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To All the UC’ers With Families

Meet Didem:

I’m a 25-year-old microbiologist recently diagnosed with ulcerative colitis after 6 years of suffering. I like cycling (which I do every chance I get), I love red wine (even though sometimes it hurts me), and I spent all my spare time watching HGTV :)

My UC Symptoms Right Now:

Occasionally small amounts of blood, urgency, awful and constant diarrhea, bloating and gas.

Colitis Families, Listen Up:

Hi Everyone,

My name is Didem and I’m originally from Turkey but I currently live and work in Canada. I used to be one of those people who are very picky eaters and my health was, let’s say it was quite bad. I wasn’t really taking care of myself. I started smoking at the young age of 15 and smoked all the way to 23. I wasn’t really exercising and as any other college student, I was drinking quite heavily. When I turned 20 I decided to quit smoking, which I did for about 5 months, until I started getting awful GI symptoms. I was constantly having diarrhea, and I was scared to eat. All the doctors I have been to did some stool tests to check for parasites and told me I have IBS. The stress of all of this made start smoking again and I found a balance of imodium and strong probiotics that kept me relatively symptom free for about 4 years until I wanted to quit smoking again. At this point in my life I started dating a guy and it was starting to get serious so I was thinking about getting married and having kids. I didn’t want my kids to grow up with a smoker. So I successfully cold turkeyed that sucker and started exercising. I was eating healthy and I cut out dairy from my diet. Fast forward a year and my symptoms came back with a vengeance. Imodium wasn’t doing anything and I started going to doctors again until one day they decided to do a colonoscopy. I was officially diagnosed.

Right now I’m on mesalazine which is working fine enough except for the crazy bloating and nasty gas that comes with it but it helped my abdominal cramps and decreased the amount of visits to the bathroom. My biggest concern is that I would like to get married and have kids soon. I’m very worried about becoming pregnant with a disease like this. I feel like my baby is not gonna get enough nutrients when the mom can’t retain any food without being heavily medicated. I’m also concerned about being on medication while I’m pregnant as well as passing this awful disease to my kids (my mom has IBD as well).

I would appreciate any and all help you can give me. I know many of you have kids and families and I would like to hear about how you cope and what you’ve done.

Thanks :)

Where I’d like to be in 1 year:

I would like to be symptom free and eating all the raw fruits and vegetables I can.

The Colitis Medication I’m Taking:


written by Didem

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12 thoughts on “To All the UC’ers With Families”

  1. PROBIOTICS…Really!

    At lease a 50 billion strain one. I have had UC for 15 years, and am in total remission for the forst time in that whole 15 years!

    No drugs at all…just one probiotic capsule per day, and anywhere from one to eight scoops, depending on the UC severity…I’m only taking one scoop thesde days, (the scoop is provided right in the tub) of fermented L-glutamine powder in some juice per day. That’s it! The magic bullet for me!!

    I don’t even feel like I have UC anymore!!


    1. i love reading your posts, bev. you are the only person i know that has been able to find remission with probiotics. i wish it could be that easy for me and i am insanely jealous. i would take those probiotics forever if i was in your position! keep it up, girl.

      1. Thank you Hoanna. I hate that probiotics may not work for us all. You don’t know how badly I want everyone to just be normal again! It’s my lifes dream…

        Plese, please, please, don’t be ‘jealous’, tho…I still have to have that UC vigilance that we all should practice. I never take any over the counter stuff at all, because I don’t know all of the ingredients in them. Ever since I learned that I can’t take things like advil, pepto, cold medicines, alcohol, and the list goes on. I don’t even get a flu shot any more as it may trigger a small immune response, apparently. I, too, go around afraid that I will do or take the wrong thing and trigger this awful UC condition again!

        I know what you are saying, tho…thank goodness these probiotics are working for me. I am truly grateful!! Believe me!


        1. ahah i laughed so hard at the “Hoanna.” my one friend calls me that as a joke.

          i found out the cold medicine thing the hard way. i had a bag allergic reaction to ferrlecit infusions a few weeks ago and NEEDED benadryl desperately. i was on it for days and it totally messed up my colon again.

  2. sorry for all the typos above…hope you can decipher my post!

    at LEAST 50 billion….for the FIRST time in that whole 15 years…


  3. Hi Bev,

    Thanks for your reply. I’ve actually heard wonderful things about align. I might just pick some up from Costco and give it a try. My current probiotic is only 5 billion so I doubt it’s really doing much. I also started taking olive oil which seems to be working alright but it’s still too soon to tell.

  4. didem, UC is the only reason i don’t want to have kids. i feel like the baby would take all my nutrients from my body and i’d be a skeleton! there’s no way both of us would make it out alive. i’d be very hesistant to take meds, too, while pregnant. i know it’s such a hard choice and i hope you can find what works for you. my dad also has UC, but i don’t feel like that necessarily means your kid will have it. smoking has kept him in remission for almost 25 years.

  5. Dr. Sashidharan janisein

    it was nice of you to share your story with us..let me explain about your situation.I belive there is many ways you can fight UC. I encourage you to have a child and be positive.
    Just an outline of my humble suggesion:

    1. get a good dr for your GI problem and also your pregnancy (O&G)

    2. make sure you are in remission for at least 4 months before you plan your pregnancy

    3. do a blood test check for your platlet, hb and also renal and liver profile, make sure you are not anemic. get more details from your GI doctor.

    4. start on folic acid and iron tablets as early as 4 months

    5. Prednisone in mild dosage does not give your fetus any side effects to make sure do an
    abnormaly scan during your pregnency

    6. if you are in any other drug get your GI doctors advice on my opinion you have to keep the drugs on low dosage and ussually during the first trimester you will have a flare but as soon as you pass your first trimester the UC will go into remmision and you may tail your drugs off till you deliver this is due to the hormones present during your pregnancy it will reduce the peristaltic movement of the colon making the UC to be quite.

    7. the challange is going to be after you have delivered as UC may flare up and it will be a challange to you as u will have to manage ur child and ur bowel movement and continue medication and also breast feed. I recomend you to start probiotics as well this might keep the flare on a manageble state.

    8. it is said that UC is passed on to your child, I do belive in this but at the same time its an imunological disorder i am sure with healthy diet and advice they will do well. its just like diabetes, cancer and any other disease. it all comes to on how we manage and delay the development of the disease on-set.

    9. You must explain your situation to your partner as he must understand you and be beside you to help and sacrifice alot for you during and after your pregnancy. This is a must.

    10. I am sorry but i do not belive in food restriction i belive in enjoying your food but no oily food at all. Eat alot of fruits but witout skin and have good vegetables but try to reduce gas cousing vegetables and high fiber diet as well.

    11. try tabacoo patchess it is said to help. Try yoga and excercise it helps before, during and after pregnancy.

    12. Always be positive you will be fine and i am sure you will have a healthy child.

    I have a very special interest in UC and i would like to thank adam for creating this wonderfull website so people can share their ideas and their stories on UC. I read alot on UC and i am sure very soon there will be some sought of cure or management for UC. what we have now only works from individual to individual. Please do start a family have children and enjoy your life do not let UC restrict you from doing so becouse you have the ability to lead your life. If you do need any advice or help i am glad to help you or anyone with what ever information i have. Please do email me at

    thank you
    Dr. Sashidharan malaysia

  6. I do not have UC, but I have Celiac Ds. I also suffered from IBS but have found, since I have given up gluten, I feel ten thousand percent better. Have you tried giving up gluten; especially wheat?
    Have you read the book Wheat Belly by Dr. Davis?

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