I am 43 year old woman from Douglasville, Ga. I have four grown children and 2 grandchildren and two more on the way! And been happily married for 22 years.


Passing mucus or blood, arthritis, I even get ulcers in my mouth.
My Colitis Story:
I had smoked for about 15 years and at 30 decided to quit.  I think smoking kept my symptoms at bay because I had none till I quit. It started off as very bad diarrhea and cramps.  I would pass so much blood it scared me so I showed it to my husband and he thought it was hemorrhoids. I went to a doctor and told her the problems I was having she said it was hemorrhoids and was more worried about me not eating a diet more high in fish ( ewww ). So on and off I passed blood for 5 years. Until I went to a doctor who listened to me I told him what was wrong he listened to my stomach and said he was going to send me to a gi doctor.

She put her what seemed like

a very large finger in my rectum…

…and when it came out it had green mucus on it and she told me then what I had and put me on lialda 500 mg 4 times a day and it helped ! I started getting arthritis so I ask my doctor to switch me to sulfasalazine the side effects aren’t fun it caused my hands and feet to swell and burn but after a few weeks it was better and this drug is the one I like! It helps some with the arthritis. My daughters have already had some signs of UC but hasn’t went to get checked for it yet. My son has had no symptoms. Oh I have only had to take one round of steroids and I have been to the ER for passing alot of blood that really doesn’t do any good they did nothing, ohh they did hit me with a very large bill!
Where I’d Like to be in 1 year:
Symptom Free!!!
Colitis Medications:
sulfasalizne helps with arthritis
written by Karen
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3 thoughts on “The UC Saga”

  1. Karen, so happy that you are getting some relief from the joint/arthritis pain with the sulfasalazine, on-top of all the other symptoms that colitis can throw at you, getting some relief there has got to feel good. stay positive, and keep us posted on how things continue for you. Wishing you and your family the very best!

  2. Yet another UC story related to quitting smoking…what’s that all about I wonder?

    When I was a smoker (for about 20 years), I didn’t even know what UC was! After I quit, I became very inimate with the stupid disease!?

    Why, I ask?

    If I start smoking again, I could get lung cancer. If I don’t, I could get colon cancer.

    Too weird…

  3. A girl with colitis goes by

    Husband also has colitis (I was diagnosed 23 years ago, and he in Nov.). He was also on Lialda and doc switched to sulfasalazine to help with joint pain as well as to put him in remission. So far, so good (knock wood!).

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