Humira.

Oy, I feel like a guinea pig but I'll do it for the sake of experience and report on it when I can.

Has anyone here tried it yet?

by Renee on Uceris Budesonide

I am about a year out from my 2 month dose of Uceris and I still feel amazing! There seems to finally be an end to my 6 years of drugs that didn't work. I still take Apriso daily, but I can finally live life and I hope this continues because I don't ever want to go back!

by Todd on Uceris Budesonide
didn't work

I was told it was basically a half dose of prednisone. I took it for a week during a flare up and it did nothing for me.

by Paulette on Uceris Budesonide

It put me back in remission when many other drugs failed me!

9 mg time released tablet once a day.

I can now go on vacation with more confidence than worry!

Hoping my remission lasts awhile.

by Melissa on Uceris Budesonide

I've been on Uceris for a little over 2 weeks. I feel great. The pain is significantly reduced! Not totally symptom free, but so much better!

by Jennie on Uceris Budesonide
Sadly not a miracle drug for me

I started on Uceris almost a year ago as a maintenance drug. I had good results for the first month when I was near remission, and it doesn't have any of the adverse Prednisone side effects. Sadly it became less effective over time and I ended up having to go back on prednisone in March to stop a lingering flare. It seems that Uceris is a good drug to maintain remission, but not so effective in stopping a flare. My GI doctor told me to nix it two weeks ago as her and some of her colleagues were not convinced of the efficacy long-term.

by Bethany on Uceris Budesonide

I started taking Uceris 8 months ago because I started having kidney problems due to prednisone. Within a month of starting it I was able to start fully tapering down on my prednisone and my kidney function has significantly improved. My UC has stayed in remission and thankfully I havent had any of the nasty side effects of steroids. We've discussed coming off of it as well but due to the fact that I am currently pregnant and doing so well on it, my GI, husband, and I decided it was safer to stay on it. It has definitely been a lifesaver in the interim before my surgery.

by Stacey on Uceris Budesonide
2 weeks on Uceris worked for me

My Doc gave me 2 weeks of Uceris samples, and they worked magic on me - I was symptom-free after just a few days, and it literally brought me back to life!

I got my insurance co. to fill a 30-day prescription, but by then I didn't need it anymore - but I carry it with me when I travel just in case I flare again.

SCD, Probiotics & supplements are still keepin' me goin' strong and symptom-free!

by Erica on Uceris Budesonide

I'm on my 2nd round of Uceris. I first took it during a mild-ish flare and it immediately stopped my symptoms and got me into remission. After my most recent colonoscopy (about 2 months after stopping the Uceris), my doctor still saw signs of active disease and wanted me back on it for 60 days. I'm about 30 days in with the same results as before. I feel good and have zero of the usual side effects that come with Prednisone.

by Limor on Uceris Budesonide
one week on Uceris

I have been on Uceris for one week. The doctor put me on it for 8 weeks due to a severe flare up. So far, there is a significant decrease in symptoms and I am hoping that it will continue improving. The only side effect I have been experiencing is stomach aches / cramps a few times a day. I'll take the cramps any day over a flare up!

by Lisa on Uceris Budesonide
Love love love it

I love love love it but it took me 8 weeks to get there.

I was recently in a b a d flare up when my Dr suggested Uceris. I fought it for several months. I had been on prednisone for over 2 years and DID NOT want to go back on a steroid. Defeated after months of trying to control the flare I finally gave in. But, not before I called a Dr of Pharmacology friend, she told me it was either Uceris or Remicade. I had to give Uceris a shot. It took 8 weeks for me to notice a difference and get over the initial side effects, nothing major just a few headaches. So very happy I finally gave in and started taking Uceris.

by Stephanie on Uceris Budesonide

The first time I used Uceris it worked like a dream. I started to see an improvement as quickly as I did with prednisone but wasn't nearly as fatigued as I was when taking prednisone. I also wasn't as moody as I was when on prednisone. A few months later, I was flaring again so I started a round of Uceris. I didn't see any improvement the second time around (but I didn't get worse either). Since there was no improvement, my doc and I ended up switching my maintenance meds before starting me on prednisone. That seemed to do the trick.

by Linda on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris - Much better than Prednisone

I had a terrible flare-up....I ended up in ICU on Christmas Day. Of course, I was prescribed Prednisone. I complained to my GI about the nasty side effects and he immediately switched me OFF Prednisone and ON Uceris, with no "tapering off" of the Prednisone. He explained that only about 10% of the drug goes into the bloodstream so the drug mainly stays in the intestinal tract. I experienced absolutely NO side effects with the Uceris and there was no tapering off with the Uceris either. Now I take a monthly injection of Simponi. I love it. My colonoscopy last week showed 2/3 of the large intestine 100% healthy and the other 1/3 scarred but in complete remission/healed. Apparently, Simponi actually reverses the damage from UC but that's a different blog.... :)

by John on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris seemed to work

I was given a two week trial by my Doctor to try and replace the prednizone I had been on. Within a few days my flare had slowed quite a bit. The doctor wrote me a script for Uceris but unfortunately my insurance wouldn't pay for it and I couldn't afford the $1300.00 a month for it. So he is now trying Budesonide which has similar ingredients but targets the upper colon and my UC is mainly in my lower colon so he is unsure if it will help me. He don't understand why my insurance will cover more expensive UC drugs but not Uceris and neither am I. I only hope the Budesonide works as well so I don't have to go back on stronger drugs with more side effects such as prednizone.

by Christine Mair on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris and Me

This worked great for me. I was on a 8 week course. We had one problem that I was experiencing an allergic reaction to Apriso and didn't realize it. So.. I was put on both medications. I was taking Uceris and Apriso for about three weeks. I had urgency, frequency and basically shooting diarrhea everywhere and I was running to the bathroom day and night. I had a family member pass away and needed to go to the Funeral.On fluids. I did not eat and drank liquids and before leaving the house that morning and took the Uceris. I forgot to take Apriso. That afternoon I started feeling a little better. By the next day I was a lot better. I was away from home and had left the bottle of Apriso (by accident) on the shelf. Three days and extreme stress later and I didn't think to much of it until I got home a few days later and took the Apriso. My symptoms started with severity once again. My boyfriend asked me if it was the Apriso causing a side effect. I called the doctor and we all agreed I was having an allergic reaction. I stopped taking it and did start to feel better. I was kept on course with the Uceris by my physician for the next four weeks. I am in remission ever since. It has been one full year and I feel like a normal person. I was on Uceris for a month.

by Heidi on Uceris Budesonide

UCERIS allowed me to get off prednisone with much fewer typical steroid side effects. It helped reduce my flare and very little withdrawal symptoms when I got off of it a few months ago, as I continue my Remicade treatments. Thankful I have insurance when reading other people's stories.

by Lani on Uceris Budesonide
Uceris-pricey drug

Was given a prescription for Uceris in February 2014 to try and get me off of Prednisone . Had it filled and when I went to pick it up insurance did not pay a dime and it was over $1600.00 for 30 tablets. Needless to say I did not get the medicine and will wait to see if the price goes down.

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33 thoughts on “Budesonide / UCERIS Reviews – A New Colitis Medication”

  1. The first dose I used it work but then within days it didnt work anymore. Ive suffered from pretty aggressive flares for 7 years so maybe it would work better for someone with a milder case.

  2. I had a moderate flare and my doctor prescribed be Uceris since I refused to take prednisone. It took almost 2 weeks before I stopped pooping blood. I am in remission now but still on the medication. I have been taking Uceris for little over a month now. I did not gain any weight. As a matter of fact, I lost 10 Lbs and feel great.

  3. I’ve was in a pretty serious flare up Jan-Mar this year. Started taking Humira in Jan and added Uceris in late March. Over the course of April the flare has gone away – symptoms improved but not completely gone. It’s hard to tell whether it’s Humira or Uceris that’s making the difference

  4. I was put on Uceris as I was weaning off prednisone. At first I saw great results, but a month later I tested positive for C-diff which sent me into a horrible flare. I have stayed on Uceris this whole time, and had to go back on prednisone, flagyl, and cipro. I am not sure why my doctors have allowed me to stay on it for 5 months. I didn’t notice any side effects from it. Also I should note that I am most likely headed for surgery. My UC may just be too far along for Uceris to work, nothing else is working either.

  5. I have been on Uceris for the better part of 4 months now, along with Lialda. Previously I have been on Canasa, Asacol HD, hydrocortisone enemas, & prednisone. Prednisone (high dosage) was the only thing that got me into remission. I stayed in remission for 9 months, then BOOM! Back came the cramping, bleeding, and other foul beasts that UC breeds. The Uceris has helped some but I haven’t been able to achieve true remission. Docs are talking about Remicade or Humira for me next, which frankly, scare the mess out of me. Fewer side effects with Uceris but I still have dry mouth and some acne. Wish it had worked better for me. I’m trying a paleo diet as a last ditch effort to stay off biologics…

  6. My doc just prescribed uceris as I can’t seem to get off of prednisone. Just wondering what the transition was for folks. Did you take both drugs at the same time i.e. tapering Prednisone (5mg.) while taking uceris? Or was the transition a complete split -one day taking Prednisone the next day Uceris? Appreciate any feedback that might be helpful during the transition.

    1. That was one of my questions too, but my GI doctor said i could take both but to ween off the Prednisone. When I started Uceris I was taking 20mg of Prednisone, I did a longer taper, about 2 weeks of 20mg, 2 weeks of 15…10, I am about 2 months into Uceris and just stopped taking my 5mg of Prednisone yesterday actually. I am not sure if it was the right thing to do since my doctor said I could have tapered every 5 to 7 days, but I also had a new health issue, when my knee swelled up and I couldn’t walk on it, the orthopedic doctor had told me to stay on the prednisone since she thought it was arthritis, and she knew I was already taking Uceris. Anyways, like I said, I was taking both Uceris and Prednisone, if anything I think it helped me even more, but now that I am officially off the Pred, I am curious to see how I do on just Uceris alone. Good Luck to you Erin!

  7. For those that have taken Uceris for the 8 week period, 9mg tablets one time a day, would like to know if anyone experienced weight gain and if so, how much?

  8. Unfortunately, Uceris did not work for me. I did not have any side effects but I also did not get any relief. I took it for about a month before I went on Prednisone. However, I am experiencing the longest and worst flare up of my 8th year diagnosis of UC.

  9. I have tried Uceris for 8 weeks- not only did it give me painful bloating, gas, and water renention, but it actually seed to make my bleeding worse. Every day I’d have two major bowel movements that were incredibly bloody. Now, before I started uceris, I was inflamed with my PAN UC but not as much bloody. The last 8 weeks I’ve been passing mostly blood and large blood clots. Doctor increased my lialda to 4x a day and introduced rowasa daily. But nothing has helped. Yesterday was my last day of uceris. I can promise you I won’t take it again. The pain I’ve been through these last two months was insane. Every bowel movement felt like I was being ripped apart internally and the pain got so bad it would make me throw up. Uceris definitely does not work for me.

  10. I’ve been on it for two months now. It immediately worked! But in the past couple weeks I’ve gotten itchy red skin and muscle cramps in feet and legs. Don’t think it’s a coincidence

  11. I have been on UCERIS two months now, doing way better. However, do have leg cramps, joints hurt, muscles hurt, no strength in my right arm? getting red spots on my face. So very very tired all the time and hungry all the time, starting to gain weight. Something has got to Give! I was under the impression that i would have to be on meds everyday from now on? Sure hope not and yes the UCERIS is $1773.00 WOW! its not just the wealthy people that get sick, what’s the average person supposed to do?

  12. I was on Uceris for 60 days during October and November, 2015. It did seem to make my symptoms a little worse in the beginning, but the worst for me was the diarrhea. It was SO bad that my GI suggested I take it every other day. We finally settled on taking it every day until the diarrhea just got really bad, then I would back off to every other day until it calmed down. Then resumed daily again…back and forth like that. I also experienced some minor, but noticeable, prednisone-type symptoms. Body temp changes, some irritability, some bloating and weight gain. But nothing like being on prednisone. The good thing it resolved was my mucus. I had horrible mucus when I started it, and the mucus almost immediately went away and has not come back (it’s now January, 2016). Bleeding was never all that bad, but has not increased since I stopped using it. However, the diarrhea has persisted, and my urgent episodes seem to have increased. I know this drug works well for some, but except for the diminished mucus output, it didn’t seem to make much difference for me.

  13. Budesonide was fine for me. Humira made me into a ranting raving mad woman. My doctor had no clue what medication he was giving me. He didn’t believe in diet. I fired the doctor, kept the diet I got from Adam’s web site and ditched the Humira. Now I am doing better.

  14. Took Uceris for the first time on Wednesday morning. I ended up in the hospital thinking I was having a heart attack. I’m 35 with no family history of heart problems but yet the doctors found enough signs of a heart attack they did a catheritization on me. No heart attack thank God. I was told to keep taking the Uceris because they didn’t think that was the cause so I took it again yesterday and am now having the same symptoms, just not as bad. I won’t be taking Uceris again

  15. Just started Uceris about 10 days ago, weaning off prednisone now. Still on Lialda. Had my first normal day in 6 months. Hoping it continues!

  16. I just started my Ulcera this morning. I’m on the down slope of a 5 month flare up – the worst I’ve had to date. Hoping for the best with little side effects. Your comments really helped me feel more at ease about taking this.

  17. Sherry
    This is my 2nd time on Uceris. both times worked immediately after having about 50 BM’s/day that were just like Niagara Falls. Had a few side effects at 1st…fatigue, nausea, headaches. They soon went away. After 1st time on it ( 9 mg 1x/day) for 8 weeks, I was only in remission for 2 months before having to go on it again. Am on it now & terrified that when I quit Uceris in another month, that it will once again rear it’s ugly head in a while. SO expensive & wonder why & how they can charge so much for it.

  18. I was diagnosed with microscopic colitis a week and a half ago. Going to the bathroom constantly…pure water. Went from 135lbs to 120 in less than a month. Started Uceris 4 days ago and am 85 percent better. Was sleepy after taking it the first couple of days and had a couple of slight headaches. Nothing else except last night I had a crazy, vivid dream which is not normal for me – don’t know if that’s a side effect or not. I haven’t seen anything online about that. I’m supposed to take 8 weeks but doubt I’ll need it – although I’m going to go ahead and get the refill while insurance is willing to pay. Ridiculous cost.

  19. I’m so upset with my experience with Uceris I don’t even want to write about it fully or I will get worked up all over again. Caused a horrible flare. Horrible. On top of that I had a headache, eye pain (so bad I couldn’t touch my eye). My stools are loaded with blood.

  20. Hi, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in November 2008 when I was 38 years old. Ever since I have tried multiple treatments: the ATM treatment, Pentasa, Pentasa Enema, Asacol, health foods such as Bifiene M, kefir and Lactis for two years with no sign of remission. On top of that, I had side effects such as hair loss and joint pains.

    When my symptoms of diarrhea and bloody bowel discharge worsened and I was faced with the possibility of using steroid, I came across a blog (remissionofulcerativecolitis.com) and some articles about the efficacy of herbal medicine “Indigo Naturalis (Qing Dai)” on Ulcerative Colitis in 2010.

    Since then, my symptoms have been cured drastically with no side effects. At first, I took powdered indigo naturalis about one third of in a teaspoon after every meal as on instruction. Then, in about a week, the inflammation was cured, and gradually there was no need to worry about running into the bathroom.

    Now that tablets indigo naturalis are on sale, I always carry them out on me. Powdered indigo naturalis is hard to carry and very annoying to drink when taking, but tablets can be very easy to carry out and take everywhere.

    I highly recommend indigo naturalis. It is called “Qing Dai” in Chinese, which is commonly used in China, Taipei, Korea for as an herbal medicine and a natural healthy food.

    Indigo naturalis may be worth a try. Believe or not….

  21. Used it to get out of a flare but I did not like how it made me poop in my pants. I had to wear diapers while I took this Uceris.

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