The Purge Effect

Tim B 2nd UC storyIntro:

I was in remission from January to July this year and symptoms started back when I got lazy with my diet.

Some more about Tim:

Big college football fan. Hoping UC doesn’t ruin that this season. Even a big Georgia win can end up crappy. Pun definitely intended.  My previous story that I wrote on the site was from January 2014 which you can read here.


I was in remission for the better part of 7 months. By remission I mean going to the bathroom once a day with a solid poo. I got lazy on my diet and my frequency increased and then eventually started seeing blood as well. I still considered it a mini-flare as my frequency never got above 5-6 times a day.

The Purge Effect

I was in remission for 7 1/2 months prior to the breakout of a mini-flare. I was really hoping I was going to be one of those people that didn’t experience new symptoms for a decade, but clearly not. I started introducing the occasional caffeinated beverage and started enjoying alcohol again. I think these are the primary culprits as it seemed like they instantly irritated my colon especially the alcohol. Giving up caffeine and alcohol in the past really got me over the hump of my last flare which lasted through most of 2013.  I visit the doctor regarding this mini flare and my doctor put me on Canasa (already on Colazol for maintenance) due to the fact that my inflammation is fairly isolated to the rectum. I was on Budesonide as well as the Colazol when I got out of my flare last year but they didn’t want to use steroids since my symptoms were not that severe at this point. After five days on the medicine the blood has gone away and I will go from morning to until after dinner with 1 -2 bathroom trips and then I go into what I can only describe as a purge. It is very strange because through most of the day I feel great. Then its almost as if suddenly there is room and my body flushes everything out while the flood gates are open. Keep in mind everything coming out is solid and there is no blood. I find this to be very weird and curious if anyone has experienced this purging sensation beore. I never had this type of experience before as in the past even while getting better it seemed as if frequency slowly trended down while solidity slowly trended up. I know this disease hits everyone a little differently but wanted to see if anyone else has experienced this type of purging symptom. Thanks for your help.

Medications / Supplements:

Colazol, Canasa, and BLAND Diet as recommended by GI.

Just as an FYI the BLAND diet is what helped me get into remission in the past. I have experimented with Paleo and SCD and neither had positive effects for me.

written by Tim B

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8 thoughts on “The Purge Effect”

  1. Tim,

    Are you feeling an urgency type of deal when this purging goes into effect…in other words… do you have to get to a bathroom real quick or an accident might be coming up?

    Either way, great that there’s no bleeding and hardies are flying out, better than some other options we all know about:)

    best to you in getting past this mini bump quick

  2. Tim
    Did these purges happen after you started
    taking the Canasa ?
    Do you have both IBS in addition to IBD?
    When are you taking the Canasa?
    I take mesalamine enemas, and alternate with Canasa at night before I go to bed.
    I purge but I call it “expelling” the meds early the following morning. Unfortunetely nothing solid.
    But because I also have the IBS I am in the bathroom usually directly after dinner to “purge” more ome solid, some not o solid stuff.

  3. @Adam there is urgency but not the kind where I’m worried about an accident.

    @Paulette, this did start after taking the Canasa. I do have the expelling in the morning.

    Overall, since originally writing this the purging has gone away for the most part. Other than one night I have been back to 4-5 solid BMs.

    Two thumbs up for Canasa at this point. Might reconsider Colazol as a maintenance drug though as I don’t feel like it really does anything.

  4. @Paulette,

    I do think I have some IBS as I have always been sensitive to greasy foods. The Bland diet usually keeps it under control for me and helps my UC if I stay disciplined.

    Thanks for your response,


    1. It sounds like you may initially have had a reaction to a new drug in your system ,but your body responded positively after all! Great!
      Any small thing that can help you you fell “glued together” is a plus in my book!

  5. Hi Tim,

    Just a quick comment regarding
    “I was really hoping I was going to be one of those people that didn’t experience new symptoms for a decade, but clearly not.”

    Don’t write that off just yet: for me it took a bit more than a year with up and downs, but then I went on being pretty much symptom free for almost a decade (even though living the student life and drinking a lot more alcohol than I should have :) )

    Best Regards

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