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bristol myers squibb colitis drugIntroduction:

Hi my name is Ian and I have had UC now for 6 years but for last 22 months I have a had flare up, I have had 4 hospital stays in 2011 and was looking @ having my colon removed.

The New Colitis Drug- (Bristol-Myers Squibb 936557)

I just want to share my story with all you UC suffers out there, and that there may be some hope for us.
I’am currently involved in research project @ RMH in Melbourne Australia. At this stage the drug does not have name only a number, BMS -936557 and is NOT an approved treatment for UC in Australia or other parts of world YET: Therefore this drug is considered to be experimental.  There will be 386 participants world wide, I’am number 80 in the world.  It works by preventing the T cells a type of white blood cell from traveling to to the site of disease and therefore may reduce inflammation. In addition the drug may modify the function of epithelial cells (cells that line the colon)in a way that helps the recovery of colon lining.I have passed the induction period and was on the placebo for 8 long weeks.

Now I’am currently in the maintenance period of trial and now have had 3 infusions of the real drug at a dose of 15mg/kg and I,am noticing the difference, with greater levels of energy. The side effects at this stage is some headaches and back pain.

Big deal, but I have gone from 20 bowel movements

to about 10 with little blood a day.

At this stage I’m still getting some cramps in the morning but they go away after a while. Any way the Professor who is currently treating tells that this drug should be approved within the next 12 – 18 months, fingers  crossed!.  Anyway just want to share my story with any one that in is interested.Because this web site help me lot last year when I could even get out of bed.

So to all you UC suffers out please don’t give up, easy said than done I know but keep your chin ups!!

My UC Medications:

BMS -936557
prednisolone 30mg

written by Ian


5 thoughts on “The New Drug”

  1. Ian,

    Howdy from the great state of Texas, USA! I’m so happy to find someone out there that is in the BMS 936557 trial! I have searched the Internet high and low and have found little or no information on the drug. I am considering starting this trial and would like to get more information from someone that has taken this “new drug.” How are you doing now? Have you had any new side effects? Do you know if it is 100% humanized biologic? I am scared out of my mind and am at wits end. I’m bleeding so profusely that I’ll do anything at this point. Please…any/all information will be extremely helpful!
    Thanks in advance!

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