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Juliette in the Hospital

sick in the hospital


My name is Juliette and I’m a 19 year old female. I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis about two years ago on my 17th birthday. So sad! I was born and raised in California but moved to Colorado about 7 months ago. I love God, classic rock, fashion, being active, I love my family, have an amazing boyfriend and hope to become a dental hygienist one day (once I can actually start going back to school, which will be soon now!!!!).


My current symptoms are NO pain, NO blood, smaller and less bowel movements, the stool is more formed, and a little gassy. HAH!


When I was first diagnosed with UC two years ago, it was quite mild and I was doing fine with Asacol HD. Once in a while when I’d get a flare I’d be put on Prednisone and it would really help. My doctor had told me to stick with a “low-residue” kind of diet which consisted of white bread, canned peaches, jello, white rice, etc. NO FIBER. So, for the past two years I’ve been mostly on that diet with not a lot of fruits and vegetables (unless it was cooked) and not much whole wheats and grains. That’s what my doctor told me. He also said that diet had nothing to do with it, that UC was just an autoimmune disease. So I would basically eat whatever I wanted and cut out more of the fibrous foods. Well, that explains the fact that for the past 6 months now I’ve had the worst flare-up ever. Prednisone stopped working for me, Asacol stopped working, I was in such bad pain and losing lots of blood. My doctor told me that I now have a severe case of UC and my only two options left are Remicade infusions or surgery. Im only 19 and to have my life split on this decision was horrific. I was recently in the hospital and decided to take Remicade, even tho I was rooting for surgery. I wanted my colon out of me! It was sooooo painful. In the hospital, they gave me fried chicken, bread, mashed potatoes and gravy, milk, cake, whatever my heart desired because like every doctor has told me, diet has nothing to do with it. I came back home feeling ok, but it only took a couple days til I was in pain and bleeding all over the place. I was through! I decided to take MY life in MY own hands and not have the doctors treat me like a guinea pig. The doctors are so stupid. I do not understand why they do this. ULCERATIVE COLITIS IS ALL ABOUT DIET!!! Thats the answer. The doctors don’t want you

colitis girl with boyfriend

with my Boyfriend

to believe that so they can keep you on their drugs and take your money. Thats what it is all about. Don’t let them do that to you! I was changed by this video: PLEASE WATCH! And by Dr. Weil’s Anit-Inflammatory Food Pyramid ( It just all makes sense. I am still in the process of healing because I have just recently started the diet, but all my pain and blood and heartache is GONE! I have my life back and am so excited to see what this does to me in the long run. Please try these foods and diet before surgery and the harsher drugs. NOTHING w orked for me but this! Take control of your life and do your own research. Don’t let your doctors suck you dry and kill you. Do it for your life! I know it will help anyone. If it could help me, it can help you.

Colitis Medications:

Asacol HD- worked at first but stopped. I’m hoping to get back on this soon.
Prednisone- worked great at first but stopped as well. HATE THIS DRUG!!!! I’ve been on this since day 1 and it’s scary.
Imuran- Made me worse!! It felt like it was killing me. I was bleeding A LOT on this.
Remicade- Was able to get my symptoms down a bit, but with the wrong diet, the symptoms all came back.

written by Juliette

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4 thoughts on “The Cure – Get Your Life Back!”

  1. Hi Juliette,

    Thank you very much for posting your story. It’s been a few days since you sent it in, and I’m curious as to how you are feeling today.

    In reading over your story, I’m definitely happy for you and your family, but at the same time I’m concerned. It seems that you are completely under the impression that “doctors are so stupid” and that they are only practicing medicine to “keep you on their drugs and take your money”.

    Although I can understand why you might feel that way, (and don’t think you are the first person who has voiced that type of opinion), I differ significantly with you in many ways. Although I have not met the doctors/physicians that you have worked with, it would be hard to imagine that is what their goal is.

    But, no matter what my opinions on doctors or your opinions on medications are, I think there is something much more important that as a relatively new UC patient you and everyone else should realize. Here it is:

    We are all in this together. UC symptoms when they are present lick a big fat stinky butt hole. We all know that. What is even worse though, is trying to put symptoms into remission(with whatever treatment you choose) when your attitude and thinking is going negative or if you are thinking up conspiracy theories. That’s what I’m getting at. Positive thinking, and not worrying about things that are out of your control is almost always going to help you live a happy normal life. And, with reducing the stress that negative thinking springs up in your brain, it will do wonders for you immune system specifically with regards to the adrenaline and cortisol release that is part of how we evolved as humans.(the book “Brain Rules” by Dr. John Medina has an entire chapter on exactly what stress is and how it effects our bodies and immune system. Dr. Medina is a super guy, and if you are ever planning on having children, I’d highly recommend you check out his website and subscribe to his blog too. I love reading his newsletters.)

    At the end of the day, I’m thrilled that you are finding your way to healing. I think you’re going to do great, and I can’t wait to hear how things turn up for you. And lastly, one of the main reasons im writting you such a long reply here is because you remind me of how I was once I found out about diet and the effects it was having on my system/UC. And just like you, I was thinking that for sure the doctors were out to get me. I was telling this same thinking even to my stepdad who has been a practicing physician way before i was even born. And over the course of time, the light went on. No need to worry about things out of my control. And guess what….my poops became even harder somehow…

    Good luck Juliette, and good luck with your boyfriend!


  2. OrdinaryWorldWhereRU

    I think it is wonderful that you have found some relief through diet. There is a perspective that I would like to share. I hope that you come to believe that not all doctors are in the business to keep people medicated and take all of their money. My doctor has been very candid about the fact that they don’t know what causes IBD for certain. Subsequently he says don’t know what to do to cure it. They can’t take the chance to tell a person to try this diet or that diet but have to go with what they believe will assist based on scientific studies. To do otherwise would open them up to malpractice because if they do and the damage continues unabated, a person can lose their colon or even their life. Medicines can and do save people’s lives every day. Medicine put my grandmother’s cancer into remission for decades as an example. There are so many doctors out there who do care and the hope is that those who don’t are found out rather quickly. Again, I do think it is wonderful that you have found relief through diet and I hope that your good health only continues. Thanks for sharing the links and your story. Its always good to hear of positive outcomes.

  3. Desperate Husband

    Juliette, I’m going to begin the same regimen as you. I have not had success with any other method of treatment whatsoever. I have read Dr. Klein’s book but never wanted to try something I perceive as so miserable. Well, last resort now. How are you coming along. I’d love to hear about your experiences some more. -DH

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