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Tonight’s Dinner

Hey UC’ers,

What is up??

Ciao, Buona Sera! or Hello and Good Evening if that works better for you.

It’s been almost two months since I’ve been away from home and overseas.  My wife and I have stayed in 4 countries now, and everything is going pretty darn good.  In just a few days, we will be making our way back to California for an indefinite amount of time.  BUT, I wanted to share with you what we cranked out for dinner tonight here at the apartment we’re staying at in Rome for a few nights.

It has been a pretty nasty day weather-wise (lots of rain, thunder and lightning) so with the fruit and vegetable stand below us, and a small market not too far, we decided to crank out our own food for a stay at home dinner.  Turned out to be a great idea, as we for sure saved a ton of euros, didn’t have to walk around in our already wet shoes, and we should get a good start on tomorrow which is when we plan on doing some hardcore sightseeing.

Piazza Michaelangelo Florence Italy

Me, Wife and her mom in Florence, Italy at Michaelangelo’s PIazza. I thin it is the best view in the city by far.

I was a bit skeptical on how much and how easy it was going to be to make our own meals while traveling around the past two months.  Turns out it is much easier than I thought.  The biggest limitations have had nothing to do with finding food items in grocery stores, but kitchen equipment.  By that I mean pots, pans, good knives, that kind of stuff.  Strange right?  Well, here’s the deal.  We have rented out apartments this whole trip through a pretty slick website called and SOMETIMES the kitchens in the various places are truly equipped for cooking, and other times they are really only good for making coffee/tea and heating things up.  But one thing is for sure, this place we’re at in Rome is the sweetest kitchen yet.  There’s even a blender here!!  The video is what we had tonight, and the total price for everything was less than 12 euros (you WON’T find a good meal for cheaper in Rome unless your cousin Vinnie pays your bill or something).

Before anything else, I want to thank all of you who have dealt with my much slower than usual response time to emails the past few weeks.  The same goes to everyone who has waited for longer than usual to get your submitted stories posted to the site.  And the same goes for people who have wondered why your comments have taken so long to appear on the site. (You got to remember that new people to the site who post their first comment need to have it manually approved by me before additional comments pop up right away.  Well, there are some automated spam settings that watch out for weblinks, rated X site lins, and some other stuff too etc…but you get the point I hope:)  I apologize for any delays in response time that quite a few of you have put up with from me.

Something I Did Not Know:

We had dinner with some close friends last night, one of whom is in the Italian police force for over 15 years now.  I learned that restaurants and shop owners by law have to allow you to use their restrooms in this country!  Pretty darn cool eh!  It’s pretty funny actually because a week ago we were in Verona (Romeo and Juliet’s home turf right) and my wife’s mom needed to take a piss real bad but we were a ways away from the apartment.  Anyways, we walked into a super nice 5 star hotel which I thought for sure was going to turn her away with her bathroom request…but sure enough, the front desk told her instantly where the restrooms were.  Point of the story is, when in Rome, or Italy for that matter, don’t use anything less than a 4 star hotel’s bathroom, don’t settle for less when you need to go!

Caio for now,


17 thoughts on “Tonight’s Dinner”

  1. Awesome and inspirational. Wow what an amazing time you guys are having! I wish you both continued safe travels. Hope the rest of your vacation is just as awesome. Fantastic video and I smiled all the way through :)))) Senga

  2. :-) Awesome video Adam…great pics, great travels. Hope your post pizza party went down OK!
    Safe travels back to the States.
    Best, Shelly

  3. Hey Adam:

    That looks delicious!

    I’m going to Italy in May. I’m wondering what in the heck I’m going to eat while I’ m there. How did it go for you when you ate that pizza? Thinking of indulging myself a couple of times while I’m there, but on the other hand I don’t want to ruin my vacation by eating something I shouldn’t. I know i’ll have a hard time resisting such wonderful food. Any advice?

    1. Hi Moxie!

      I lived in Florence for 4 months and the only real thing I’d recommend being careful with is their chicken. There’s something different in maybe how they raise the chickens or something but it did not work with my UC. Depending on where you are in Italy there are a ton of amazing options that don’t have pastas etc (Venice is known for seafood, same with the south, Tuscany is very hearty meals). So then you can occasionally indulge! You have to try buffalo mozzarella while you’re there! It’s tastes so much better than regular fresh mozzarella and its really hard to find in the States so it’s worth a try there.

      I hope you have a great time!

      And Adam seeing your food and you’re picture from Piazzale Michelangelo makes me miss Firenze!

    2. Hey Moxie,

      I think I’ve made about 70% of the meals by myself in italy, the others out at restaurants/kebab shops etc..

      I’d say that if you can arrange your time in Italy so you have access to a good kitchen (similar to the stuff I’ve been working with) then you should easily be able to make food for yourself and save a crapload of Euros at the same time. We pay about 30-40% on groceries compared to if we were eating out for example, its super much cheaper like most places in the world.

      But, if you can’t figure out a kithen, I’d say that you should let everyone know who you are traveling with about what you do and don’t eat. Then be ready to literally skip some meals. I know it sounds harsh, but I’ve been stuck in several “going out” situations where there has only been pizza and pasta on the menus and instead of doing something out of my normal, I’ve just skipped the meal and been content with a mixed salad and water/coffee. ALSO, I’m almost always carrying a spare banana in my jacket which is a cheap snack that fills me up too.

      Either way, you’re going to have a great time. If you do jump into some foods you don’t usually mess with (like I did a few times so far), it’s just a hit or miss type of thing. Too many factors for anyone to give you a prediction on where you’ll be at after chowing a whole pizza, but just be warned that once you start chowing the bread…its much harder to stop once you get that taste in your mouth. I’ve had to learn that lesson over again in Czech with the alcohol, and with the bread I think its even harder to snap.

      Have a great time in italia!

      1. Thanks, Adam for your advice. I’ve been lucky so far traveling. There always seems to be something I can eat (like meat and veggies) anywhere I’ve gone traveling. But, I know Italy will be a bit more difficult. When you are in a place where they are known for their food (particularly pasta and pizza), it can be more difficult. And those types of food, of course, are part of the experience. I will try to keep the indulging to a minimum.

        Enjoy the rest of your trip!

  4. Hey Adam –

    Buon Giorno! Come sta? How wonderful that you and your wife vacationed in Italy (and other countries). Both my grandparents were born and raised in Italy and came to Americia to raise their families. I have always wanted to visit Italy and hope I will get there some day and hope, by the time I decide to go, my UC won’t be any worse! Your eggplant parmigiana looked “delicioso”. My mom, God rest her soul, used to make it and I LOVED it. I make it myself on occasion. Now, I am going to have to get out there and buy an eggplant…YUMMY!

    So Adam, I don’t remember you saying you were going to be traveling for 2 months and I was pretty concerned about you! I thought, perhaps, your UC worsened. I have been meaning to drop you a note but never got around to it. I was ill, with the flu, for 5 weeks. I am still not 100% but getting there. I don’t know why but I had some bleeding today and I haven’t had that in a LONG time. There is no blood in toilet…only when I wipe. Can the flu aggravate UC????

    Emjoy the rest of your trip and hope to hear from you soon. Ciao!


    1. What up Natalie,

      You got some serious Italiano connections! Awesome! People think I’m italian here, but not the case.

      As for flu making UC worse…well another tuff question. But, for sure many people on this site mention frequently how coming down with cold/flus often times have coincided with their symptoms getting out of wack, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that might be a similar experience for many others. I myself have noticed my UC symptoms increase after/during nasty colds and other times not. So hard to really say for sure.

      I wish you the best,


  5. Yes Adam,

    Glad to see you in my adopted country (I been so often I feel I am Italian).lol. So looks like that pix you took was from the Michelangelo Park where all the young Italians meet up and…snog!! I guess not a lot of snogging the misses with your mother in law

    In Rome did you find this nice little gelato shop straight down from the basilio? I can’t remember the name but it was the only one which was daily and gluten free. I wasn’t on the SCDiet at the time but I enjoyed eating it guilt free :-)

    Anyways, love your dinner for the evening… Gives me an idea for tonight…

  6. Hi Adam!

    I knew you weren’t Italian, but you sure look it! The reason I wrote Italian words was because you had posted that you could speak several languages. I figured Italian was one of them. Being that you were in Italy, I thought it was an appropriate time to say a few Italian words!!

    Thank you so much for your response regarding the connection between the flu and UC. I will be sure to bring it up the next time I see my GI doctor.

    Thanks for the well wishes Adam and have a great weekend. Have a safe trip home (if you’re not home already)!


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