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Thyme for Colitis Food – Breakfast Video

Hey UC’ers,

Shot a brand new video, brand new location, and it was thyme to get into some herbage with eggs in the morning. Any other herbs you throw on your colitis eggs in the morn?

Here is the link to the video on YouTube if you can’t view it on this page:

In good health,

Adam Scheuer

(founder of

8 thoughts on “Thyme for Colitis Food – Breakfast Video”

  1. Don

    Glad you’re doing well Adam! You’re hilarious dude! I think it’s awesome that you forgot the Thyme. That cracked me right up! Keep up the good work man! This site is the best!

  2. Tara B

    Hi Adam, I am new to your website and when i get paid i plan on purchasing your books! I was just diagnosed in november and am currently taking delzicol, which isnt working. I am curious, most websites that talk about what you shouldnt eat with uc say that you shouldnt eat seeds or nuts, lie tomato seeds or sesame seeds, obviously you eat tomatos, but do you cut the seeds out? thanks for you response! and congrats on your success.

    1. Hi Tara,
      I do eat tomatoes, however, I would stay away from them if I was noticing any type of symptoms. I do not cut out the seeds of tomatoes either. Best of luck to you:)


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