The Deep, The Dark, The Doo Doo Hole – An Adam Update

Adam somewhere with alot of somethings

Hey UC’ers of the World,

I want to give you all an update on how things are going since my Oct. 2, 2008 colitis diagnosis.  AND, most importantly, you all should know that there is some serious good life after a diagnosis, and it’s most definitely NOT the end of the world.  Not even close.  The year after my diagnosis I was on medications the whole time, but I’ve been off medications for 87% of the time since.

But first, thanks to everyone again on the newsletter who participated in the Colitis Work Survey.  It was a huge success because of you.

So here’s the update on me:

  • I’m feeling great
  • Work is going pretty good
  • I’m crapping 1-2 hard poops daily 95% of the time (today was one of those disappearing snakes that magically slides out of view down the toilet…you know what I mean)
  • I’m medication free
  • Not taking any probiotics
  • I’m just about 160 pounds (which is a great weight for me at 5 foot 9 and 3/4 inches…)
  • My daily exercise is between 3-6 miles of walking (about 10 km for the metric folks) per day
  • I’m sticking hardcore to the SCD diet EVERYDAY and mixing in some new recipes (like last nights chicken fajitas with lettuce wraps, Michaela kicked some serious butty with that one, thx wife)

Next on my Health Calendar – Colonoscopy Time:

Just about a few weeks ago, I felt it was time to get another colonoscopy.  Holy Crap, its been almost 4 years since my original scope job from when I was diagnosed.

So, I started searching for a GI doc in my local area of Berkeley, CA.  And guess what, I found my man.  The medical office I called is a large GI medical group, with 9 friggin docs!  That’s alot.  They want me to do a consult first, instead of going straight to a colonoscopy.  I was trying to save some money by skipping that, but they wouldn’t allow that.  So, I told the receptionist my UC story, and that I was interested in a doctor who was “THE MOST HOLISTIC” or at least the GI within the group who was open to alternative methods of treating UC.  If you’ve already read my book “Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy”, you’ll know I’ve seen plenty of the “western medicine” oriented docs and had little success with their suggestions.  Long story short, she told me there was a gasto doc who had experience with “fecal transplants”.  BINGO!  Instantly, I told her, that’s my man. So, although I was hoping to skip the consultation which I expect will cost me about $200-300 big ones, I’m pretty pumped to meet with a medical doctor who is on the alternative path.  I’m pretty interested in telling him my story too, and with some luck, maybe he’ll be interested in doing some chatting on the site, wouldn’t that be interesting.  So, that appointment is scheduled for a few days from now, and I’m hoping to get the scope done shorty thereafter.  I’ve got my big summer camping trip coming up (and you better believe I’ll be busting out a video again this year for you all, hopefully with some nice trout from the Stanislaus river once again:)

Is there Hope for People with UC?

Of course the answer is a BIG FAT YES!

As much as medication free, feeling good, summertime excitement, brithdays and BBQ’s, and everything else that is part of getting past a UC diagnosis is great news, it stills bums me the hell out knowing that so many people are living a difficult and sometimes hopeless life right now.  If you are one of the UC’ers, or family members of a special UC’er, keep your head UP!

It’s not the end of the world.  And there are many options for everyone.  You all have hopefully read through the surveys that have been conducted on the website with regards to surgery.  If not, YOU SHOULD.  I haven’t had surgery, but I know many people who have, and nearly all of them are happy as hell they moved that way.  So as much as that is an “extreme decision”, it’s an option.

What’s the Deal with Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy and the Colitis Package?

For the growing number of people who have purchased my electronic books, it’s now been downloaded in 14 countries which is pretty cool.  I intended to write the book for actual UC patients because that is who I felt would benefit the most from the 160 page main book and 100 plus page book of the recipes of the food my wife and I make daily.  But, it turns out, I was wrong.  Many of the emails I’ve received have been from not only patients but parents, friends, and even grandparents of UC’ers who wanted to know my whole story of going from feeling very crappy to happy once again. (I wish my grandparents knew how to surf the internet… come on grandma Tillie.)

For anybody who is wanting to purchase the ebooks, here’s some customer reviews that were submitted recently:

I am almost finished reading this book, although I will read it continuously. I finally feel connected and understood. I am in a flare and trying to get back to life. I took your advice and bugged the doctors right away. They are quickly learning my name.

My family thinks the book is really funny. I know they understand me better because of it. It seems like a normal account that a funny story to me.

I appreciate the frank, honest writing. There are not a lot of places to talk about the symptoms of the disease without being embarrassed.

I look forward to getting into the cookbook. I am sure I will be able to hold food soon.

This is a must-read for UC patients and families. Thanks for your courage and direct approach. It is a real help to me.

Kathy H.


Hey Adam,
I ordered your book last week and read it in one sitting! Great writing….interesting…funny. You don’t take yourself too seriously, and your desire to truly help others is so obviously genuine.
It was such an easy read!
I have found your book to be the most helpful to me of anything I’ve purchased to read, or have read online so far! You’re so down to earth.
….and your website is AMAZING!
I relate all of the posts you’ve written and the stories of other people to my own symptoms and I have found it SO helpful!
I am just at the tail end of my most vicious flare….nothing requiring hospitalization, but brutal nonetheless.
Like the girl who introduced you to the SCD….you have been a godsend to me!
I too am on the SCD now and am doing really well! (….in addition to my tapering Prednisone…… :) )
Thanks Adam!


To wrap this all up, I’m pretty pumped for the summer coming (and winter for the south hemi UC’ers too) and if you can imagine it, I’m also pretty excited to get a brand new GI doc taking a look up “The Deep, the Dark, the Doo Doo Hole” super soon.  I wonder if he’ll let me film the procedure…that would be pretty strange eh… Does anybody know if dairy cows ever get colonoscopies?

– Adam Scheuer

To learn more about Feeling Crappy to Feeling Happy and the Colitis Package, click here


34 thoughts on “The Deep, The Dark, The Doo Doo Hole – An Adam Update”

  1. Awesome to hear your still doing well Adam! When I first started reading this and saw you are still medication free I thought “That’s great! But a lot of people make this claim and never back it up with proof they are in remission with a scope and biopsy test.” I don’t mean to doubt how are you are doing…just to say it would be awesome to see with a scope how your colon is actually doing! I’m looking forward to the results!

    1. THanks so much, I hope you are feeling good too, or at least on the rebound if times have been tough lately for you. I can’t make any promises on what this doc will or won’t allow as far as filming, but I sure hope he’s cool with it. I’ve only seen my insdies during sigmoidoscopies when I was really severe, and then a final one back in Nov 2009 when things had finally cleared up so would be great to see it going down. I’ll keep you all posted for sure!

      1. I’ll leave it up to you whether to post the pix, but AFAIK they *should* give you a page full of photos as a souvenir of your visit to ColonoscopyLand. I’ve always gotten them at both of the GI places I’ve been to (current one also gives em with sigmoidoscopies.) They’re handy to have with you next time you see a new doc. I’ve had UC since 97, so by now I have quite an adorable photo album of my colon through the years. This is fun too. Think I’ll Instagram them… ;-)

  2. Dairy cows? Mmmmm…not too sure.

    As always, a GREAT post Adam! I am stoked that you are med AND probiotic free!! You’re the cheapest UCer ever, then, right? You don’t spend money on anything except food! What a concept! Fabulous…I love it.

    I wish I had a GI in my area that was open minded, like the one you are going to see. We only have one. A young gal (young enough to be my daughter), so I was hopeful, but, alas, she is totally by the book, she is. She thinks fecal transplants are immoral, if you can believe it. Even though I am totally controlling my UC med free, she does not believe me. Such is life. All I take is probiotics, and she’s having non of that! Nonsense, she says…

    I CANNOT wait to hear what this doc you’re goig to see has to say. Please record it so that you don’t forget to tell us anything, okay? I really feel that new ideas about UC and other gut problems, are just around the corner. I can’t wait to do a jig when we all find out that we’re all gonna be okay! It’s coming…I can feel it.

    You and your wife have a terrific summer, my friend. Thanks to you, and this site, alot of us have a whole different outlook on life, and a whole lot more hope!! I hope you know how wonderful and special you are!!


    1. Hey Bev,

      First off, YOU ROCK! And I ain’t just saying that because of your nice comment here. You are one of the awesome UC’ers who reads everyone’s stories and posts such thoughtful words to people all over the world suffering! Bless you adn your family way up in the North!

      As far as this doc goes, I’ve got my hopes up pretty high that he’s gonna be a big supporter of how I’ve been handling things with my UC so far, and time will tell. I’m going off what the receptionist/medical assistant told me over the phone, but I pressed her pretty hard on what I was looking for and I really think she got the point.

      Have a great summer!! and for sure i’ll tell Michaela you say what’s up too!

  3. california karen

    adam, i swear you have gotten me through very teary days, thanks i am nearing the end of my bad flare, tomarrow i am swallowing a vidieo capsule; imagine that. going to yoga tonight but just gonna sit on the matt and take in relaxing music, i promised my hubby! have a great summer ;you rock!!!!!!!!

    1. THanks so much CK for the kind words! Chillin listening to yoga music all night, NOW that sounds like a relax ride to me. Enjoy every moment, and don’t forget to breathe…(how many times have you heard that during a yoga practice eh…:) Good luck with the capsule, I hope it works out well for you. take care, adam

  4. Thanks for the update and glad to hear you’re doing well. I am hanging in there myself. I did a business trip to Australia a couple of weeks ago – 33 hours from the door of my house to the door of my hotel. I had some anxieties about traveling that far and then going to work in an unfamiliar place (45 minute commute to work location) but I didn’t have any colitis issues at all while I was in Australia.


    1. Hey, what’s up Paul,

      good to hear from you, dang 33 hours, that’s some serious work travel, sounds like overtime/trippple time to me… That’s great your UC was in check and no karate chops needed:) I hope that continues for you and you good summertimes out your way. take care, -Adam

      1. Last summer, my wife and I went on a trip to Aruba. I had no colitis issues while I was there either – maybe I need to move overseas. However, even though I had no problems, I ran into a situation that would probably make any UC person panic. We bought tickets to go out on a boat with a glass bottom to look at the reef and when we show up to the dock, they tell me: “Make sure to use the restroom before you leave because there are none on the boat”. I’m like “How long is the trip?” A: “you’ll be out about two hours”. You can imagine all the scenarios that went through my mind. What am I going to do if that urgency hits? I figured if that situation occurred, I’d just take a dump in my wife’s back pack or something… or over the side… but anyway, nothing happened, the trip was great, but you know, I never could feel totally relaxed and comfortable in that situation..

        1. Paul,
          I woke up last night with thoughts of people crapping in my backpack while taking the metro to work, I think I know where these thoughts came from:). I think we should call you “the international colitis man of mystery” with all your travels:). Take care buddy

      2. OBTW, I don’t get paid overtime for traveling outside of work hours.. and I had to leave on Mother’s day… but Australia is a cool place to visit. I would go back. Even though it was mostly work while I was there, a few of us did visit some wine country and did some tasting.


  5. Hey Paul, I think there is a link to warmth and UC troubles. See “Tails from a toilet seat”

    Yes, Bev rocks (from Canada), and so do you Adam. This has been a great site to happen upon (while in the seated position with wireless laptop in lap). It has helped me to no end to hear that I am not the only one with these problems, and that most of us have the same problems with our doctors.

    My flare has been greatly reduced since starting something resembling the SCD diet, and especially with probiotics, From 30+ times per day, every 20 mins, to 5-6 times per day. Thank you for that.
    So I go to my GI for an appt, (called in by me the 1st week in May during the 30+ time in panic, finally get to see him May 31.) I tell him that I was 30 + times, now 5-6 times after diet changes and probiotics.
    He says, “Ah, the Asacol must have kicked in.”

    “Ummm, ahhh, right ya” I said as I looked at him with disbelief.

    Anyway, off to work again.

    Happy summer to one and all. Thank you again for this awesome site.

    and happy movements.


    1. Eric, I really could not be happier to hear about your progress with the probiotics. It takes time to see the results…but you do see them eventually, right?!

      I firmly believe in probiotics and diet. I think that the two together are the key…


    2. ‘The asacol must have kicked in’…hah…doctors want so badly to be right…

      I missed that when I was reading your post the first time, Eric, but I caught it the second time around.

      Wow! Unbelievable…

  6. Awesome Adam…I bet everything is on CD/DVD now like when you get an MRI and they give you that without even asking anymore…probably there aren’t too many people interested in having a copy of their “deep dark doo doo hole” tour! Like Hopskotch said we know there are pics (I let my GI doc. Keep my album…very big one-about 30 years worth from every angle! :-)
    Hope your new Doc. lives up to your expectations and may you have an easy prep. and clean, clear and HEALTHY report! :-)
    Good health, Shelly

    1. thx Shelly!

      I’m pretty pumped to meet up with this guy, it turns out less than a week now, so just around the corner. Have a great weekend out in Maine! Take care, and thanks for the good luck wishes!

  7. I foresee an updated Adam style video of the cult classic “Fantastic Voyage” film of 1966!! :-) :-) Huh Adam?!

  8. Hey Adam,
    Thanks for the update!
    First off best of luck bro!
    Its great to hear from you again, and it sounds like this doctor could be the real deal! heck yes!
    Definitely not the most exciting procedure for anyone to go through,but I think you should be excited to see if everything is healing up in thee ole poo poo.
    Are you going to drink that nasty prep stuff to get everything cleansed?
    I just thought back to when I drank the two bottles of that nasty citrus laxative stuff, ole did my ass burnnnnn, the juice was looooose!.
    I was wondering if you looked into any natural laxatives to get yourself all cleaned up?
    Maybe you could arrange a way with the doc to stream the video on the website live for us too all see haha, but if that doesnt go well with the doc, you best be getting us a HD video to slap on youtube!
    Anyways man I know you will do good, and I know the results are going to be great!
    Take it easy man!!
    Johnny Drama

    1. Yo Drama,

      I’m not sure yet what’s gonna happen with the colon cleanse pre-scoping aka “a-hole violation ceremony”. I was thinking about asking if I just chugged a ton of water if that would work… I’m surely not looking too forward to the big jug of yellow solution stuff eh…

      Thanks for the kind words though bud, always good to hear from you. Did you email Esalen about the internship program yet???? I sure think you should! That place I bet is way up your alley.

      Im hoping I’ll be able to bust out some video of the whole deal. Believe me, I’m WAY interested in seeing with my own eyes what the deep dark doodie hole looks like.

      Peace brother,

      1. Have fun Adam, I find the prep is soothing and no poo for a few days after which is nice. I’ve been working on the SCD diet. I’m still waiting on ECU so I can buy your book but I love your site! Best of Luck to you! I’m enjoying Beautiful Colorado weather while floating in my pool. Thanks for all your support.

      2. Hey Adam,
        Big yellow jug you say? Not sure if it’s available to you guys, but here in Canada, Toronto to be specific, there is an alternative. Two little packages of powder that you mix it a glass of water. You drink one first thing in the morning and the other in the afternoon. It’s so much better than drinking the 4L of ass! I can get the name if you like I still have some at home. Let me know if your interested.

        1. What up Laura,

          would be great to know the name Laura if you get around to it, thx for the help!

          I met the doc today, super duper dude, seems like he’s way booked with scopes, so trying to get in for July or maybe not until August. but maybe someone will cancel sooner. I can’t wait to see what the insides look like!

          1. Adam…I know of what Laura speaks. It’s called PICO SILEX and it tastes like TANG , I swear!

            I had it for my last colonoscopy and it was SO EASY to drink, compared to that huge jug or the small bottles of fleet enemas, both of which sucked. You will be ever so pleasantly surprised with this stuff.

            When I get my next c-scope…I’m not as afraid because of the PICO SILEX!!…hope I spelled it correctly…ask for it by name…

            Cheers, and happy probing,

        2. PICO SILEX, Laura, I brelieve it’s called, and yes, it was SO much better than all those other preps I’ve had to drink!

          A pleasure, almost…lol


  9. Hi all

    Just found this site recently and find it really helpful, im 28 and from ireland and was diagnosed March 2011 and was treated with steroids and asacol and was back to normal up until last week (DOH)….kind of taught they got it wrong and i was actually fine all along (rookie mistake)…its great to relate to so many people here…

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