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There is HOPE…This Is My Happy Story After a Very Long 9 Months

Jessica is beating colitisMeet Jessica:

Diagnosed April,2012
Started sulfanize, bentyl, and then prednisone a month after being diagnosed.
I have been in remission for about a month now, and never thought this day would come.

AND: I’m trying to live with UC and make it to my graduation date from college!

My Symptoms:

I am happy to say that most of my UC symptoms are on the back burner! YAYYYYYY!

There is Hope Even with Colitis

This is my third post on this site, & several comments on other peoples stories.
This is my Happy story…. (knock on wood it stays this way). I had so many issues after being diagnosed not to mention, the first GI doc I got was an A-hole, guess that’s why he is in the profession in the first place. =) I don’t have medical insurance so was and still am paying for the hospital stay etc. Got put on prednisone after about a month after diagnosis. The UC still wasn’t being good to me even with the meds, but then the meds brought on severe side effects. Somehow I made it through the 16 weeks (which totaled 502 of those little white devil pills). I am in remission!!!!!!!!! I did this while attending college, working, and going to clinicals. (STRESS DOES NOT HELP UC!) But unable to take a break from school I pushed on. I finally found a good GI doctor, which probably helped a lot. Even after being off the steroids, I had a sinus/bronchitis infection for about 5 months, did 5 different rounds of antibiotics, even went to see a infectious disease doctor to help with all the issues I was dealing with. Went and seen an ENT (Ear Nose & Throad Doc), then went to a pain management doctor, which actually helped. I did trigger shot injections, 2 in neck, 2 in shoulders and 2 in low lumbar area (which hurt like heck!) cause if the trigger point injections didn’t work I was going to try something called prolotherapy… I did a lot of research on the drugs they wanted me on to control the UC, looked up a lot of herbal supplements, and watched my diet to the best of my ability.

I am finally in remission and couldn’t be happier!

Just thought I would share this with the rest of you that haven’t reached remission yet.

There is HOPE.


sulfazine, bentyl & buspar. (finally off the prednisone sept 20th,2012)

garlic tablets, valerian, kava-kava & probiotics

written by Jessica

submitted in the Colitis Venting Area

3 thoughts on “There is HOPE…This Is My Happy Story After a Very Long 9 Months”

  1. Yeaaaaaaah GIRL!!!!

    Way to go Jessica! Super super happy that you’re back in the game!

    Have a great hoilday and new years, just don’t slamming too much of the champagne:)))


  2. Jessica from Ohio

    I may of spoke a little too soon! =( I ended up with the flu Jan 5th, and after getting over the horrible 6 days with that my GI systems sounds like it has a devil spawn child moving through it. I am just hoping it was from the antibiotics and aspirin that I had to take for the flu. I have to see the GI doc on Jan 23rd, due to the hyperactive bowel sounds and blood being back in my stools. Hoping that the aspirin just upset it and nothing more. I will keep you all updated and HOPEFULLY, I will still be that happy person that I started being again. Wish me luck!

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