Thinking like a Cave Women, and Feeding the Cave Family with UC

I believe I read something on the website.about the SCD being something like the diet we implemented as we first come into existence and thrived. So, when I wonder what I should eat today, I just think,

“hey, what would a cave women eat right now?”

Mmm…. Lets see. if your on the coast. that might be fresh fish.. grilled fresh on the fire, with fresh picked herbs and fruit, and water. BTW – What ever happened to drinking water? Growing up with my grandmother, she always had a fresh glass of water by her side all the time. Did we loose this.. in the now.. sweet, instant, glorious, beauty of saturation sweetness. I have found a nice glass of water can do just fine. In case your getting low on new ideas of what to eat on SCD, just think like a Caveman (women).. our ancestors.. who lived a damn long time before us… without medication.. no less..

3 thoughts on “Thinking like a Cave Women, and Feeding the Cave Family with UC”

  1. I’m with you there, Tammy! There are actually a lot of people on a diet similar to SCD–it is called the primal or paleo diet. I have been checking out a lot of their blogs, they have great (mostly) SCD friendly recipe ideas.

  2. Hi, I’m paleo but I find that it’s not enough for me. I have to be on GAPS or SCD to be much better. For some people, maybe going paleo might be enough.

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