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They Call it Colitis but there’s Nothing Cool about It

I have had Colitis for 2 years now.

I have heard a common thread of people getting this who have traveled abroad. I had been to the Philippines but when I started having symptoms I had been home for a year so maybe no connection. I never imagined how much this effects the lives of people with this. I go to work and talk to my managers about my new found needs and they are nice about it but you can tell that no one really has a clue of the hell you are truly going through. Colitis has really caused some major issues in my life but I always stay positive.

Those on 6mp. It was nice to read about people on it with same goals as me. Online some say it’s ok to drink with it others say no. People asking were like well I have a glass of wine a month is that ok? Hell I have a bottle of wine to myself sometimes and frequent beer and tequila. So I am interested on peoples thoughts on this topic.

I will rant again soon.



Medications I’ve used:

Lialda, endocort, prednisone, 6mp.

Lialda and endocort did nothing for me.

Prednisone the side effects make it close to not worth it.

6mp has been working as far as not in bathroom as much but I still have a lot of pain with cramping and bm’s.


-Submitted by Eric2

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