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2 Ingredients I’d Recommend in Your Smoothie

So there you have it, and I hope that this helps some of you with some new ideas for mixing things up and getting an extra bit of help against keeping UC symptoms where they should be.

I think this is my fifth video of smoothie making…yikes right???…

But, the reality is that I treat my UC with diet modifications instead of medications, (well, I guess some would call tumeric a medication), and since I’ve been chowing on so many of these every week, they deserve some airtime…right?

Many of the UC’ers on the iHaveUC site have been using tumeric for ages to help with keeping colitis symptoms under wraps.  In fact, there are a whole gang load of stories here that mention tumeric.  Here’s a few:

As for the smoothie recipe, here it is:

  1. Start with a nice blender  (Cheap Blenders on
  2. Squeeze 1 minneola tangelo (or some orange/s) into the blender for their juice
  3. Throw in a banana
  4. Add 8-10 frozen strawberries, less if your berries are huge
  5. Add in a small handful of frozen blueberries (of course if they aren’t frozen that’s fine too:)
  6. Add in an avocado (just the meaty stuff, not the big old nut)
  7. Add a half teaspoon of tumeric (Tumeric on
  8. Add in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil (why this, read Grahm’s story here)
  9. Add in a tiny bit of water
  10. Start blending
  11. Oh…wait…add in a tablespoon or so of your favorite honey
  12. Blend a bit more
  13. Serve in your favorite glass (make is a see through glass so you can check your smoothies purplish color)

Adam iHaveUC colitisI hope you enjoy your smoothies, and let me know in the comments below your thoughts on Tumeric.  I think it will help out quite a few of you with your poops, symptoms, and might fix up some other skin related problems you may have.  Several UC’ers have mentioned over the years in emails that they have had some great benefits from tumeric with regards to adverse reactions to some of the anti-TNF medications that have effected their skin.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for being a part of the site.

Best to you all,

Adam Scheuer

[box]**If you are in an active flare right now, I would skip the smoothies until you have the symptoms under control. Better would be to watch my Colitis Flare Beat Down Video, and check out those food options I discuss/used for that flare several years ago.[/box]

Update, hey, in February of 2016 there was a very interesting study published on the effects of Tumeric in rats with UC.  Here is the link:

15 thoughts on “2 Ingredients I’d Recommend in Your Smoothie”

  1. Thanks Adam! I could not function without Tumeric (and my morning smoothie)! I have been taking it for three years now and it helps with my joint pain. I inadvertantly tested this by running out of my supply on two occasions and both times felt the joint pain return almost immediately. Upon resuming the Tumeric it disappeared almost completely. Big improvement. I take mine in supplement form never thinking to buy it in powder form and add it to my smoothie! I just may try that in the future. I do add my l-glutamine and flax seed oil to the smoothie though. Yum :-)

  2. Goooooo Smooooooooothie Power!
    Don’t forget the freeze your ripe bananas in a Ziploc trick, super power Wild Maine blueberries and vsl #3 Rx strength for some, etc!
    Way to go Adam!
    Healthy Wishes,

  3. I love my morning smoothies, too. I use pretty much everything you do except I use homemade kefir and add fresh ginger. Great way to start the day! I always have enough left over to have for midday!

  4. Ok a UC rant on the quest to get closer to the truth!

    What came first, virus or cells?

    Today, many viruses — including those that cause disease — take over the protein-building machinery of host cells to make copies of themselves that can then spread to other cells. Viruses often insert their own genetic material into the DNA of their hosts.

    Recent science papers have found virus are at large in UC. These virus create the imbalance we hear so much about. Maybe why fmt isn’t enough and a target on the virus is needed.

    Might explain why many get UC after things like food poisoning. Or drowning like I did.

    Interesting new avenue of research….

  5. Hi, just discovered your site and it’s really heartening to hear stories of healing without medication. It’s just what I needed, a jump start as I’ve got lazy about being proactive with diet and herbs. Just wanted to let you know what I’ve read about Turmeric, that you activate the curcumin by adding black pepper, and oil or ghee is good too. I’m no expert but this is what I’ve heard from the Ayurvedic perspective. There are some good “golden milk” recipes on the web and that’s how I like to take my turmeric as you can almost feel it coating your insides!

  6. I take the Curamed capsules 2x daily. I got off my Remicade this past January and started to see blood in my stool and the familiar tummy aches started to reappear. I started taking the Curamed in March along with the L Glutamine and a heavy duty probiotic. I am happy to report all UC symptoms disappeared. I am totally med free and my blood work is all good. I feel good! Gained 30 ilbs (too much). I also eat pretty much anything I want. Stools are formed and I go 1 to 2 times per day. Not sure what brought on this remission but I am not changing anything! I feel great! Time to enjoy life again!

    1. Fantastic Jeff! I must look into this CURAMED…

      I, too, have been off all meds and in remission for over 6 years on a good probiotic and good old L-glutamine. I eat whatever I want and never have alcohol or Advil.


  7. Adam:

    Are individuals with UC able to have Strawberries (seeds) and orange juice (citric acid)? Still new with all this and still learning.

    1. Hi Raphael,

      I take both strawberries and fresh orange juice just about 5 times per week in the morning, and I seem to be doing pretty darn good. If you haven’t tired either in a long time, I would go slow with them (and everything else that is new for that matter) and see how you do.

      Best to you,


  8. Good looking smoothie, Adam! I never thought to use powdered tumeric either! I read an article somewhere by a guy who said he healed himself (UC) with 3gm curcumin/day. Curcumin is the active ingredient in Tumeric! I take 1-2 400mg capsules twice a day with a couple of peppercorns (I read that activates it too, Emily). I’d love to take less pills – the more I can throw in my shake the better. Aloe juice + tapioca flour plus L-glutamine and Arabinogalactin powder in the AM, and the same with pysllium and colostrum at night. Does the tumeric add a taste? Loved rockin’ out to Janis!

  9. Thanks for the video, Adam! I put freshly grated turmeric root in salads or smoothies every day, or cooking with it. I haven’t tried the capsules yet, cause they are so expensive. Maybe I will try adding pepper too. I have to be careful with fructose so will limit the fruit in my smoothie.

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