To Cave In, Or Not to Cave In

Hey everyone,
My name is Jayme. I am 25 years old and have had colitis symptoms since I was 12 years old.

I didn’t tell anyone until I was 19 when I was convinced that I was dying from losing so much blood. At 19 I had my first colonoscopy and was officially diagnosed with UC. Since then, Asacol has been used on and off when I thought my tummy was gonna go off track, and I guess it used to be helpful. Nowadays, it seems like nothing works. 3 years ago I did the SCD for 1 month just on a health kick, but after that month I went the longest I ever have without having a flare up. Normally the flares go away on their own after a week or two, but last year I got it bad. I was put on Prednisone and turned into a crazy person, but my symptoms went away. Unfortunately after that I went back to my old habits and did not follow the SCD. This time I have been having symptoms for almost 3 months. I just finished a 5 days juice fast and felt great during that time, but I’ve since been doing the intro-Diet for two days and now my symptoms are returning. The Dr. told me I needed to start taking Prednisone immediately, followed by “biologics” and I needed a catscan. I started crying!! I hate Prednisone, and I’m really opposed to taking medicine in general (I don’t even take asprin!!!) At this point I feel like caving in and just taking Prednisone to get over it and then vowing to follow SCD for as long as it takes to get better for good. I have a prescription for Prednisone sitting on my desk waiting to get filled, but I just can’t bear to feel like a crazy person and become hypoglycemic and feel terrible all the time. A lot of posts that I read say “just stick with the diet, in a few days you will have little to no symptoms” or “you may feel worse before you feel better”, and it’s nice to believe that is true, but is it? Should I just stick it out with the diet? Should I just cave in and take Prednisone? Help me UC friends!!!
My diet in the past 3 days has been-
2 bowls per day of SCD Chicken soup w/ chicken
1 Home made yogurt
a tiny piece of SCD cheesecake
tea w/ honey
why can’t I tolerate this?! ( I hardly have been eating since i just finished the juice fast, the chicken soup broth seems to be okay…should i only be eating broth?)
Thanks for listening to me whine! Good luck everyone! Hopefully this can help a few others make this difficult decision.



I take 1200mg of asacol 3x day

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    It does get worse before it gets better!!! When I first started the diet my symptoms got alot worse! It was horrible! Then after about 2 weeks I started seeing an improvement and i’ve been on it now for 8 months!

    Also, look into a SCD friendly probiotic in addition to the yogurt you are eating. I find that really helps with healing!

    Take control of your health, dont let doctors pressure you to do something you dont wanna do!

    Good Luck! :)

    1. Hi Jessica,

      So i’m definitely doing SCD, no matter what! I think that it’s really important that I do it to prevent future flare-ups.
      I started taking NOW brand Probiotic defense powder. It might have a few illegal ingredients (fermented molasses? greens, etc), but i take 1/4 of a teaspoon at a time, and seems to be doing more help than harm. Also since my last post, i’ve been eating broiled burgers with a fried egg, and for some weird reason my tummy likes that!
      The only reason why I’m considering taking the Prednisone is because I want to get better as soon as possible, and the diet seems like its gonna wind up costing me an extra few weeks of suffering. (Although the Prednisone experience is terrible as well)
      With alllllll of that said! I think I’m gonna ignore my doctor for a week from today and see how much of an improvement I see from two weeks on the diet. If it seems like theres no hope, then crazy pills it is!
      Thanks for your advice!

  2. Sorry to hear you are in a bad way,
    What works for me is a gluten and animal free diet. Takes about a month or so to get used to it. I tapered off pred in August last year and changed my diet and have been sweet since.
    Worth a shot,

  3. I also wanted to say “THANKS!!!” to Adam and everyone that contributes to this website! I wish that I had found this 10 years ago! It really helps to have advice from people who actually know what you are going through.

  4. Hey Jayme! I’m going to vote in favor of the diet too. It isn’t instant for everyone. For me it took about 3 weeks for my symptoms to completely go away. I got better slowly but surely. Everyone is going to heal differently and the diet is not always fast. I was on prednisone when I started the diet, I don’t know if the diet would have been enough to get me out of that flare. It was bad. I was able to ween of the pred pretty fast with no problems though.

    1. Oh! I also wanted mention, you may want to wait on trying the yogurt. I’ve heard it gives some people problems and some say it’s better to wait until after the intro diet to try it (that is what I did). Also if there is caffeine in your tea it may be aggravating your guts. Good luck! I hope you start getting better.

  5. From my experience with UC i feel that when you have a flare you should do whatever it takes to bring it into remission.Then be careful with your diet and see what works for you to stay in remission. If you neglect a flare then things will get worse and you might have to take a higher dose of prednisone. Start it early and a small dose will be sufficient and you can quickly taper it off. Best wishes.

  6. :( i gave in an started taking prednisone! im still doing the diet. it’s only been 3 days @ 40mg/day, so hopefully some time this week ill start feeling better!
    thanks for all of your advice! its really helpful to hear suggestions and motivations!

  7. Ok, one more time! I’m taking 40mg of prednisone a day (for a week so far), and so far feel pretty crazy! Im not looking forward to my hair falling out or feeling diabetic, but whatever works is the path that I’m on right now. So today I gave up completely. I had been doing the SCD with NO avail at all! Just frusturation and being bummed out all the time. Today I had chicken soup with crackers, followed by toast with butter. So far i feel pretty alright. I think that meat and veggies are too hard for my body to deal with. I’m gonna let prednisone and asacol do their sneaky job and hopefully ill be feeling better in no time at all! I think that as soon as i have no more blood or other symptoms I’ll get right back into the SCD, its not doing the diet thats hard, its the getting well part that seems to be not working. Wish me luck?

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