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Trial and Error Going on 15 Years

I’m Mike- eastern European white Jewish genetic background, my family had varying degrees of the same illness and symptoms like ulcerative colitis.

I’ve had some alcohol and some substance use in the past.Trying to exercise and recoop in my 40’s the disease came on full force at around at the late 4o’s. 1)excessive bleeding – eventually I found that eliminating alcohol and dairy (milk cheese)meat also as its hard to digest.

Bleeding was 25 x’s a day the pain wore me down to being in bed alot (also got anemic) and need to stop or the intestine would have to come out going to a colostomy – I finally found Cats Claw ( Una DeGato a vine bark from South American Amazon – controls inflammation ulcers ,cancer , arthritis ) tea will eliminate the bleeding .Bleeding now 90 % gone but the still discomfort & occasionally a spasm/ irregular bathroom scene with painful visits 2/ night , as well as avoidance to many foods . My routine now includes suflazalazine ( no more mesalamine/Lialda & its bleeding side effect , BLEEDING? that’s what I’m trying to stop,Marijuana for stress & have a glass of spearmint or mild tea with 2 spoons of honey 1 st thing in the morning.

Something interesting about me:

Playing my instruments is a great way to take my mind off my problems / relax , reading,ect and allows me to be home if its a rough day . On a good day will still able able to take ride on my motorcycle , go shopping ,ect.

Current symptoms:

Occasional lite bleeding, sparse bm’s , a little constipated but loose and some pain in bowel movement – will wake 1-2 times to go during sleep hours.


Stopped the expensive mesalamine like Lialda , could not take steroids for too long _ bad side effects , antibiotics cannot be used for long and only for emergency- now ear carefully – use Cats Clay to stop bleeding – eating mostly gluten free , minimal sugar , very little dairy ( rice milk and Chexs cereal/ a little banana on occasion ) natural preserve – low sugar on 3 Bakers bread toasted. Gluten free / organic rice , eggs , fish , if you like yogurt , always will be a ADVENTURE – LOL

written by Mike G

submitted in the colitis venting area

5 thoughts on “Trial and Error Going on 15 Years”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Have you looked into Extra Virgin Oilive Oil? The food of our origin though no longer right in front of our eyes. Anti inflammatory, anti parasite, anti viral and super healthy.

    Search EVOO on this site and it will come up.

  2. Hey Graham ,
    I’ve used extra virgin olive oil for cooking as well as canola oil.
    I guess the most effective way to ingest the virgin olive oil is in a salad
    or as long as its not fried .

  3. Through trial and error the best way I have found is 10-15ml of a good extra virgin before breakfast, lunch and dinner or before bed. Well worth trying for a week or two.

  4. Through trial & error I’ve found psyllium seed husk POWDER to work amazingly! I as well have had UC for about 15 year & tried everything natural & medicine. Current flare was in March. I got completely out by adding the psyllium that I bought at the natural grocers for about 2 Dollars!!! I take 1 teaspoon around dinner with lots lots of water (it’s recommended) and have 1 “normal” formed BM in the morning. Other info: Been gluten free for about 3 years, limited sugar, but some alcohol consumption on the weekends – my downfall! I take L-glutamine and Imodium as needed!

    I’m not sure as always if this is my saving grace cure all – bc I’ve been wrong before… But it’s been helping tremendously for the last few months and I’m sticking to it! Cheers:-)

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