The Ulcerative Colitis Story of Dave


My Name Is Dave
I Have Ulcerative Colitis and I will beat it doing the right thing and taking control of it.


I will share my story as well that maybe some one can identify with me and perhaps some of it can help some one out there…
about 4 years ago when i was 24 healthy strong guy one day I started to get some stomach pain and heavy runes to the toilet… thinking not much of it i just ignored it and thought it will go away when it does… 3-4 days later still no improvement and more some little blood was there as well… that scared me a little but still was thinking it will pass away… to make it short 8 weeks had passed and i was still in the same situation… at the time i was living in NYC with no health insurance and was afraid to go see a doctor… i did start to weary and start looking online and what i was reading about is that having diarrhea for a long time can kill you and other really scary stories like that… I really got scared and started to loo up what i can do.. i have told my mother that i have diarrhea that does not go away for some days… i didn’t want her to weary to much and she give me some advice about what should i eat…. i did already start to eat healthy but no matter what the problem still didn’t go away…
I had then really got on a heavy work program and i was thinking that i have no time for to have this problem… and really i started to mange it once i had taken a dissection that life needs to go on in a way i toke control of it and managed it….time have passed ever since and i have moved to Africa for a job and lived there for some year until one day again the attacks of me running to the toilet started again… i was to visit my family and i have decided that when i do i most see a doctor
the time had come and things have been worst during my visit home to my family and they have seen me in and out of the toilet… fast after i have been with a doctor and he run some test. i didn’t really tell him how long the “problem” was going on for I was kind of scared…. and funny that during that time i had no blood in the stool…
i was blood tested and all came up as normal… so he told me what should I take thinking it is just a little problem and i was off back to my home…
the blood test was a little troubling me because then i started to think that it can be something real bad…
I had seen my old friend that night and for the first time I had opened up and told him everything… he told me that i most go and see his homeopathic doctor and so i did…
I made an appointment with him just 2 days before i was to leave back to Africa. at the appointment I really opened up and told him everything, I was there for 2 and half hours answering all his detailed questions as best that i know…. he was asking me things that had nothing to do with my problem and in the end i asked him can you fix my problem? he said yes shore I will take care of that but you have more problems to come later that will take some work….
The homeopathic doctor pot me on some little pills and told me to take just 2 pills in the morning and a hour latter 2 more…and when shell I take it again I asked him… he told me in a few months time for now lets see if it works….
and to update him from africa in one month….This was all a year ago and what happened next is like a miracle at that time…it all stooped 30 minuets later. Like some one turned off the switch.
The following day I was having solid stool for the first time in 3 years… And I can share these in this website by saying it was the best feeling in my life to go to the bathroom normally once a day….
It is funny how quickly you get back to living normally again after things are normal and starting to neglect on basic things such as bad eating habits. I did update The homeopathic doctor and told him that all is great and from there 9 months have passed until one day which I happened to be at the time in NYC BOOM the Problem started again….running to the toilet blood in their, pain.. the whole thing…. I quickly email My homeopathic doctor and told him whats going on… he told me to take the same thing as last time and to buy a different remedy as well…. i did in fact got the first remedy he told me and it was just as effective as last time but i couldn’t find the other one he told me to get…
Thinking i am fixed for now i just continued with my life and went back to Africa…
about 2 months passed and once again The problem started but the deference this time that it was 10 times worst then ever… i was in and out of the toilet so many times i cant even say… i had emailed my homeopathic doctor and he told me to take the remedy i could not find… i was far in west Africa and there is no health stores there…
i told him that and he told me that he will ship some to me… it had taken 3 weeks to arrive and during that time few times i thought i will die from all the lost of liquid… i had seen local doctors to test if i have cholera or a deferent parasite but it all came up negative but still yet they give me the strongest Chinese antibiotics (african doctors) i was so hopeless at the time i was just taking them in the hopes it will work.. but they haven’t…
the remedy had arrived taking it limitedly thinking that my saver had come… which i did feel kind of better but for only 6 hours.
after that it all started again… it went on for 3 months until it was just impossible i lost so much wight and felt so weak… I went back to my family and for a month i was waiting for the homeopathic doctor to come back from his trip… in the mean time i was seeing regular doctors and dung all test 3 of the ones i had gone to was telling me they think it is UC but only a colonoscopy will confirm. but after I had email the homeopathic doctor that I had gone trough test and need to do a colonoscopy he told me at once NO COLONOSCOPY!!! The guy was wonderful in the past and i had listed to him but just few days before seeing him and my parents was phasing me to do the colonoscopy I had called and asked him why not to do it?
at that time i never told him that the other doctors have told me that they think it is UC. and he said these: If you go do the colonoscopy they will tell you that you have UC and once you get in their system it is a lost case…
all thees time he knew about what i have but for the first time I understood that homeopathy does not focus on the problem it focuses on the cause of it….
I did in fact seen him and told him what I am going through and he give me something to take but he told me that it will take time to really fix me.

a month had pass and i am still with the “problem” but not like in the worst time…
I am still waiting for the remedy to work but just speaking to him few days ago he told me that from what i am saying my symptoms are it is starting to work….

I am working on my diet again but it is not easy once i got back to Africa…
I had diced that i will really take control of this Ulcerative Colitis and beat it once and for all… i am going back home in 2 weeks because where i am is no place to heal.

I Know that UC was in the rise in the past 15-20 years and really for the past 5 years it became a poplar problem for young people in their 18-28 and hear i am finding myself in the statistic.
You would think that convectional medicine would already find a way to cure it. but I came to realize I don’t really believed in the modern medicine world. it is a business and unless the business can find a way to keep a customer coming back again and again to use their product they wont want distribute a cure that unlashes us from that opportunity they have on us.
I seen a Doctor and he told me what options i had through the system not even talking about a healthy diet ( that has nothing to do with it according to him) but hearing all the nightmare stories and understanding that Cortisone and other medicines don’t really do the job I will continue going through the homeopathy treatment and hope I can be a story for others like me to learn and get better from.
I will keep you posted in few weeks or months and tell you if indeed it i will get to mange or cure the UC.

I wish all the best for you guys it is only when you have UC you can really understand the straggle

I wish for all to get better and fast.


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  1. Hello,

    Really interested in your story as I too am pursuing Homeopathy for my child’s UC. We are on our 2nd possible remedy and for a while there thought that it was working but now both the Dr. and we are not sure that it is working and we are in the ‘wait and see’ mode. I have spoken to one individual who has been ‘cured’ of UC with homeopathy and so want to see if this will help our child. Please keep me posted on your progress.


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