UC Flares Progressing More Rapidly?

We have all heard of “fair weather fans.”

Well, I guess I am a crappy weather fan of this site. No mistaking, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this site! I find it EXTREMELY helpful. But hardly ever will you see a posting of mine when all is well in UC land. This is my venting place. (Where else can I go into horrid UC detail!?)

In my last posting I mentioned that my ulcerative colitis looked as if it were spreading to the other side of my large intestine. A colonoscopy proved that to be untrue … leaving a mystery which is still unsolved (just what the heck was the pain on my right side that led me in the ER!?)

I also mentioned a stint of Prednisone. That has come, worked it’s wonders and gone. Within that time I also began 6MP. I was on a low dosage. After checking my bloodwork, my doctor felt comfortable increasing it. I then noticed a strange (goose bump-like) itchy rash. I could not blame it on anything else but the meds so my doctor told me to stop the 6MP. (Question to all: Anyone else have this happen to them with 6MP?)

That was November/December, now it is February. I had been fine leading up to now. The only time that I have had symptoms was during that time, once a month, when a woman’s resistance is naturally down (guys, I tried to candy-coat that!)

I am now within that time. I FIRST started having symptoms on Monday. Back in the beginning with ulcerative colitis, it would take me a couple of weeks to get “BAD.” It is now only Wednesday and I am in bed. I cant get up without running to the bathroom. I have to resist the urge to run because it is nothing but blood and pain. I have a low grade fever. I will take my “back-up,” Rowasa, but I need to take that through the night.

Again, question to all: Anyone else find that their UC flares progress more rapidly as time goes one?

Ha, gotta run …

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5 thoughts on “UC Flares Progressing More Rapidly?”

  1. Hey Jennifer, its so crazy that you wrote about this. I had the exact same problem with my last falre. I was used to my original (pre-diagnosis) flare and the amount of time it took to “get bad”. But my most recent flare, the one from the end of Dec. 2010 was a totally different story. It was something like a few weeks of stools getting more loose, and then BAAAAM! massive bleeding out of nowhere, and cramping and you know the rest…

    I don’t know if its just coincidence, but maybe some others here might have the same experience. I would put my vote down though that heck yeah, I had the same deal as you with stuff going from not so good to horrible real quick.

    As for the question on the 6mp, I’ve never taken that one. But I surely did have all sorts of skin issues I wrote about here after taking Humira. Check it out here: https://ihaveuc.com/side-effects-from-humira/

    there are some pictures of my skin issues, pretty nasty actually , but might help you compare. The good news is that it has all pretty much gone away after stopping the meds. it did take quite some time but back to normal.

    it’s great to hear from you again, hopefully some others here will comment and answer your questions.
    take care,

  2. OK, what’s REALLY strange … and you UC people will understand why … is that immediately before this flare that I am now in, I could NOT go to the bathroom. I have said that MAYBE twice during my eleven year relationship with UC. I was actually bragging to my family members about it. I figured it was a good thing.

    Saturday and Sunday, trouble going at all. Then Monday, day one of flare!? Now, Wednesday … ugh.

  3. Hi Jennifer! When I would get any flares after my initial one, I would be fine on Monday, have one instance of diarrhea on Tuesday, and on Wednesday it would be out of control. I don’t know why but my flares would come on fast and strong! Also when I am not flaring, going is an issue with me too. I go maybe once every three days and sometimes when I go it feels like my insides are coming out with everything else and it is so bad that I almost wish I had diarrhea again…at least then it’s over and done with fast! You don’t have to spend 30 mins on the toilet wishing it would just be over with already. I don’t think once you get UC that your BMs will ever be the same. At least mine aren’t. But I cannot remember what it is like to not have UC, I have had it over half of my life now. I hope you feel better soon!

  4. My flares progress so fast if I’m not paying attention. Like one day I’ll have a really foul-smelling, loose stool (sorry, I always notice the smell change first…), and be like ‘oh hopefully that was a one time thing’ and two days later I’m in UC hell feeling like someone used a meat tenderizer on my guts. Usually over the weekend when I can’t call the doctor! These days I always stay stocked up with prednisone and enemas and have made a plan with doctor about what to do if I feel a flare is coming on and can’t call him. I am getting better and better at recognizing an oncoming flare. I now start cortisone enemas ASAP when I start having any symptoms, and I’ve found it helps stop the flare in its tracks. If I can get to it early the flare will be shorter and less severe. I definitely recommend cortisone enemas if your doc will prescribe them. I find they work faster and better than prednisone (if you can hold them in overnight, that is) and with out all the horrible prednisone symptoms. The woman time definitely makes it worse. I just skip my period with birth control pills most of the time.

  5. Hi,
    I guess 3 days from a niggle to a full flare for me. As Steph mentioned above – there is a distinctive smell that is associated with the flare.
    I have noticed that each incidence of a flare is worse than the one before (though when it happens I’m sure you can’t imagine how it could be worse).
    I haven’t have one for a while and am beginning to feel like a ticking time bomb.
    But she’ll be right!

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