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Time for a Quickie?

Dear UC’ers and Family and Friends of the UC’ers of the world.

A big weekend what’s up to you all.

And a big thank you to all the mommies out there who have a son or daughter with UC.

What do you guys do when you need to meet someone in 45 minutes, and you’re hungry after work/school/sleeping all day…, but you don’t have time to go anywhere…you don’t want to make a big ole meal, and you are for sure not diggin on hitting up some local fast food?

That was my deal yesterday.

But…to the rescue was one of those tiny tin cans of tuna fish.  The one that I had was packed in the can with sunflower oil.


that’s me, with my plastic bowl and tuner salad. and that’s our water boiler in the back on the wall, (that things louder than sheeeeeeeet)

So, here’s the deal, in about 3 minutes…this is all I needed to do, and you can too:

  1. Peeled back the can, squeezed out most of the liquid
  2. Put it all in a plastic bowl(fine china will do as well, or wood…whatever…just a bowl yo)
  3. Finely chopped up a tiny bit of red onion for taste
  4. Added some salad leaves and tiny bit of chopped cucumber
  5. Added half an avocado (about 170 calories worth…so great source of good stuff we all need)
  6. Added a tiny bit of mustard to add some kick/taste (maybe two teaspoons worth)
  7. Put in some olive oil (extra virgin Graham the man…the EVOO King from England…)
  8. Tiny bit of salt and that was pretty much it
  9. Big mix with a fork and kaaabaaaam!

Just a few moments later, meal was ready.  Ate it quicker than usual, but still had loads of time to spare.

So…when I go shopping tomorrow…gonna pick up a few more cans since that was the only one we had.

On the nutritional side, some good protein in the tuna, some good stuff for sure in the olive oil, and the other stuff…well not much in the way of calories, but it did the job and got me through.

Since it’s low in carbohydrates, for those of you who find difficulty with your UC and carbohydrate digestion (common for many of us…so don’t feel bad…) not much to worry about with this snack/meal.

And…it’s super cheap…well, half an avocado might run you some coin, but worth it IMO, or you can leave it out.  Up to you of course.

So, take care, and have a great weekend, happy tuna fishing, and

my name’s Adam, I have UC.

I’m alright with that.

hoping same goes for you.

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