Two UC Questions For You Folks

I had a whole long entry typed out and I lost it… so I’m going to cut to the chase:

Two questions for my trusted Ulcerative Colitis community.

1. Has anyone experienced weird pains in other parts of the body with UC? I spent a week barely able to walk because of hip/lower back/buttock pains that made me stiff and achy. It’s finally gone away, but now I’m on day 3 of this awful stomach pain (in my actual stomach up high, not down low in the large intestine.) Does this happen to anyone else? I feel like my body is in revolt against me. The stomach pain is like I just ate a large meal and my tummy is stretched out, but it feels that way even when I haven’t eaten. Any ideas, guys?

2. Has anyone else been diagnosed with UC but not experienced the bloody diarrhea symptom? Every other symptom, you bet. But I’ve never had bloody diarrhea like I’ve heard it described by other UC patients. That was what confused my doc, until she went in for my colonoscopy and saw how inflamed and irritated my large intestine was. She removed a few polyps while in there, too. So, I’m wondering if it’s common or at least possible that others have UC without the blood. I don’t know why I don’t have that symptom as I’ve got every other one you can imagine and I’m hardly able to leave the house since I’m in the bathroom all the time, but there you have it.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I really appreciate it!!

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  1. Yes I had severe pain in my legs, specifically my knees, calf’s, shins and feet for a while which caused me problems walking for about a week. This was shortly after being diagnosed with UC, I’m not sure if it was actually the UC or the medication. The stomach ache and bloating from what I’ve read on Adam’s site seems pretty standard for all sufferers, I usually get pain in my left side but the cramps cover the whole stomach from left to right. Sometimes I have pain in the middle upper area just below the central chest which is very uncomfortable, I don’t know if its related to the UC but they tell me I have Crohn’s disease as well so maybe its that. I did wonder if it was my heart but my doctor does not seem that concerned, so hopefully not. I don’t have the knowledge about the bleeding, I unfortunately do bleed so that’s one for Adam or someone else to answer. Hope you go on okay.

  2. I’m pretty similar to Tony who commented above,
    I’ve got this come and go joint pain who really does come and go as it pleases, but overally, I’d say it is worse while in a flare.
    Here are a few stories that others have written about ulcerative colitis and joint pain:
    another I wrote about 364 days ago about the joint pain stuff for me:

    As for your second question, I would say it seems rare for someone to ont have the bloody diarrhea, but heck, that’s great if you don’t have that. internal bleeding is no fun, and if that skipped you, CONGRATS!!

  3. Hiya. Ive just been diagnosed with uc and i experience pain in my lower back/hip area on left side. The pain shoots down my legs aswell. Doc said its not related but i know it is as only happens when have a flare. Im yet to see my specialist but will mention it to her. X

  4. I’ve discovered some, not all just a minority thank goodness, of doctors are ignorant on the subject of UC. I don’t think your doctor can say with certainty that your lower back/hip pain is not related, we are all affected in different and similar ways by this condition. Your best person is your specialist who I am sure will probably associate the two things.

    I was getting severe tiredness, like so tired it was an effort to continue standing. It’s nearly caused me problems a number of times but the worse example was when I was watching a re-enactment of an English civil war battle near my home last summer. Suddenly with no warning, all my strength went, I felt I was going to topple over, I just did not have the strength to stand up, fortunately my brother was with me at the time was able to help. I had been in pain all day with stomach cramps but really wanted to watch the battle so blocked out the pain. My doctor explained when I saw him that, although my blood was not working as it should it was compounded by the very fact that I was mentally blocking out pain, I was but my brain was still registering the discomfort and eventually protested. Sometimes your brain tells you things by was of giving you discomfort of more serious problems that need addressing.

  5. I have a lot of leg pain. In my (professional–haha!) opinion it is from inflammation/swelling of my colon pressing on the nerves in my pelvic floor area. I’m also female so I notice around that time of the month I get even more of it.

    Vicki: I have been getting a weird shooting pain on my right side. It seems to be in the middle of my abdominal area (near my ribs) and will just suddenly shoot down my leg. It doesn’t last long and only happens a few times a week but it freaks me out. I hate this disease!!!!

  6. Hi, I have just been dx w/ microscopic colitis, but saw this post whilst surfing for migrating pains and colitis. I have all kinds of weird twinges (spasms?) and sharp stabbing pains, all over me. It migrates. It is very odd. I had them before I started meds, and since the meds (asacol, rominul) which I started 2 weeks ago. Mostly hip pain relatively constant, but shooting, moving pains in buttocks last few days (so that one is post-meds). Wrist, legs, bottom of feet, even top of right side of head, as well as in abs, mainly under right rib cage. Some in forearms too. Today is my first day w/o urgent watery D in 4 months (just dx 2 wks ago via colonoscopy), but more weird pains overall. ??? My illness came on fast and furious, I think I had food poisoning. 2 docs have said it is likely post infection colitis. May or may not go away. I send healing thoughts to all of you out there. Needing to know you can get to a bathroom QUICK has changed life for sure.

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