Two Words – GINGER ROOT – Colitis Watch Out!

If you have UC and have made it this far, [highlight]please read the email below which I recently received.[/highlight] It may help you as well.
And to the person(you know who you are:) who sent this message to me, thank you very much, there are rarely emails that have potential UC solutions that are so easily available to the masses!  Way way cool!
Dear Adam,
    Fresh Ginger root gave amazing results!
I have been diagnosed with UC some years ago. I am now 52 years of age.
  • Efforts to treat the problem with various antibiotics did not bring lasting relief.
  • Pentasa (500 mg mesalazine) helped. However this medicine is not suitable for chronic use and as soon as the treatment came to an end, the UC started bleeding again. So I tried to continue the treatment, but at a low dose. This gave only partial relief.
  • I also have high blood cholesterol, so I love taking high doses (1000 mg/day) of Omega-3 to thin my blood, increasing general blood flow and thus prevent heart attacks, cancer etc. However the blood thinning effect almost invariably resulted in my UC starting to blead again. So my ulcerative colitis + low dose Pentasa meant I had to forego my potentially life-saving Omega-3.
  • Then I stumbled upon the home-remedy of taking fresh ginger root for stomach ailments, such as Ulcerative Colitis, Leaky Gut (Chrons disease) and digestive problems. I tried it, and my bleeding stopped the same day! My digestive problems also disappeared. After a few days I resumed my Omega-3 and still experienced no bleeding! Then I thought I was heeled completely and started to skip my ginger root, so the bleeding came back. So now I am back on taking a little ginger root with every meal, and my bleeding is gone.
  •  I don’t like the burning sensation of ginger in my mouth. So, with each meal, I cut one or two 3 mm thick slices of ginger root with a sharp knife, chop it up into 3mm x 3mm cubes and quickly gulp it down with some water. This works well and the burning sensation is minimal. (However, fresh ginger smells wonderful. So if I disperse it thinly into salads or other meals, I actually like the taste.)
I hope other people with digestive problems will also find this helpful!
So there you have it.  A pretty amazing story.  My wife and I have fresh ginger in the house pretty much 99 days out of 100, however we make tea with it instead of eating it.  And as you may have guessed, I cracked out the old knife a few moments after reading his message to me today and tried to dice up a small slice of Ginger.  This is what that looked like:
up front is the diced ginger root, in the back left is the raw ginger root from the store, and to the right is my big old kitchen knife...and I cut up a few pieces of the outside off the ginger slice as you can see...pretty simple folks...took about 15 seconds...Good luck!

up front is the diced ginger root, in the back left is the raw ginger root from the store, and to the right is my big old kitchen knife…and I cut up a few pieces of the outside off the ginger slice as you can see…pretty simple folks…took about 15 seconds…Good luck!

[highlight]For those who wish to give this a try, please come back to this post after a few days and write a review with your experiences of how this worked for you.[/highlight]  There is a button just below to submit your review, and since this story will be up here for months and years to come, it will be very interesting to hear how others react to this very simple idea that this UC’er has explained.

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Ginger Root
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 20 reviews
 by Liz on Ginger Root

Incredible results. UC symptoms one day, the next day COMPLETELY NORMAL!!! Only difference was eating ginger in my dinner (homemade chicken and broccoli). I also follow SCD, take Asacol. Despite SCD and Asacol I still had symptoms- but after 2 days now of eating ginger it’s a miracle. I also wanted to add a few months ago I drank homemade ginger tea when I had the flu and woke up feeling better. Ginger, who knew???

 by Naresh Bhagwan on Ginger Root
Ginger works

Just Brilliant.
I dont know how to thank you for being honest and fortright, without charging a dime.
I am trying out ginger powder with some honey and Tumeric powder.
Unbelievable, after two weeks of using this mkxture in hot water, pain has eased substantially and bleeding is going away, gradually.
My medications for UC, i stoped three months from first prescribed, that was 8 months ago.
I hated medications, and doctors told me if i stopped the medications, the bleeding will continue.these doctors are too dependant on medications, however there is no cure for the UC.
I believe, body can cure itself with the correct tools.

The correct tools are natural plant based products. I did change my eating habits. More steamed veggies, no more curries and spices.
More smoothies. No alcohol and no more smoking.
with all this something was missing. I was bleeding a bit, unlike before, but the pain was not going.
Two weeks ago , i
Read your article and decided to try ginger powder, honey and little tumeric powder. Wola, in a few hours, the pain was gone.
And the bleeding is gradually going away.
In all fairness, lets be realistic, the damage to the colon , was over the years, and it cannot just disappear in a few days.
Lets be practical and folow the old adage, TIME HEALS.
God Bless, and lets get better!

 by Sophia on Ginger Root
A solution!!

I was diagnosed when I was about 12 years old and ever since, I have had pretty good control of my UC. I even forgot I had it.. up until this past year when flare ups came back.

Desperately for a solution in order to skip the

Dr 's office I searched online and found this site along with a plethora of articles stating that Ginger is the miracle cure for UC.

I took small pieces of ginger right before going to bed and after the second night by UC flare up was gone!!! I couldn't believe my eyes. The symptoms of having bloating and urges completely stopped as well.

I will always keep ginger in my fridge and continue to take it on a regular basis :D

 by B on Ginger Root

I have been diagnosed wit UC since 2011. And I been taking Balsalazide on and off for the last 6years. Now I m ready to give the fresh ginger roots a try. I will update my experience in a week .

 by swarnadip saha on Ginger Root
Ginger root and my problem

I have very mild case of lower ileum discrete ulcer. The fecal calprotectine test comes out to be 141 mg / kg ( elevated but not critical). From 2015 November to 2017 Feb I was in great distress for this problem. I was feeling to going to loo all the time. After March 2017 I started taking fresh ginger root after each meal and I started feel great. I still have to go to loo whenever I have go out ... but the sensation of going to loo all the time has stopped. I still have some digestion problem...I still need to go to loo 2-3 times a day ...but with ginger root I can atleast go out and have a decent life.......

 by Ildiko on Ginger Root
Ginger works!

Hi Everyone!

I got UC last year and after 8 mo in remission, I have been having a flare-up for 3 weeks

now. First two weeks I was determined to do the SCD and no meds, after two weeks without any imorovement I started taking 30 mg prednisolon which dis not blow away my symtoms like it used to last year and I was reluctant to higher the dose (side effects).

Desperate for some natural solution I stumbled upon turmeric and ginger. I tried the ginger just yesterday (1-1 spoonful of 3 mm cubes morning and evening) and I was astonished by how much better I got within

12 hours! I noticed significantly less blood in my much more shaped stool. I could have cried in relief after the past 3 weeks' suffering: having found a natural remedy that is such a potent abnti-inflammatory. I do not dare stop the prednisone, but feel incouraged that things can only be better!

Thanks for the great idea, I will post about hiw the flare up is going.

Health and blessings to all who are reading,


 by Laura on Ginger Root
Working awesome for me!

I'm a 28 year old female and I unfortunately have Pancolitis. I have been on Lialda for years. It helps keep me some but can't seem to keep me totally in remission. This year I've flared more than normal. Ive been on high doses of Prednisone twice which have worked temporarily. I flare again when I wean off. So my doctor is pushing infusions. Most likely Remicade. My flare has been so bad I was going at least 8 + times a day with heavy bleeding. I was doing Paleo before the flare but swapped to SCD. The diet was helping but not completely. Still 4 + times a day and bleeding. Started ginger three weeks ago and within two days I was only going ONCE a day and it was firm. Bleeding was minimal by day four. But here's the real kicker.. I wasn't convinced it was the ginger so I stopped for three days. Within 24 hours my symptoms returned. I started the ginger again and my symptoms are GONE! Such a blessing! I will say I am still eating SCD, so I can't say if the ginger will help as much eating a "regular" diet. But for me, it's been a God send. I hope it can help many of you suffering too!

 by Joe on Ginger Root
Ginger instead of prednisone

To keep my colitis in check, I take 3X 800mg Asacol tablets, as well as 2X 500mg Asacol suppositories.

I also try and stay away from gluten and sugar, but I love cake. If there are too many birthday cakes, or stress, I would get mucous and/or blood in my stool. I then take 20mg prednisone (Pulmison) until the symptoms stop.

I read about ginger in Feb 2016. I have since used it instead of the prednisone.

I drink dried ginger powder with honey as a tea.

I put crushed ginger in my omelets, meat dishes.

I eat sushi ginger. A lot, if there is mucous and/or blood in my stool.

 by Artem on Ginger Root
Ginger vs Prednisone

Hey, all!

I read the post on ginger several months ago, in March 2016. I have made several artempts to heal myself with ginger root since then. Tried everything -- dringking with tea, water, eat eat with soup and boiled vegetables. Nothing worked.

Then I discussed that with my GI doctor and she said all would have worked for me if I were not on prednisone :"(

Prednisone, and all similar medicine, make your body and immune system so dependant on it, that nothing else works.

No ginger, no EVVO, no Turmeric. The doc says prednisone and probiotics are my only medicine now.

Is that true? Is my choice limited only to these two?

Wish you all the best and lots of health!

 by Robert M. on Ginger Root
Ginger Root

RE: GINGER ROOT update. So, I have posted previously about following the Ginger root regiment. And to add my follow up, I must say, it is working for me very well as Adam shared Ginger Root story of another UCer that posted. I take ginger root w/ water like a medicine. 2x a day. Chopped into little 3mm by 3mm or smaller pieces (in the search bar of Adam site just type Ginger Root, should take you to original post). I just wanted to update everyone, and to make sure it was not a placebo effect on me before I continue to post. Remember everyone's system response is different, but hey, worth a go to try new things to help deal with our UC. Wish everyone a great day, keep strong and positive. Thanks for reading. And Thank you Adam. :-)

 by steve reeves on Ginger Root
go ginger

I went GINGER 2 month's ago and my UC has stopped completely.

thank you for this advice.

 by robert on Ginger Root
Ginger root

I am willing to try many suggestions on this website that may help with dealing with my UC. So, yes I have posted my organic cabbage juicing which was ok. But I think my system just caught up to that remedy and was not consistent enough. ANYWAY... I am now here giving my trial of Ginger root, so far as being on it for almost 2 Weeks. Good results so far as 60%reduction with feeling those symptoms having UC... Stomach nervousness and urge of having to go poo. I'm hoping its not a placebo effect BUT I do feel better results with this ginger root trial than the cabbage juice one. Who knows, I may combine the 2 after a month or so. For now, I will continue on only the 3mm by 3mm 2xs a day, chopped ginger root. I take it straight up chopped drinking it down with water. My thing to remember is everyone may have different results on their journey to help reduce or remission their symptoms. I wish everyone strength and happiness. Thanks for reading.

 by Rick on Ginger Root

After reading about the effects on uc from ginger on this site, i tried it. I'm on azathioprine and probotics - Symprove. I tend to have diarohia once a week which is quickly settled with predfoam. I started taking ginger, three times a day and on the first day noticed improvements. No need for the predfoam once a week, the ginger has left me with no signs of UC for the last three weeks. I strongly recommend it, it really works!!! Thank you!

 by Mart on Ginger Root

I grate or slice a small amount of ginger, add water and boil it up for several minutes. Then I add a favorite tea bag and let it brew for another minute, strain it and I have delicious healthy tea. I also have yogurt every day. I only eat plain (no flavored) FAGE Greek yogurt with fresh or frozen berries. I also add ground flaxseed, cinnamon and walnuts to it. In addition to many vitamins, I also take probiotics and for the most part, I stay away from sugar and wheat. All this has kept me in remission for close to a year now.

 by Katherine Erazo on Ginger Root

I make ginger tea, put some in carrot soup. It's working amaizing for my UC! 4 months flare free and have been able to eat nuts and cheese! (Follow SCD to the dot- no cheating ever. Been on it for 2 yrs)

You are a life saver Adam! Keep up the good work!

 by Amanda morton on Ginger Root
Ginger is helping??

Hi, I'm pretty new to uc. I was diagnosed in june2015 after being ill since March 2015 . I've had a really awful time physically and mentally . And in the region I live in in uk there's no support from colitis team or nurse at hospital . I've had a few hospital stays . And have been on steriods since June in able to taper successfully to a stop! I've been taking azathioprine since December and although it's improved theres still long way to go! . I've been in able to work since June 1 because I've just been too sick! And 2 because I work in child care and the doctor wouldn't let me whilst taking steroids! . I've now resigned and taking each day as it comes but very tough for us to drop to one wage coming in! . I read this article and thought I'd give it a try . Since taking the ginger 3 X a day after each meal the bleeding has improved quite a bit a definate difference I aim to continue this but want to encourage anyone who's in sure to just try it ! I was sceptical but definately Seeing a positive change .

 by Mike on Ginger Root

I get my ginger fix combined with the probiotic fermented tea Kombucha product and drink it in lieu of surgary fruit juice, also no heartburn. My favorite is GTS Synergy Organic "Gingerade".

 by pam on Ginger Root

I swear by ginger root I have been using it for 2 years now, and have not had a flare up since, I always said it was the ginger root but now I think this proves it.

 by Kate on Ginger Root
Ginger Tea

I have found out that even drinking a tea that is ginger based helps out with the gas and upset stomachs. I religiously drink a hot cup after every meal.

 by Dal on Ginger Root
Ginger Root

Ginger root is very difficult to digest for some so start small. I've been on remicade now for a year, and it hasn't seemed to work fully but it is giving me some relief; as soon as the dose went up to 700ml every 6 weeks I felt better but the bleeding was still there, occasionally. One day my throat was feeling a bit off so my dad made me tea with fresh ginger, some raisins and fenugreek seeds. I didn't bleed the next day. I drink that tea every other day because I get heart burn every day. Seems to work. By the way I've had UC since I was 5. No surgeries. Thank you GOD. I also eat clean with one cheat day a week. I've been on Prednisone for a long time which I'm feeling the side effects of it now. I've been on Asacol which stopped working for me, and now 4gm of Pentasa a day (don't even know if it's working). Chew your food thoroughly, and relax when eating. Drink very warm water 1.5 litres a day. Things are looking good. Thanks for this post.

55 thoughts on “Two Words – GINGER ROOT – Colitis Watch Out!”

  1. Wow!

    I don’t doubt this for a second!

    I started taking curcumin (Theracumin I think it is called) a while back due to a bit of bleeding, and I have not had any trace of blood since the first day of taking it!

    These natural gems are a wonderful med free way to deal UC. I now take curcumin daily, along with the probiotic, the vitamin D and the L-glutamine.

    1. What up Bev,
      Great to hear! You thinking of throwing in some raw ginger into the mix??:))
      -I threw some in the dinner smoothie yesterday to see if I could even notice it…nope…had no clue any as in there(in terms of taste…)

      Have a nice Sunday out in the B Sea,

      1. Hi Adam , I was diagnosed with UC in June of 2014 and on lialda but trying to ween myself off and having a flare in doing so . I am 63 yrs old . Rough on a old woman.. You mentioned a ” dinner smoothie ” can you tell me what that consist of besides the ginger .
        Thank you

    2. Hello Bev,

      Out of curiosity, how much Theracurcumin do you take? The capsules I have from Natural Factors are 30 mg. A dose would be 1-2 capsules. I took 2 today, but think I might have overdone it. I’ll wait 24 hours and start over with 1 capsule and go from there.
      I switched to Theracurcumin from regular Curcumin as I didn’t see any benefit from it.

      I also started making my own ginger tea from shredded fresh ginger, lemon juice and honey. Tastes great, but I don’t know if it has helped my UC any.

      1. Hi Alexia,

        I take one double strength Theracumin capsule per day. It is 60 mg.

        I don’t think you’ve ‘over done’ it. You can buy the 60 mg and take one, or the 30 mg and take two. Either way.

        I do hope that it helps you where the regular curcumin didn’t. I have never taken either, until this past few months, and it seems really good in that it completely stopped any bleeding.


    3. I have really appreciated the posts on Ginger Root. I was diagnosed with UC in 2001. my initial symptoms were mild but they have become worse over the years. I used to be able to be in remission for years but for the last two years I have only been in remission for a couple of month. I scheduled a colonoscopy in 2015 to see if I had colon cancer since my US was always active. Happily I did not. I explained to my doctor that the Mesalamine enemas were not working for me anymore and hoped he could prescribe something else. His solution was to put me on Lialda (1 pill a day). Initially that helped but within 2 months I was back to the symptoms (urgency/bleeding/loose stools/daily stomach discomfort). I had just scheduled a 2nd opinion visit with my HMO because I was at my wits end and I did not want to go on a Biologic when I stumbled across this thread. I was already starting to use aloe vera juice on a daily basis and that was helping my digestion but not helping my symptoms. I have been drinking ginger root tea 3x a day for the past 4 days and I finally have no blood in my stool! I use 1TBS in a 8oz of hot water and let it simmer/steep for 15 minutes. Excellent results. Thanks so much!

      1. Hi Bev, will definitely try the ginger tea & tumeric and will advise how it goes.

        I’m on pentasa & asacol 2 three times a day. When I just skip a day the cramping and bleeding starts again

    1. HI Ravi,

      Interesting idea, I’m not sure if that would alter anything in terms of the potential positive benefits that the ginger may provide…Give it a test and let us know:)


  2. Hi all, what an inspiring story! I am trying so hard to stop the bleeding but nothing works so far. Not to mention the amount of medication I am on. Hoping to stop them all one day. But it will be a long process.

    I also take omega 3 and ASA 81 mg because I had a stroke when I was 22 yrs old and I have a deficiency in protein C.

    I am gonna give the pieces of ginger a try and keep you guys posted! I cross fingers!

    Happy valentine to y’all!

  3. I am weaning off of prednisone and am having symptoms (bleeding) reemerge for a few days after I step down (25-20, 15-10, 10-5). I called my GI and cannot speak to him until Feb 16th. Symptoms are back once again this morning. So, that being said, I am willing to try anything to prevent another round of prednisone. I just so happen to have a large chunk of ginger root in the fridge so I’ll give it a try. What have I got to lose? I’ll definitely report back if I have seen improvement and my experience has been. Wish me luck!

  4. try probiotics. I take 2 billion a day, plus aloe vera juice and acidolphilis. I have been in remission since Sept. My gastro told me she wanted me either on Remicade or Humira. I opted for a low fiber diet and the pro-biotics. It really has been quite successful for me. Any comments?

  5. I started ginger tea each morning for 3 weeks now. Seems like I am in remission from bleeding. Hope it works for everyone. Quick fix. Cheap price!!!

  6. I am leaving a reply because I want to get the email notification when people send comments on this post. I will add ginger to my list of natural healers. I am currently using slippery elm and having amazing results!

  7. Hello, many thanks for sharing this story. Thought I’d throw in my twopence worth and say that I drink fresh grated ginger in hot water, first thing, every morning and I swear by it for helping to keep my UC in check. I definitely notice a difference when I forget. I haven’t found that it stops any bleeding or flares in the past (when taken in this form) but will absolutely try the method above in the future. Either way, ginger is a great anti-inflammatory and soother so I highly recommend taking it for digestive health, whether suffering from symptoms or in remission. All hail the mighty Ginger.
    p.s. this might be the first time I have posted but I’ve been using this site for a couple of years now and I think it’s absolutely brilliant. Keep up the amazing work. And hi!

  8. I have been adding ginger root to the 2-3 shakes I manage each week. I’m not flaring so can’t assess the benefits yet. I began using it after reading it was good for treating parasites but if it helps UC then I will add it to the list of must do’s. Can’t wait to hear the feedback on this.

  9. My husband has UC and so he juices the ginger. The juice is kept in the fridge and he adds it to his tea as needed. The pulp is dried and added to soups and meals. It seems to be working so far.

  10. I find taking turmeric/curcumin is vital to my staying in remission, plus also glutamine, probiotics vitamin d3, & together all really helps me stay in remission (no bleeding, no diarrhea). Also slippery elm is very soothing & healing to g.i. tract. Have tried ginger root supplements, but not raw ginger. I think ginger, and other herbs like goldenseal which I take, plus occasionally oil of oregano are excellent for treating, eliminating microbes – fungus, bacteria, parasites & even viruses which seems to also help with UC. I also take extra virgin coconut oil which seems to be beneficial.
    Definitely avoid all dairy and carageenan.

  11. I will try this. I’ve had success with the nicotine patch. It’s easier to take than steroids, meaning less side effects and immunosuppression, so why not try it? I plan on buying some ginger on my next shopping trip.

  12. I’ve had some excellent results with kefir, either as a liquid or as coconut yoghurt. Turmeric has given me similar anti-inflammatory results, particularly if taken as a drink, such as Jamu (a traditional Indonesian drink). I’m going to get some ginger on the way home from work and give it a go!

  13. Okay. Just read everyone’s post about ginger. My Daughter was kind enough to run to the store and pick up a root for me (after of course I told her I would do the dishes tonight- gotta do what you gotta do). First of all ginger is definitely hard to eat not minced up but I did it. Mixed the recommended amount in with some left over hamburger meat and ate it as fast as I could. Tomorrow morning I’ll chop it up and swallow it with water and be done with it. I really really hope it works. I’m excited to see if I notice any changes over the next few days. Thanks again for the AWESOME site Adam!

  14. I have been on Uceris for almost 7wks to stop a flare. This flare was caused by a ZPACK I opted to take for a sinus infection back in Dec. (bad idea) the sinus infection came back with the flare. just finished a round of Cepalexen 250mg 4x a day along with the Uceris, VSL#3 DS packets twice a day and my usual Imuran 100mg and double dose Apriso (8) a day.
    It would be great to knock it out with Ginger. i would love to get off all of these drugs. having a scope in March and Doc wants me to switch to Humira. Scary! Please keep posting Ginger results I’m going to try it. By the way Uceris has helped doesn’t work as well as Prednisone but I have shown improvement. Thanks to everyone for sharing.

    1. They put me on Humira for severe chrons. With in 2 months I broke out with severe pustular psoriasis and can’t work or barely walk or use my hands from the out break Do your homework It could work for you but for me I am debased. Home bound.

  15. Tumeric and ginger have saved me. Freeze the ginger root and then peel. Grates super fine when frozen andl literally melts into what you are cooking. Better than anything a doctor has given me.

  16. Thank you for sharing. I use ginger in my cooking and sometimes smoothies. However too much of it can have an opposite effect. Too much turmeric can promote bleeding. So we have to be careful with these natural products as well. We all have a different reasons/causes of our colitis. What works for me right now is a diet with no gluten, no sugar, no dairy. I take aloe and slippery elm supplements as well. Look forward to hearing how many people try incorporating ginger with success. Thank you Adam for this invaluable web site and the work you put into it.

  17. I can’t wait to try this! I am not a huge ginger fan, but maybe I can make it in a tea as suggested. I have been flaring since September and just told GI Dr. I was not comfortable with Remicade and what it was doing to me. I am hanging in there, but I would really love something like this to put me in remission instead of nasty drugs with horrible side effects. I presently take Uceris, Bentyl, VSL3, fish oil, Meriva, GI Encap, vitamins and eat yogurt most days.

  18. your comments are terrific. I happen to love ginger raw or otherwise. Thinking of tumeric and slippery elm now. Dont want to rock the boat because I am in remission, I ate an artichoke last night and I’m ok, you really have to have a process of elimination. I miss fresh fruit and vegetables, but not eating them is a small price to pay. Thanks guys!

  19. I will definitely try. Firm believer that God has provided in nature all the necessary ingredients we need to heal our bodies naturally.

    1. Patrick I am also a true believer thatGod has provided us with the all natural resources to heal ourselves. Through our own choices and ignorance, we have learned to rely on modern pharmaceutical giants. As we learn more about these industries’ objectives, their interest is more on padding their own pockets rather than on completely healing us. That’s why I think this blog is Awesome and hope GI doctors will read the information here and put it to in their practice.

  20. Its change of season in india presently, so season of flu and common cold. I got common cold and throat pain 3-4 days back; taking strong ginger tea since then coz of its excellent healing properties for throat pain and is common practice in indian households. I got immediate relief from throat pain and surprisingly with colitis as well. Never felt as better since I was diagnosed. Frankly I dont know whether relief is from ginger or something else. But after reading this post, I m gonna continue it.

  21. Thanks so much for sharing this about ginger root. I have been on it for a couple of days. Trying to figure out if it’s working. Especially since I take 3 pills of lialda, imuran 100 mg daily, vsl 3 and other supplements. I’ve been doing ok I see blood on occasions good days bad days. Go to restroom 1-3 times a day and on no special diet, I know my bad.

  22. I read this post 2/15/15 purchased Ginger Root evening of the 16th. I noticed d difference right away. Seriously a few hours later. I have been eating a few slices raw here a few times a day.
    I am amazed my flare has totally turned around.
    Thanks will keep you posted.
    Next going to try and get off Uceris.

    Thanks to all

  23. The holidays kicked off a little flare for me. I wasn’t able to kick it quickly and things started to get worse so the doc has me on Imuran, Uceris, Apriso, Levsin and hydrocort enemas. It’s been two weeks without a whole lot of improvement, the frequency has lessened but the um, ‘quality’ hasn’t really improved. I’m really excited to read about the ginger, I am going to try some today. I’ll follow up and let you know how it works! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Leah, I am on mostly same meds as you, however been on Imuran and Apriso for quite sometime but started Uceris 6 wks ago for flare. It has helped and stopped flare from getting worse. The benefit is no prednisone side effects. I have noticed my appetite increase this week but that was after 6wks. hoping to get off this coming week. Be sure your enemas are melamine not hydrocortisone.

  25. Hi, great post!

    My 2 favourite ways to have ginger:

    1. Ginger tea:

    Boil 1/2 cup of water, then add 1/2 cup of milk and throw in decaf tea bag, stir around and bring to a gentle boil. Then add to mug with 1 teaspoon of raw sugar and 1/2 teaspoon of freshly grated ginger

    2. Apple, celery and ginger juice:

    Juice 1 apple (Granny Smith tastes good), 1-2 bunch of celery, 1/2 teaspoon of raw ginger. Stir in a sqeeze of fresh lemon juice

    I’m sure this regime helped me get over some of the flare ups I’ve had over the years.

    Still taking mesalamine everyday for the rest of my life though!

  26. Ginger is great!!! I use it everyday as tea. Mix half tsp organic ginger powder (You can buy it from spices man) with half tsp curcumin powder and to add sweet taste half tsp honey in 1 cup hot water. It is so good for stomach heart burn and relieves the digestive tracts. I advise everyone to drink it before sleep its stimulates sleep too because of the Antioxidant intake. Good luck!!!

  27. Eating more and more ginger. I have resorted to the candied ginger. purchased from Asian grocery store. very fresh this store get it in bulk and distributes in plastic bags.
    I try to wash off all the sugar. I know the sugar is bad, however the Ginger is tender and Im able to eat the whole piece. Its strong not over processed and I don’t know for sure if its the ginger with all the meds I’m on, but it seems like when I eat several pieces the end result is much better than when I don’t. I am so happy about the Uceris as I didn’t have to get on Prednisone for once and have not had the terrible side effects. Hoping to get off Uceris this week. I may try and make my own Candied Ginger with Stevia this week.
    Good Luck to all!

  28. I’ve been suffering from UC for about 2 1/2 years now and finally found some relief with remicade. I was experiencing some bleeding recently and didn’t know what to do. Luckily I found this and tried a ginger tea that my co-worker had at her desk and only an hour later I’m feeling better. I’ll be adding ginger tea to my diet to help keep things in check. Thank you and best wishes to all!

  29. Hey, all!
    I read the post on ginger several months ago, in March 2016. I have made several artempts to heal myself with ginger root since then. Tried everything — dringking with tea, water, eat eat with soup and boiled vegetables. Nothing worked.
    Then I discussed that with my GI doctor and she said all would have worked for me if I were not on prednisone :”(
    Prednisone, and all similar medicine, make your body and immune system so dependant on it, that nothing else works.
    No ginger, no EVVO, no Turmeric. The doc says prednisone and probiotics are my only medicine now.

    Is that true? Is my choice limited only to these two?

    Wish you all the best and lots of health!

  30. Hey guys,

    I`m literally suffering with UC for 2 years now. My bleeding does not stop and I`m taking mesalazina and it is getting me bold.

    I got really impressed about ginger, my question is: should I take it only during my flare up? or Should I have it everyday?

    My doctor is putting me on mesalavant and Entyvio but the side effects are brutal. If ginger really works I will start to take it.

    Who had a recent experience with ginger, please let me know how it goes.

  31. I m suffering from chronic colitis and was on mesalazine for one year.. nothing improved with mesalazine and I stopped it.. I researched for natural methods of healing and use ginger fermented foods and low fibre diet.. result is great improvement and symptoms reduced to great extent.

  32. I had to do a google search because I just experienced the same thing. My husband made a dish (chicken and broccoli with fresh cut up ginger root). I ate a few spicy pieces of the ginger. The next day my ulcerative colitis symptoms were gone. It was incredible!

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