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Too Many Times To Count

tumeric enema colitis

Darlene with a nice flower!


Female 28 yrs old married one child , ulcerative colitis since 17 yrs. I myself have wanted a web site just like yours But didn’t know if i could handle the STRESS of it all.I like what you have done with it.  Great job!  I hope what i wrote might help even you.

Colitis Symptoms:

Stress, tiredness sadness depression,happy 2 find I’m not the only one.

I don’t know where to begin, Stress is my # 1 problem.

I started having mucus in my crap first then came the blood.I was 17 yrs old and had a colonoscopy I was put on prednisone and Asacol , gained 30 pounds in 2 months and was still bleeding.Years past I got married at 20 yrs old got pregnant at 23yrs old and my symptoms disappeared.  After I was doing enemas full of turmeric and warm water with a little lemon juice.  It burned like Hell! ,but it was gone 4 nine months.Until my c-section.the hardest time going to the bathroom ever after surgery and IT was back.  Breast feeding ,along with hydrocodone and a really good pizza had left me constipated.  I did it again and I healed 4 two years I was doing good .

Then I moved in with my mother in law STRESS!

Its back i had a root canal ,had to get on hydrocodone enemas again ,this time threw in some aloe juice and healed in two weeks. march 2 ,2012 its back . I’m going to do all of the above and use Vitamin E like others have suggested I’m hoping for a quick recovery again.Its been two days with enemas after each bowel movement and the spasms have subsided .  Turmeric helps the inflammation. I’m very sorry for other people who have have surgery for UC and are still suffering.  I hope my story could help others.  I hear butter milk enemas can be helpful because of a protective layer it puts on the ulcer .I have never done this because of being allergic to milk,but the benefits may outweigh the bad. My husband is my best friend and has always done the research for me to help me. I don’t think i could have done it with out him.  Even my four year old son picked up his toys today because he knew mommy didn’t have the energy to do it. I cried a little and hate missing out on fun things with him.  I promised I would make him cookies as soon as I feel better.

UC Medications:

Aloe vera,Tumeric ,acidophilus, bananas and rice.  Apples are good
written by Darlene
submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

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4 thoughts on “Too Many Times To Count”

  1. Rebeka

    Yay, Darlene! You seem very positive, with no doubt you could handle your flares! Awesome! Are you taking any other medications or just doing the enemas? It seems to work very well for you – I am interested! I want to quit taking medicine, am tapering off right now, but kind of scared to take the last step down to 0.
    I imagine enemas are better for you overall, plus what you describe sounds really natural! I am so interested in turmeric. I have read some about it, started using it in food, to get its anti-inflammatory effects. I have never done an enema myself though.
    Wishing you the best, was so refreshing to read your post!

    1. Darlene

      Hey Rebeka, I was at first scared to do enemas and thought they were nasty.
      In the begining it was hard to retain any of it becuase the inflamation was so great.over a couple of days of doing it, it became more soothing.Dont be too scared to try it i would also recomend KEFIR.Its a yogurt drink with ten types of good bacteria.Make sure its low fat.I have seen a big difference drinking it. Good luck to you as well!

  2. I was recently diagnosed with UC, and have been so worried about what it might mean for having kids in the coming years. Thank you for sharing your story. Your strength and energy makes me feel like whenever the day comes, I’ll be able to find a way to manage any symptoms, even if it has to be turmeric enemas :P

  3. TiiniTete

    I am very interested in turmeric, tried it orally but am considering to use as a enema instead (anyhow taking one with mezalasine right now). Can you give any advise on the amount.

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