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The Noodles are Back in my Soup

Diane M2015Intro:

My name is Diane and I have Ulcerative Colitis. My previous post posed the question as to whether I should participate in a Methotrexate study or not.

Some more background:

Homemade egg noodles are a tradition in my family, one of the ones I have enjoyed through the years. I like to put them in my soup, but if I follow an SCD diet I cannot do this.


My end of January, 2015 colonoscopy came back completely clear of UC. I contribute this to Bev’s probiotics, the SCD diet, stress reduction, Lialda, and Rowasa enemas. My doctor found this remarkable since 15 months prior I had disease up to 35 centimeters, left side.

My Story:

I have had Ulcerative Colitis for almost 40 years. It progressively worsened as I aged and came out of denial of the symptoms. I am very independent and will do just about anything to stay that way. This is the motivator that keeps me disciplined enough to follow the SCD diet. I have also been diagnosed with skin cancer so some of the meds were not an option for me.

It was suggested to me that I become part of a methotrexate study since I was not able to take Lialda without the side effects of headaches, rash, and severe leg cramps. This option was dependent upon a colonscopy scheduled for the end of January.

Ulcerative colitis has controlled my life for so long that I forgot it was doing so. I have always watched my diet due to the consequences of not doing so but I managed to hang on to the few loves I didn’t want to let go of. For me this was the traditional noodle making, I learned how to make them gluten free but when I went on the SCD diet I couldn’t have them at all. I think this was very helpful in my recovery, to completely let go of grains for a period of time. I am still very cautious of the amount I consume. Sugar was the other culprit without a doubt. Even though I had reduced my intake of sugar significantly in the last 25 years I still needed to avoid it to heal. To hear the doctor say, “I know it was there because I could see the scars” was such a blessing. Thank you all for your support through this difficult time.

I do my best to stay aware of the emotional triggers which activate my disease. This is probably my biggest challenge. We live in an always increasingly stressful world that requires us to consistently update our healing practices.

Medications / Supplements:

Ultimate Flora Critical probiotics
Vitamin D
fish oil

written by Diane D

submitted in the colitis venting area

13 thoughts on “The Noodles are Back in my Soup”

  1. Hi Diane,

    Great to see you are doing well! Thank you for sharing your story. I appreciated you calling out you acknowledging being in denial of your symptoms. My medication worked for the first 3 years after being diagnosed with UC, but the following two years were a constant back and forth of flares and prednisone. There was some part of me that didn’t want to admit my medications weren’t working, mostly out of fear of what the next level of treatment was. I’ve since admitted that I was still symptomatic, and in these last few months, have taken the time to really put my health first. It’s so easy to think of flares as ‘par for the course,’ but it really isn’t.

  2. Hi Diane, my story is very similar to yours and I am happy to know of someone else who is having the same kind of success. I put myself on the SCD September 2013, I take Asacol HD 2-3 tabs per day, use canasa suppositories when necessary which is not often, fish oil, vitamin D, exercise, and off and on probiotics because they are so expensive and I seem to do pretty darn good without them. I have posted on this site before and have been on somewhat of a roller coaster. This is the most stable I have been since first diagnosed 27 years ago. Cheers to us and others who have managed to get this thing pretty much under control!

  3. Diane, awesome! That is wonderful to read. I take the same probiotics you take. What brand vit D and fish oil do you take and how many mg of each?

    Thanks and congrats again!

  4. It’s always good to hear about happy stories! I had a really bad flare up last year that landed me in the hospital for more than a week. Reading happy stories helped me go through it. There’s always better moments, periods of remission. I’ve had UC for 11 years now and it’s also great to hear that after fourty years it doesn’t have to end with colon cancer. It’s the meds, the diet….they all work together. Keep them happy stories coming!!!! It is possible to be back on remission!!!!!

  5. Hi Diane. So great to read your story. I have had UC for 9 years. I started getting better when I fired my gastro and started the SCD diet. I am currently on no meds (I battled to get off Prednisone for 5 years – which did incredible damage to my immune system). I also wear by Vit D and probiotics. You mentioned Bev’s probiotics and then Ultimate Flora…… I have never heard of Bev’s probiotics. I am currently using VSL#3… have you heard of them of tried them. It is so hard getting decent stuff in South Africa. Stay well x

  6. Diane D

    Bev’s probiotics and the Renew Life Ultimate Flora Critical Care probiotics are the same. Bev recommends them on this site. Thanks, Diane

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