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Trish is Going from Strength to Strength with Her Colitis!

Adam, the founder of

Adam, the founder of

Great Story from a long-term iHaveUC website user:

Maybe it can help you too:




Hi Adam

Hope you are well – as always thank you so much for all you do.

I am going from strength to strength – Probiotics, vitamin D, Krill Oil, Curcumin and 75% SCD 80%of the time.

I read on your post that a few people have found Chlorella to be a great help so I went and bought some. Wow – Wow

The last little tweak for me. It has made such a difference to my toilet visits – Meds free for 2 years now and thanks to

The Chlorella – only 1 toilet visit. It’ss better than Immodium for me and healthy!!!!!

Thanks again.




Thanks for sharing what’s working for you!

Here are the iHaveUC affiliate links to the items you mentioned from

The most popular probiotic that’s ordered by iHaveUC users is this one:

Vitamin D:

Krill Oil:

Curcumin (AKA Tumeric to some folks:)

SCD is for Specific Carbohydrate Diet, there are many stories on that here: SCD Experiences , and I have some food ideas here as well in my colitis flare beat down page, which is a video link here


For those of you who give a try to what is working for Trish, please let us know how things go for YOU!

Have a great rest of your weekends, and wishing all of you the best,


6 thoughts on “Trish is Going from Strength to Strength with Her Colitis!”

  1. Hello Trish and Adam. I’ve been suffering with colitis since I was five. Now 37. Knock on wood no surgery. How do I take the chorella, how much, with without food, with water- how much? Please could you provide some details? Much appreciate.

  2. Hello Trish and Adam,

    I’ve been following since the beginning of 2016. I have so much gratitude for all the support and information. I was diagnosed with UC in 2008. I feel like I have tried everything. The process of healing seems simple-clear parasites and bugs, if needed, heal lining, repopulate microbiome, balance lifestyle and diet according to the nature of the individual (mental/emotional/energetic/spiritual healing).

    I know of another UCer who takes chlorophyll and no more rxs. I took it and felt no difference. :-( I recognize that each individual has their own karma and experience in their lifetime. I have been on SCD/GAPS/AIP PALEO diet for 6 years. Yes, I sometimes am only 85-95% with it but I think that’s great.

    I’m so delighted though that there are people that chlorophyll works for. It’s a gift!

    Thanks for sharing your story!

    1. Hi Adam,

      Firstly, thanks for doing everything you do. I used to turn to this website in times of desperation.

      I was diagnosed with UC in December 2015. Post Prednisone, I have been checking my diet. Being a vegetarian, I sometimes struggle to do it a 100 %.

      However, what I have also found useful is Yoga and meditation. I know we can all just guess the cause for UC and it could be a different one for each of us. In my case, I was undergoing severe emotional stress for years and at the peak of my stress, I had my first flare up. I would really recommend Yoga and meditation to everyone. Just go to a good organization that knows these well.

      I am sure everyone here would choose meditation over medication, to go with the diet :-)

      Bless you


  3. I’ve found that taking probiotics on an empty stomach, an hour before breakfast with a full glass of water, makes a huge difference. If you’ve been taking probiotics without seeing a difference, give this method a shot. It helped me so much!

    Be well x

  4. I have had Uc for about 3 years now, unfortunately now I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. After my second surgery I had to take antibiotics, well this just put my IBS and Uc in a tail spin. So I had to go back onto salfolk and continue 8 sulfursalazin tablets per day. Things were looking up until my second chemotherapy, I had to stop taking salfolk as I was to sick to administer. So now I’m back to the beginning. On top on that I have severe heart burn and indigestion along with headaches so I’m looking at ACV to calm the heart burn and UC.

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