UC Can NOT Beat Me


My name is Brittany and I’m 21 from Charlotte, NC. I’ve been battling Ulcerative Colitis for 5 years. I’m in college and I’ve found that it is much harder to focus on school and getting good grades when you are super sick all the time. I try not to let it beat me so I enjoy playing bingo, fishing, riding four-wheelers, and singing. I hope one day I will have enough energy and money to travel the world.


Pancolitis. Asacol and 6MP. Hair is falling out… and it’s so not cool. Migraines. Dehydration. Flaring for 1 year now, hopefully it will stop soon!

My Story:

UC has definitely changed my life. I was diagnosed at 16 after I had severe bleeding and cramps. I had a colonoscopy and they discovered I have pancolitis. I weighed 120 at the time of diagnosis and being on steroids for most of that time I’ve gained over 80lbs. I work out daily and eat decent but my body is having trouble breaking down fat and steroids make me gain weight. I hope this changes soon. I also hate the fact that my hair keeps falling out, it makes me feel so unattractive as a young woman. I was engaged and my fiance left me and told me the reason was that he could not handle that I was always in and out of the hospital and he would rather be with a completely “healthy” woman. It’s extremely hard knowing that my disease is holding me back from being in a relationship and I truly hope that changes soon because with every year that passes, I honestly feel like I’m going to end up alone.

I like my doctor, but I don’t love him. I sometimes wonder if I was misdiagnosed or if he even knows what I’m talking about half the time and FYI my doctor doesn’t check my butt all the time, thank you prompt. =p

My family is supportive but my parents worry about me way more than I worry about myself. My dad and mom pray for me every night and they often call my grandmother to pray too. I know it’s hard on them just like it is hard on me.

All of this being said, I know others have worse colitis. Mine is off and on but it is a very painful and unfair disease. I really hope through this website I can meet people who can actually relate to me.

Where I’d Like to be in 1 Year:

I would LOVE to be in South Africa living out my dream of working with HIV AND AIDS orphans. I’ve been there before and it is the most amazing country on the planet.

If that isn’t possible, I want to be in NC trying to help families in need. I want to be in REMISSION and in a relationship where they can actually handle the stress of my disease.

Colitis Medications:

Asacol is good but 6MP is much better. I use them together but 6MP has finally got my stomach under control. Only drawback is that it makes you lose your hair ladies… =[

written by Brittany

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5 thoughts on “UC Can NOT Beat Me”

  1. Hey Brittany! I just wanted to say that I can easily relate to your story. It’s hard to find people who can really understand where you are coming from and I feel that this website will make it easier (at least for me) to realize that we are not alone in this disease. By venting and reading other peoples stories, it will help life be a little more insightfull, tolerbale and appear somewhat more normal.

    I was diagnosed 5 years ago when I was 19, and at the time had a boyfriend who I thought was “the one.” Mind you, I was a little young and perhaps a little naive, but when you are in love, you’re in love and those feelings just don’t go away. That year when i was diagnosed, we were supposed to take a month long excursion to South America for the summer. I was supposed to meet his family and we were planning on having the time of our lives. He went and I stayed, got diagnosed in the hospital and had to bare with it, not necessarly alone because I had family and friends, but at times I did feel all alone because the only attention and reassurance I wanted was from him. When he came back he didn’t have any sympathy for me because I appeared “normal” and left me.

    It was extremely hard for me then, but I look back at it now and that was probably one of the best things to happen to me, him leaving because I realized how awful of a person he was.
    I’ve dated here and there since then but it wasn’t until last year that I finally found a decent, normal guy who has helped me considerably in dealing with my disease. He understands my weird diet, my early sleep patterns, and doesn’t care that I have this silly disease. What I’ve learned from my experiences is that people are generally good, it might take a while to find that certain someone but the stakes are high and not just anyone can be with someone like you, right? Those who don’t want to be with you aren’t worth being with in the end. I’m so sorry that you had to go through what you did but don’t give up one people, the good ones are out there! (I found mine on okcupid nontheless!! Haha)

    As for the hair falling out, oh man… can I relate! I just got placed back on 6MP after a year of being symptom free and controlling my ulcerative colitis with diet alone. Back in 2010 I had a horrible flare-up and a huge majority of my hair fell out… and I absolutely LOVE my hair and am obsessed with it haha. It is just starting to catch up with my normal hair growth so I’m hoping it wont fall out this time with the 6MP. I was researching on this site, and my sister actually recommended Biotin. I guess it helps with hair, teeth and nails. I think I’m going to go buy some and check it out, maybe it’ll help prevent my hair from fallig out. I’m planning on keeping up with my nutrition but I know it can be hard when nothing can stay in your body.

    Anyway, I hope this snippet of my story will help you in relating with another 20-something year old girl with ulcerative colitis, we are out there!! I truly believe that you can live out your dream and return to South Africa once you are strong and well again. I hope to visit the place someday too. I love travel as well and but it’s hard to plan events around our symptoms.

    Shawna N.

  2. california karen

    i fully relate to your story,this disease hurts everyway possible! oh by the way i am an elephant fanatic! couldnt help saying that! have you been on dicyclomine for the intestinal cramps it has helped me or cholestramine brittany hang in their .

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about the breakup of your relationship. That had to be rough!! But I think it’s for the best because you deserve someone who is willing to stand by you — ill or healthy. Seems like you dodged a bullet.

    As far as the hair thing goes — I’ve got the same problem. Ask your doctor about taking vitamin B-12. Mine had me on that for a while & it helped make it stop falling out. (I also took a daily multi-vitamin as well) But seriously — check with your doctor so you can figure out what dosage to be on.

    I’m also using Mane & Tail shampoo & conditioner. It can either be found in the shampoo aisle or the pet aisle. I know you must be thinking: “What?? Use a pet shampoo?!?!” Well I thought the same thing. My friend told me to try it & it has made my hair grow back quicker & thicker than it usually would. It also smells really good & my hair looks really healthy. Try using that to get your hair to grow. It really helps!

  4. Hey Brittany,
    Great picture, Im guessing that was from South Africa?
    I really wanted to go their for the world cup 2 years ago, but it was just too much for a college dude to save up. Anyways sounds like the steroids are having some side efffects! That does not sound like fun, Ive heard of people gaining lots of weight, what kind of diet are you following?
    As for the relationship status, don’t be worried, your only 21! You got plenty of years to find the right guy. I have lost over a dozen friends since I was diagnosed. Its just part of life. I do miss some off my ole drinkin buddies, but life goes on. I did find my true friends though and made lots of new ones. It sounds like your family is showing some strong support for you and thats something you should be proud of!
    Best of Luck
    Johnny Drama

  5. Hello everyone thanks for all the lovin comments and I’m extremely glad to find people who can fully relate to me.

    Shawna I would love to keep in contact, it sounds like we’ve been through the same things. I definitely love my hair too and now that it is thinning it is pretty scary! My email is Brittany.moss@rexmail.queens.edu and you can email me anytime.

    Johnny Drama, I’m on a low carb kind of like an Atkins diet. The problem is though that other things such as red sauce and greasy foods, even some acidic fruits can easily tear up my stomach and a all vegitable diet isn’t cutting it for me, I’m not sure what else to try. My weight gain is definitely medicine related because I still do not over eat. And yes, that was beautiful South Africa it was amazing.

    Lara, I started using a shampoo called Nioxin that is working pretty well, I’m going to start taking vitamins, I will look into B-12. Yeah I’m not worried about the relationship thing as I am so young but I do wish that it wouldn’t have ended. 8 months single now and still haven’t talked to a guy… ha. Need to relearn flirting skills I guess. The mane shampoo, does it work really well? It may be cheaper than the one I’m on!

    California Karen, thank you! I love elephants too, completely love them. I know it is crazy to say this but any animal who has real feelings towards their families and young have my heart. There is a female elephant in Africa who’s baby was a still born and she will not leave it’s side, she has been there 7 days, I’m pretty sure she is going to die with her baby, it is really amazing how much they love their young.

    Thank you so much everyone, hope to keep talking to you and you guys keep your heads up too, we are fighting this together!

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