The Drink that Saved Me!

Tomacina fullIntroduction:

My name is Tomacina. I am 24 years old and I was diagnosed with UC when I was 11. At that time, I spent two months straight in the hospital. I wasn’t expected to live, but I survived. My most recent colonoscopy was two years ago. I was hospitalized at that time and then again the next year after. My UC has almost never been managed, so for 13 years I’ve suffered from these symptoms everyday.

Some more about me:

I am a mother of two boys: 3 and 1. I also work full time as a CNA and manage a household. I’m originally from Miami, but we relocated to Alabama and after my parents passed away, I came back to south Florida. I wrote a poem earlier this year when I was at my lowest point in dealing with this disease.

Life for me is not easy. Diagnosed at the age of 3, well actually 11, but just follow me. Only God knows why this came to be. The shit, the pain, the blood, the grief, the tears I’ve shed is a daily agony. I’m not writing this for sympathy, the tenth degree, or “likes” you see, but to show the world this side of me. I don’t want this as my destiny. I honestly just want to be free. Asking “why?” isn’t worth the fee and remaining strong is weakening. Instead of taking this out on everybody, I put my words on this white sheet. So that everyone out there can see that I am living with UC.


At this moment, I’m symptom free, but when I did have them it was horrible. I experienced probably 10 to 15 bm a day, bloody stool, aching joints, rashes, fatigue, and loose stool. Probably if you name it I had it. My UC, surprisingly, is only on one side, but my symptoms were so bad that at 24, I didn’t think I’d be able to watch my kids grow up.

The Drink

UC changed my life probably the same way it has changed everyone else’s. I couldn’t go anywhere without scoping out where the closest restroom was and if the symptoms were too bad I didn’t even leave the house. My family understood, but only to a certain point. They didn’t understand exactly what the UC was doing to my body. For the most part, however, they helped me and they were there for me whenever possible.

I’m speaking in past tense because for a few months I’ve been symptom free. I literally tried everything and even contemplated surgery. One day, I noticed my brother drinking this new drink and I decided to try it. (He does not have UC.) I tried the drink and it had a nice taste, so I went back to the place he brought it from and got myself one. I started drinking it pretty regular for the taste at first. Then I noticed my symptoms started to deminish. I was experiencing fewer BM’s at first. Then the bleeding stopped. Then overnight as it seemed, I was going regularly without any UC symptoms.

I’m not a doctor and I can’t promise that you will have the same results I did, but after trying everything to get rid of that hell, this drink seemed to work. Call me crazy, but the drink is called Marley’s Mellow Mood. It comes in different flavors, but my favorite is the half lemonade and half tea. I feel like this drink really saved my life. If you’ve tried everything else short of surgery and nothing else has worked, try the drink. It might make you drowsy, so I’d start off drinking only one before bed until you get used to it. Then try one in the morning and one at night. Try it! Try it! Try it! Please. I can’t tell you how happy I am now being able to live somewhat normal again!

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  1. Hi Tomacina,

    Got to tell you, I’m a bit skeptical. So I’m hoping you can answer one big question for me that I’m sure everone else is going to have…:

    1. What are the ingredients on one of the bottles of this drink?

    How long have you been drinking it, and are you doing anything else to treat your UC right now or while you were starting the drink?

    Thanks again for sharing, and I’m not trying to be a hardass here on your story, it just doesn’t seem to pass the smell test because of the thousands of stories on this site, I’ve never read or heard of this type of thing before from a drink. No matter what though…big props to Bob Marley.


  2. I understand you’re bit skeptical but that’s only because you never tried the drink you’ve only tried medications. I don’t know the exact ingredients on the back. I’m driving right now that’s the only reason why. But all you have to do is Google the name and you can find ingredients. It’s just that simple. In the past I’ve been put on asacol, sulfasalazine, and prednisone. Asacol flat out didn’t work. Sulfasalazine and prednisone worked up until I got pregnant and I couldn’t take them during my pregnancy. Afterwards, I flared up again.

    I can’t give you an exact date on when I started drinking it but it was probably a couple of months ago. But when I first started drinking the drink with my brother, I did my own a research on it. The one thing I saw was that it included a valerian root extract. This extract is supposed to be the main reason why you feel so relaxed while drinking it. I don’t take medication while drinking it because it advises against that. The medication didn’t really work that well anyway. Plus it became too expensive for me to pay for it out of my own pocket so that was another reason why I stopped taking medication.

    Honestly, I thought long and hard about posting on this site. I didn’t want to receive any backlash from it. At the same time, I wanted to be able to help someone experience the same thing that I am experiencing. I mean right now I eat whatever I want to eat, I’m not on medication, and I don’t go to the bathroom 20 times a day. I’m happy. I’ve had UC for almost 14 years. This is the first time I can say that I’ve been symptom free and it actually looks like it’s going to stay that way for a long time.

    I’m probably the first person to ever use this drink for this purpose. I mean it just came out and given the statistics on how many people actually have UC, It will probably be very rare to find someone else with UC that also drinks this drink.

    Really, I don’t know what else to tell you except that it only cost a couple of dollars. Medication can be in the 100’s. This is not going to kill anyone to try it. If it doesn’t work after a couple of months they can just not buy it anymore. All I’m saying is try it maybe it’ll work for someone, maybe it won’t. I don’t know.

    I wish you could ask my family members and my boyfriend how this has affected my life and their lives because I don’t have to rush past them to get to the bathroom first lol. Or my clients or my job because I don’t have to stop working to go to the bathroom anymore. I’m elated. I just want someone else to feel the same feeling that I feel everyday.”

    1. Thanks so much for your response. Much appreciated, and I wish you the best of continued success!!!! Way way cool!!!

      And if anybody else gives this a try, please post here on your experiences!

      thanks again Tomacina!

  3. Checked out the ingredients.

    It contains hops, valerian, passion flower and a few other herbs with known calming properties.

    Hops are actually a fairly potent anti-bacterial, IPA beers contain extra hops as a preservative. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had some effect. Could be stress reduction from the valerian.

    You could try to make your own hop tea, I did that a few times as a sleep aid. But I was in remission so I didn’t notice any other effects.

  4. Just wanted to clarify for anyone else reading this post, I took Sulfasalizine during my pregnancies with no problem. I was very concerned at the time but my OB/GYN happened to have UC and was about 70 years old. He said that Sulfasalizine had been on the market longer than he had been alive. He assured me that it was 100% safe during pregnancy.

    I realize that’s off the topic but wanted to give my experience on that one.

  5. I made the decision myself not to take 6 pills a day containing sulfur. Even if a doctor told me it was safe, I wouldn’t have done it. I knew how it affected me, but I didn’t know how it would affect my child. I told that to my doctor and he completely understood. If you were told it’s ok for you, then that’s ok, but everyone’s pregnancy is different.

    1. Bev…if it ain’t broke don’t fix it! :-)
      At least for now perhaps stick with what’s working for you and if and hopefully not…IF you need a little something, then maybe consider it. Just sayin’! My 2 cents!
      :-) Best, Shelly

  6. Valerian root is a pretty powerful herb with an effect similar to Valium. It has a history of use as an antispasmodic for the intestines and menstrual issues. I would guess it works something like what a narcotic does to decrease peristalsis.

  7. I can’t tell you that it’ll work for you for sure, but I am 100% positive that it worked for me. Here’s their website address Maybe you can order directly from there. In the States, if I cant find it in a regular store, I go to a Chevron gas station. Forgive my ignorance, but I don’t know if those are located in Canada or not. If so, try there first.

    In response to Amanda, I stumbled upon this drink by accident. Adam posted some of the other roots that are in it and I have to tell you all that however they came up with this combination; whatever they put in it, it works for me. It also tastes great. I love it. They got it right for me and they didn’t even mean to :-).

    Oh and if anyone else tries this and it works (even if it doesn’t) please let me know.

    1. Awesome…thanks!

      I’m SO happy you are in remission…I don’t care what gets us there, as long as it happens…you know what I mean?!


  8. hay Tomacina,
    well this drink is more like a stress reliever …another similar drink to this is called Crank or the Purple drink all it does is kinda slows our brains and relax our whole body….that tells you right there how big of a part stress had on your symptoms….wishing you all the best and i wish a simple drink like that can put everyone in remission.

  9. well this drink is more like a stress reliever . What it does is that it slows our brains and relax our mind and body. A similar drink to this is crank juice or the purple drank…not drink but drank…hay thats what it says…That tells you right there what a big part stress had on your symptoms. I have tried it to get some good rest sometimes and who would’nt feel good after a 5 hour afternoon nap. Which is pity unusual for us ucers lols…best of luck to you Tomacina and i wish a simple drink can cure all of us.

  10. It actually didn’t put me to sleep for hours. I would agree, however, that I was stressed, but I like think that it was from my symptoms. I’m not just saying it relieved my stress, it also stopped my symptoms. I didn’t just drink it every now and then. I drank one every night for about a month straight and then I slowly increased to two as I was able to tolerate it. Now I don’t even have to do that.

    I wish it could help everyone too. Don’t be a downer. It worked for me. It may as well work for someone else that isn’t getting anywhere doing anything else.

  11. this is so cool. I’ve never seen this before. I will have to look at the store next time i’m there. I love tea and don’t consume caffeine. makes my heart beat really fast and I get really shaky.

    awesome that you have found something that works for you, tomacina!! it’s hard work getting to that point trying a thousand different things with no real results. if I were you, i’d drink this stuff every day!

  12. Omg I know right, Joanna. :-)! They have more flavors other than tea. There’s also berry and citrus flavored. This drink is actually anti-caffeine lol. I say that because the natural herbs that are in it have calming effects instead of making you feel jittery and awake. Believe me I was so depressed at that point I would’ve tried anything. I was even talking to my family about surgery. I don’t drink it every day now because I got so used to not going so many times a day that I would get comfortable and find myself not going at all. Shocker, I know. So I had to find a balance between drinking it and going regularly even if that meant laying off the drink for awhile.

  13. Yes, I think the other ingredients are helpful as well. I just tend to analyze stuff, and looking at the ingredients on the website, and knowing a little about herbal medicine, I think the Valerian is most relevant. To me, this is useful information, because if you ever cannot get the drink (say they discontinue it), you can try using Valerian, which is commonly available, especially in sleep-aid products.

  14. That’s good news, Amanda. Are you confirming that this drink probably did put me into remission? For some reason, people don’t believe me.

    1. I felt like nobody believed me, either, when I got remission from a good probiotic and L-glutamine.

      I think it’s because we seem to try everything to combat this stupid condition, that when something finally works for one person, others are skeptical as hell.

      I wish we were all the same in that what works for one, would work for us all. I still an beyond thrilled for you that you found what works for you! AND….it is so easy to buy and drink!! How fantastic.

      Why not try it everyone…what have you got to lose! What if it works???


  15. Bev, you are an awesome person it seems. Very optimistic, I like that! :-) thank you for your support! And you are exactly right. They have nothing to lose. I am not selling this personally and I’m not pushing it on anyone in any way for a profit. The drink is natural and inexpensive. If someone had told me that this would help me, I would have started drinking it years ago!

    P.S. I find it funny that you call UC a stupid condition. I used to joke and say that this is probably the dumbest disease EVER! I hated it. I wouldn’t wish this hell on my worst enemy.

    1. LOL…yes, some like to call it a disease…I prefer ‘condition’ myself!

      Hell! Yep, when it’s active, it’s hell for sure. I’d almost rather have anything else…almost anyway.

      You are awesome too!!


  16. I think people have this view of medicine, and everything else for that matter, like it is all clear cut black and white science. First of all, pharmaceuticals are not “cures”…. they are just chemicals that cause a physiological response in a person. That response can reverse symptoms, or mask them, or whatever, in a way that brings comfort, or reduces disease progression, etc. But I believe that most of the time they are band-aids that mask the real problem and tend to cause more harm than we even know about.

    Second of all, everyone is unique and has an individual physical make-up which responds differently to different drugs, foods, substances, etc.. I also think, when it comes to conditions like autoimmune disorders, people vary even more widely in their symptoms and responses.

    So first of all, I would tend to look for a root cause of a problem and fix that before I would say someone is in remission…. But if we are talking about remission of symptoms (which is the most a lot of us can hope for), than yeah, I believe a particular herb, or supplement, or diet, etc. can cause a remission of symptoms for someone, although it might not work the same for another person with the same condition or symptoms.

    And since you are not making money from sharing your experience here, there is no reason for people to disbelieve you or question your motives. I think it wonderful that it has helped you, people have nothing to lose from trying it for themselves, and I think you are very considerate to let people know about your experience, in case it helps them.

  17. Oh, and the point I failed to make clear…. If a natural substance can have as good an effect as a man-made pharmaceutical, than, for myself, I would prefer the natural one over the synthetic one (not that natural substances don’t have potential for harm, but I feel that most of the time, that risk is lower).

  18. My mom preferred to call it that as well. I suppose it lessens the effects that they have on people. Honestly, I’ve never been sure what to call it, so I just stick with hell lol.

    I totally agree that that was very well put, Amanda. I believe the same in the same sense that pain killers only mask the problem they don’t get to the root of it. I don’t know if this is a cure. I’m not saying that it is, but I think it’s important to keep an open mind on the subject. The fact is that even the best prescription medicines are not cures and they have certain side effects that may even be worst than the “condition” itself.

    I wish that I knew more about herbal medicine like you do, but as I stated before, I came upon this by accident. It worked for me, so I stuck with it. At the point in my life that I was in, I would’ve tried anything. I even wanted to rip my intestine out myself. You really drove my point home even better than I could have. Thank you!

  19. Hi Tomacina,

    Thanks for sharing this! And keep up that remission!

    Interesting – according to Wikipedia, valerian can have a positive effect on IBS.
    Maybe even more interesting – according to the German Wikipedia page for valerian, using it in combination with hops (and/or and/or STRENGTHENS the effect. Maybe a lucky mix?



    P.S. listening on Mellow Mood on Spotify now. Maybe that helps too ;)

  20. I think that it is a very lucky mix, Mike. I really do. Thanks for the support. I’m glad you and some of the others actually researched before doubting my story. I appreciate you all.

    1. And we all appreciate you, Tomacina. Anytime we can get information and help regarding UC, we should all be ‘in’! We are willing to try harsh dangerous meds…why would anybody have a problem trying something so natural and tasty? What if???

      This ‘condition’ can be managed differently in so many people, that this wonderful drink could actually work for many.

      All anyone has to do is try it for a week, or two, or even a month and just see. It’s that easy!

      Like I said before…I am still amazed that I somehow got remission from a probiotic and L-glutamine. Others have tried what I am taking, and it has not provided the same results. For some, it has also worked. You won’t know until you try.


  21. Oh and someone (a nurse with UC) told me about the probiotics as well. I tried it for a little while and then stopped. I’m not good with taking medicine. Ever since they told me I’d be taking it for the rest of my life, I was like “oh hell nah”! Lol. So another thing this drink is is good for is if you’re like me and you just can’t stand the idea of taking medicine for the rest of your life, then you have to try this. It’s nothing like taking medicine.

    1. Absolutely!

      Meds for life…I don’t want to be there either…I already take synthroid ‘forever’…don’t need any more forevers!

  22. Tomacina, I refer to your drink in another post today. Please don’t take it as doubting your results. This weekend my husband and I were in Key Biscayne riding bikes and I told him about it. He suggested we stop on the way home and buy some. We ran out of time and sort of forgot. Later, I was laying on my 15 yr old sons bed and he has a shelf with odd bottles and cans he collected on it. I looked up and saw Marley’s face on the Mellow Mood can. Hmmm, a sign perhaps?

  23. Tomacina…just wanted to let you now that what I said applies to you, too…if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it…if it works…cheers! :-)
    Best, Shelly

  24. Tomacina,

    So glad to hear you’re in good health again. How long were you drinking the Marley’s before you noticed improvement?


  25. Thank you. I’m so sorry. I’ve been trying to reply since you wrote that. I just got wrapped up. Anyway, I drank one every night before bed for probably about a month. Then, as I became accustomed to it, I drank one in the morning and one at night. I’m going to tell you that it says to only drink one a day so I would only do what you feel comfortable doing. Like I stated earlier, at first, it was only for the taste and to get relaxation but it stopped putting me in a relaxed state. And if you’re going to drink this and you do see a remission in your symptoms, then I would make sure you get on a balance of the drink and maybe some kind of fiber or water or whatever because you’re going to feel so good about not going you’re going to forget that you have to go. I’m just speaking from what my personal experience was for it. Now I don’t even have to drink it like that because if I do, I won’t go for days and that’s not good either.

  26. At first the bowels movements stopped becoming so frequent that was the first thing I noticed. it probably took a couple of weeks for it to do that. I don’t want to lie but I think that’s when I noticed the first symptom had stopped.

  27. Thanks, again, Tomacina. That helps. It’s nice to have an idea of how long before seeing possible improvements. :)


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