The Evil’s of Dry Roasted Almonds – The SCD Diet and IBD

Hi everyone I would like to share with you that I finally figured out what was causing my flare which has been plaguing me for the past two months. Dry Roasted Almonds!!!

I snack on almonds all day at work to get me through the long hours of not being able to eat all the crap that “normal” people eat. I also pretty much follow the SCD diet. Somewhere along the line I completely forgot, or ignored, or thought “it couldn’t happen to me” that people with inflammatory bowel diseases are not supposed to eat roasted nuts. I went to Trader Joes, my favorite grocery store, and they were out of the organic raw almonds or any raw almonds for that matter. I thought, no big deal I’ll just get the roasted almonds. Wow, they tasted so good I just kept it up over the past two months. So, enter my flare. I went back to the basics. The SCD chicken soup which made me feel better at the time of eating it but all day long and especially in the morning I would suffer so. Multiple trips to the Lou and not liking what I was seeing there at all which also left me cranky and exhausted. I’m sure you know the feeling. Some days were better than others. After getting completely frustrated with not being able to figure out what was causing this flare I started going through the legal/illegal SCD list and there it was-Roasted Almonds-ILLEGAL!

So, having done a search on the Net I really didn’t find much of a difference between the two, roasted or unroasted, until I came across one article on a chemical that is produced by roasting nuts. It is called acrylamide. It was accidentally discovered in 2002 by scientists. It is still being researched whether or not it is hazardous to all people. It is also found in many cooked starchy foods, according to Wikipedia. Elaine Gotschall, the genius, must have known this but didn’t give the reason in her book. (I don’t know about you, but I always need to know why things are the way they are).

If anyone else has any more information on this subject please do share.

I am feeling much better now and I am ecstatic for being able to eat my old favorite standby foods-all legal of course!

At least I know I will never make that mistake again. Live and learn!

I hope this info can help someone else too!


7 thoughts on “The Evil’s of Dry Roasted Almonds – The SCD Diet and IBD”

  1. nuts in general are rough on the digestive system, as much as I love them I have had to limit them especially when I am flaring.

    Try roasting almonds yourself, they taste just as good and u wont have to worry about any illegal starches added in the process (i think this is why Elaine said they were illegal)

    Interesting about the chemical though!

  2. Hi Jessica,

    You may be right about the starches even though the package just lists organic almonds as the only ingredient. But the thing that I don’t like about Trader Joe’s is they say right after the ingredients that “Our vendors use good manufacturing processes to avoid cross contact with allergens. Packaged on shared equipment with wheat, milk, eggs, peanuts, other tree nuts and soy.” It’s nice that they tell us though, most places don’t.

    I know that regular roasted nuts contain oils and other things but dry roasted are supposed to be just that “dry”. For me though it doesn’t matter, I don’t need to eat roasted nuts; I like them raw just fine. And the raw nuts are softer and, I’m just guessing, they may be easier on the digestive system.

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Jessica,

    I don’t actually know what caused my flare up and just finished reading the book by Elaine; I really want to try that SCD-diet. Let’s hope it works for me. My question to you, how long did your flare last? And did you have to take any medication (chemical) to reduce the inflammation?



  4. If you roast them yourself they still contain acrylamide. It is the heat in your oven that produces acrylamide. This is why baked potatoes and potato chips contain acrylamide. I try to microwave food, or steam/boil then lightly brown food at the end.

  5. I buy raw nuts(almonds included) and soak them for 12 hours. Sometimes I blanch the almonds, sometimes I don’t. I then dehydrate them. Then I eat them. Or I grind them into nut flours for baking. Just some ideas for y’all.

  6. i buy raw almond n walnut soak them overnite n eat like five pieces each wt avocado,tomato peeled,little butter wt salt n eat them now m motion is normal n need lots of nutrition to gt bk m hp level,albumin

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