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UC at 28 Weeks Pregnant Resulting in ScepticiMa

Celine Colitis in Manchester

recent picture of me!!


I’m a 27 year old female from Manchester and being treated for UC.

I work in the operating theatre so see enough poop to even try to deal with a flare up!! Thank god for maternity leave!

Some more about me:

Dry…… That’s how my family and friends describe me, I like to think I’m just honest.

Not long had my first baby, a little girl, I cannot describe how much I love her, makes colitis bearable.

Currently living in United Kingdom.


Achy joints….27 and I feel 97!! The tiredness is also grueling.
Not long had a test done as I think I may have a stomach ulcer, or could be the UC further around the colon than I’m hoping for :-(

UC at 28 Weeks Pregnant


I was 28 weeks pregnant and bam…….mucus, bloody stools, toileting 30 times a day as well as trying to work 40 hours a week in an operating theatre, it was torture!

After numerous visits to the GP and hospital I was finally admitted with high ketones and a viral infection, apparently this was causing my diarrhea. My stools were tested, how it was missed is laughable!!

36 weeks pregnant and worse then ever, I finished work at 35 weeks and was now under a obstetric consultant as my uterus was at risk of contraction due to my toilet antics…..however still no diagnosis.

Just before giving up work I spoke to a colorectal surgeon and told him my symptoms, straight away he said UC. I was booked in for an emergency sigmoidoscopy (37 weeks) where I had 8 biopsies showing signs of UC. I was sent home with foam enemas (impossible to do), and told to wait for the results.

Within 24 hours I was admitted onto ante natal ward on drips with ketones and an infection but doctors didn’t know where it was. I was seen by the Gastro consultant who put me on 40mg of IV Prednisolone, 40mg Omeprazole, Mesalazine (6 tabs a day) and a suppository at night.

Within 3 days I felt a different person, still suffering but not nearly as much. Was discharged after 6 days on meds, although I was a cm dilated due to continuous pushing during bowel movements. I was due in the following week to be induced as baby’s heart rate was high due to meds.

I managed 4 hours at home and my waters went, baby had done a bowel movement inside due to stress!
I was started off straight away on a drip and IV steroids and antibiotics due to my temp hitting 40 during labour, why? Because I had E. coli which I then passed onto my baby girl resulting in her being in special care for 15 days!!

Having UC whilst pregnant is bad enough but becoming sceptic due to being told for weeks I had a viral infection is just frightening. Thank god I was so poorly during labour otherwise we would of been sent home and my baby may not be here right now.

Sorry to put the whole site to sleep (if you read long enough) but I can’t stop thinking about how much my life has changed and how I’m never going to be the same person as I was this time last year.

My little girl is 12 weeks old and thank god she is more than perfect and developing beautifully, been after 3 lumbar punchers and numerous cannulas, plus being alone in a room away from her mummy. I just wish I wasn’t tired and I wasn’t achy or I wasn’t worrying that we can go to play group incase mummy needs the toilet. I just wish I didn’t have UC!!!

After 18 hours of labour and being so ill with the infection we are both lucky to be here but why is there no cure??

Please tell me this diet will work for me!!

Recently seen my consultant who said I am being treated for UC but the biopsies didn’t come back with UC.
Currently taking Mesalazine (6 tabs a day) and due back in clinic in 4 months depending on the results regarding the ulcer.

written by Celine

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Adam Scheuer, founder of

Ask Adam:

“Hi Adam just want to say thanks for making this site worldwide and accessible to UC sufferers. Hope my story isn’t too long winded.

Can I download your books for the kindle? “

Hi Celine,

Thank you so much for sharing your story, and CONGRATS TO YOU AND YOUR BABY for making through such a tuff time.  There have been many stories about pregnancy with UC, and your story is for sure a major SURVIVOR story!  And you should be very proud of yourself for doing so well.

I’m really glad you’re making use of the website, there’s tons of information here you can use whenever you have an internet connection.

One survey I’d recommend you read if you have not already is the “Colitis Joint Pain Survey“.  Lots of input from 99 UC’ers in there.

As for the ebooks I have written for UC’ers, once ordered you’ll receive a link to instantly download all of them.  The download includes both books in PDF format and also in EPUB format, so it should be no problem viewing with a Kindle, iPad, or most other tablet type devices and regular computers or laptops are no problem either.

I’m sure you’re like nearly every other UC’er who is interested in treating the symptoms with diet, and for sure it’s frustrating considering nearly all western med trained doctors see no reason to give that a try.  And unfortunately, I’m pretty much thru with talking about that dead end topic here.  I’ve had too many hard craps and years of feeling good to go along with that narrow minded thinking.  I live by outcomes, especially when it comes to UC.  I really would say, listen to your body, monitor what you eat, and you’ll come to a happy spot soon enough.


One more time, “FOR SURE”, it is entirely possible for you to once again feel and think just like you did prior to having your UC symptoms, maybe even better.  AND, you’ll be more compassionate and understanding of others as well.  That’s a benefit we all get from UC (Look at Graham from UK.  He was a grumped out Englishman when we first met him, now he’s helping to save the free and not so free world with EVOO.  Just kidding G, you were never a grump:)

Best to you Celine (and your fam:),

Adam Scheuer

4 thoughts on “UC at 28 Weeks Pregnant Resulting in ScepticiMa”

  1. Hey Celine,

    I’m so sorry to hear this! Keep going.
    You want to look up the SCD diet
    Google SCD lifestyle. Brief overview is..
    Foods to avoid:
    All starches:
    Sweet potatoes
    Grains: Rice, corn ect
    Wheat, Gluten
    Chocolate ( Sorry!)

    Foods you can eat
    Fruit ( Bananas MUST be ripe with Brown spots)
    Nut butters ( in moderation)
    Cheddar ( in moderation)
    Look up the SCD yogurt amazing results for people with diarrhoea!

    That’s a brief over view. It can be VERY daunghting at first and you fee like giving up.
    But there’s so much nice food you can make…And it actually makes you feel better as well.
    I’d also recommend prayer for time of relaxations. Find a church with a good community to help support you.

    Hope this helps!


  2. UC Family Boy

    Congratulations on your baby girl.

    I am sure you know all that you need to do now for yourself so you will be around for your girl when she needs you.

    There is considerable development and soon much more tailored programs for IBD will be available.
    For now many have developed there own protocols, especially where Meds have failed. I guess taking steps, built your immune system back up is key. The term system from immune system is obvious; we must look at each part of the system and help it along.
    Diet is important to first limit triggers, find these out. Than UC diets are key, this will hopefully give you energy as well as nourishment. Than address the imbalance caused by UC. Probiotics, fermented foods and if you really want to consider it, fecal transplant…although I would first get everything else in place.
    This is a long process, much to understand of your body and UC but your get there.
    I implemented the above and got encouraging scope results to match, only to trigger an immune response when abroad. So I start again, but this time with more intent, with more knowledge to implement
    Hope this helps

  3. Congrats on motherhood!,

    I and many others here have been told by Drs changing diet won’t do much for UC… That is a crock of s#$#. But please don’t get overwhelmed, I didn’t change my diet for year bc I thought I could never give up bread etc… But my first step when I decided I HAVE to do something bc nothing else is working anymore… was to try the gluten free thing, and I can honestly say I gained my “life” back. I’m not going to say I never had a flare again… Because I did, but I handled it, and with very little medication.

    I know you hate having UC and you wish you never got it and wish there was a cure, etc etc… But the reality is you have it, accept it, move forward and do what you can to improve your health don’t let it ruin your life… you have a beautiful daughter to enjoy! Eat healthy and be well… Diet change takes time so keep that in mind, you won’t see results straight away! Good Luck!

  4. I was also diagnosed while pregnant back in 2012, and it’s scary! I’m sorry you had to go through that. My doctors also all agree that diet has nothing to do with it, but I just don’t believe them. I’ve been hesitant to try the major diet plans that most people recommend (SCD or GAPS) because I’ve been either pregnant or nursing since my diagnosis, and I’m worried about changes in nutrition, energy, detoxing, and all that.
    In case my story is any help for you – I started taking Lialda while pregnant, but didn’t really notice any improvement, luckily i wasn’t bleeding much, just horrible cramping every morning. Toward the end of my pregnancy I took 20 mg of prednisone for a week or two just to see if we would see any improvement before the baby came, and it helped a bit. Baby came right on time, perfectly healthy, and I felt great right away! I felt fantastic for about 2 months, and then had a MAJOR flare, i spent many hours nursing my baby on the toilet, or bouncing her in her chair next to the toilet. I was also terrified of going to any playdates! I cried a lot, and started taking Prozac – it really helped take the edge off, I stopped spending so much time crying and wallowing in guilt and self pity, so I could better focus on being a mom, even if i was glued to the toilet. I also went on Prednisone again (only 20 mg again) even though I was breastfeeding, and saw a slow and steady improvement. I added Rowasa enemas a few months later, and I really got my life back for a few months! I started to go downhill a bit when my hormones started to change up when the baby was about a year old, and then i started to spiral downward… and found out i was pregnant again! Clearly there’s a hormone connection for me… I’m 24 weeks at the moment and struggling to find relief, but I know I can have a healthy baby because I’ve done it before!
    I guess the main thing I want to say is that you are not alone, feeling crappy with a tiny baby is VERY hard, and VERY stressful, but you can get through it! My baby girl is now 1.5, and so happy and healthy! Explore your treatment options, and if you’re not breastfeeding I would encourage carefully exploring either the SCD or GAPS diets, so many people on this site have had success with them. (I hope you have a crock-pot, because that’s the only way I was ever able to make dinner with an infant!). Best Wishes!!

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