Too Young To Be a Patient of UC!


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I’m 18, a student, have moderate UC since 15 months. I have done colonoscopy once, and will be doing one more! It’s hard to have UC as a student!


i am having hair loss.

My Colitis Story:

Having UC is hard. Taking drugs thrice a day is really hard! Having side effect, like hair loss, weaken eye sight make me feel sad! I cannot even have fast food like my friends. Sometimes the stomach pain kills me, especially when having lecture, exams, while traveling or when buzy. I am sometimes fed up with regular check up, I feel sick. I guess I’m 18 and i am too young to get though all these. My family are always here to support me, but still I feel I’m a burden for them! I really want to get rid of this UC. I really can’t focus in my future with ulcerative colitis, no plan for studying abroad, having a husband one day or bearing kids! Till now I have never met someone having ulcerative collitis. I am the first one in family having UC. I am really afraid that one day my future generation have it, it will be a curse. First time got blood in my stool, I really never imagine having a disease. I thought it was hemorrhoids, after the doctor consultation, i was rather shock, when announcing me about this new disease. Only after a colon scopy, as proposed by my private doctor, i get to know that my intestine is inflamed by 10 cm, and it’s a moderate UC. Going to the toilet more than 40 times a day made me mad, sad, stressed, depressed. had no idea what my future! Am I going to die?

Zat was the only thought in my mind! I had only 17 years when I got UC. Zat was too hard for me! I could not even give my best in my exams! I was completely broken! now i am a university student, i am trying to cope with it! :)

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

i wish i no more have any symptom of UC and i live a normal life!

Colitis Medications:

salazopyrine and predesolone

written by Aashna

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17 thoughts on “Too Young To Be a Patient of UC!”

  1. Hi Aashna,

    What a beautiful girl you are! A very lovely picture!

    The good news is…you will not die! It must be very hard, like you say, to have this disease so young. It can interfere with alot of things, and make you feel bad at times.

    Please take a good probiotic (50 billion strains at least) every morning upon waking and after a few weeks, you will feel better. Maybe one day you won’t even have to take any more drugs that make your hair fall out!! Always take probiotics….forever. For LIFE. They are what we all NEED.

    Thank you for your story! Take care of yourself.


  2. Hi Aashna,

    I am sad that you are suffering so much. Hang in there. Listen to Bev. She knows what she is talking about. Have you tried the specific carbohydrate diet? Many people have found that to help also.


  3. aashna, i know how you feel. i had my first colonoscopy when i was 16 and i was so depressed. i’m 23 now and i will admit that it’s been an uphill battle. going to school with UC is very hard but the more your teachers and friends now, the easier it will be on you.

    1. Aashna,

      I’ve got to give a big huge second to what Joanna said above about talking with others and letting others especially your friends and teachers know what’s going on. It’s always been real helpful for me to share the reality with others (and I bet you’ll find others are going to be much more interested in what you’re UC life is like than you expect:)

  4. Hey hun.
    I know what you mean by feeling way to young to have this. I have a severe case that I got when I was 17 and had just moved to a different state away from my whole family for college. Really hard right? I’m not going to lie to you, it really is going to be hard. BUT You’ll be able to get through it. After a while you’ll find a way to cope with it and then things get a little easier. I really to believe that talking to others really does help, (yeah, I’ve felt like a burden all the time for it like you said though) So here’s my thoughts about it. I think that it’ll REALLY help if you can find someone that sufferes from the same issue that you can talk to on a normal basis. It just seems that it would help with the whole feeling like a burden thing. If you need someone to talk to i’d be more than willing. Hope you the best hun!! I promise you things will get better. You’ll be happy again. And You may even be one of those people who don’t flare for years :) That’d be awesome right? Best of luck! :)

  5. hey Aashna
    i know exactly how u feel.Its not a walk in the park to have UC and be a student…specially in a flare period where u have to use the bathroom every 30 mins. I got diagnosed last year followed by a flare period that made me take the disease more seriously. During my flare i did a lot of research and just watch ulcerative colitis videos all day including some funny ones from Adam. I wanted to bring to your attention this alternative medicine at life …its from dr rajesh usually works if the colitis is just about a year old..i live in houston tx and i ordered them from india…i been taking them from 2 of the things i notice is that it can act as a maintenance drug substituting those harsh medicines our GI may prescribe like Lialda,asacol or prednisone…i just stopped prednisone and take Dr rajesh’s homeopathic medicine. Go on their website read the reviews and if u like order them.

  6. Hey,

    I totally get where you’re coming from. I’ve had UC since I was 11, I am now 20 and in college. I just wanted to say that although the symptoms may get bad, as long as you’re taking your medication you should not be worried about death. Thinking about things like that only bring more stress into your life, which could cause a flare up. I tend to take myself off all medication when I’m in remission because, honestly, I just can’t stand having to take these pills every single day of my life. I’ve had no medical history regarding IBD, therefore, I just see this as an autoimmune disease. That being said, I was also experiencing hair loss. You may want to check that out with a dermatologist because it turns out that I also have Alopecia Areata (another autoimmune condition). I was only diagnosed with Alopecia recently, since I was swamped with a heavy workload in college, taking WI and Honors courses. I just wanted to tell you to take it easy, don’t stress yourself out now that you’ll be in college. Since you have no previous family history with UC, the stress could trigger other autoimmune conditions as it did in my case.

    Tak care, you’ll be all right.

  7. I m prince from india and my story is totally same as described by ashayna.i m now 24yrs old.i got uc in april 2012.In first my docs told me these are pilles and u will be ok in 7days after taking meds.but the my health was going in bad condion day by day.but one doc told me u should do colonoscopy.Then after few days i did colonoscopy and asked me how much time u go toilet ,i said 4times in day.then he told me it is uc .i said whats this.he told me this ulcerative collits and u have to take meds long time or life time.My older bro and were shocked because i m only one son of my mom and ihave no sis or my fahter has also died when i was only five yrs it was vry depressed and my mmom also.i m studying in final yr in final yr and in electrical engg whole dreams are likely to go whole gamees have left which i used to play mostly .volleyball and i m taking only meds and stay at home like mad and my weight is going lless n less.could u please give me sugm fiestions my frends how can i get rid of this disease and make my life gud.

  8. Now i m taking 3.2gmesacol and 25mgprednisone and my toilet frequency is 1and my stomach is doing some noise like khurd khurd and also my face is getting allergy so frends give me suggestion about this fatal disease because i m a villager boy and not so much knowledge abt that.i m not affraid from this but my family and my mom arre affraid .because they are always asking me now how r u n i say gud gud mom don’t take tention i will be okk one day.also i m not fall from rich family so how can i handle this disease my frends. I always read adam website which give me some power to fight this fatal disease

  9. I thought that one day i will be a gud engg.n go abroad for higher study but this bullsit disease spoiled my life symptoms come back very fast n still i taking meds every time since april.i got symptoms 2times in 6month n also i never drank any time in my whole life n also ciggrete bidi.i only used to take milk ,curd,lassi n fast food sometime in party or any occasaion.because i come from farmer family and do hard work in field n we love dairy product.

  10. I have one question in my mind,is surgery tottaly cureable.or not.can a person after getting surgery eat anything or doing gym exercise n can get weight.plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz rply frends n dosto)

    1. hay Prince Choudhary,
      One of the things that u mentioned was that you drink a lot of lassi (yogurt milk) ,ghee and milk..i think thats the first thing u should stop completely. Another thing i understand your situation brother…being the only son and u have dreams to further your education while fighting this nasty disease. Along with medication take care of your diet but u might not be able to see the results right away thats why a lot of people give up. But also stop eating roti and naan that might make a difference. About the surgery man its a pity big step at times when i am extreamly sick i think about it.. but i heard people with J-pouch surgeries also have to use the restroom 4-7 times a day …so i am not really sure…theres a really good section about surgery ..which is removal of the colon on this website you should check it out and make your own decision. I wish u best of luck and a repid relief from your symptoms. byee

      1. Thanks hammad bhai
        but at this moment i don,t drink milk from april.i m vegitarian from childhood.i only take curd,little bit lassi and meda fruits what i should have to take n in first flare up the doc give me only one drug which i used to take in morning n in eve app.2.4g((mesacol).but i hv changed the doc n he gave me 3.2gmesacol n prednisone after 25 days i m taking 3.2gmesacol n stool hv no blood n frequency is one times fro.m first day of this doc medicne.if i play games then will they affect my syomptom.such as volleyball n cricket.if u don,t mind do u hv also uc.bro

        1. hey prince chaudhary
          yeh bro i also have uc and sorry for the late reply i was kinda feeling sick this weekend…anyway i think its ok to play sports but everything with less strain on your body…i also do work out everyday and do boxing. But when i am feeling sick i usually have no energy in my body. I just wish there could be a cure for this disease …its really hard on all of us. I do much better when i am on prednisone but i dont wanna stay on it for ever because of the dise efects. Because of this website i try to stay more positive but in the beginning i was going crazy with the trips to the bathroom and its so frustrating to make people understand whats going on they think its just a stomac flu…they think maybe i ate something wrong. Take care of yourself

  11. Thanks bro,
    Its really nasty .take care bro u also n u take medicne every day or left whenever u symptom free plz rply bro.n when u affected from this disease.

  12. Hi.sounds like your tryin to think of every single scenario.stress is a big cause.i know every time I stress it’s like a switch i suddenly need the loo.concentrate on ur studies do everything u still wanna do.unfotunately yeah the fast food ain’t a good far as kids and husband is concerned this will all come to you.being pregnant with my second child was the healthiest I’ve ever felt.good luck in your studies.

  13. Well I’m a lot younger than you are. I was 11 when I was diagnosed. I’m going to be 15 very soon. I’m in 10th grade and in public school. As hard as it is, it’s life. Some days are awesome and I want to go out and do everything. Some days I want to crawl in a hole and never come out. At least you haven’t had the surgery as an option yet. I have been through almost everything. I’ve done 6MP, methotrexate, Prednisone, Remicade, pentasa, ascecol (sorry not sure how to spell it), flagyl, cipro, proctofoam, suppositories, and just about everything else. My last two options if Remicade stops working is either surgery or Humira. Not looking forward to either. I get made fun of a lot for being absent and sick. People can call me lazy and a faker but they don’t know me. I don’t get brought down. I’m going to college whether my UC likes it or not. I hope to be a nurse one day.

    Good Luck and Take Care,

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