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The Colitis Flare Beat Down Party – Getting out of My FLARE

Hey Everyone, thanks so much for watching.  One thing that is important for everyone to understand is that I was in a MODERATE FLARE when I started this diet.

My colitis symptoms were definitely active, and I was using the toilet 4-8 times per day.

With this said, by sticking to the diet, and not breaking the rules at all, I was able to come out of the flare.

(For you Hard Core SCD Diet people’s, you might want to remove the bacon from the meals, mainly because its hard to be positive that it does not contain any sugars.  If I was in a worse flare, I would have done without the bacon until symptoms got better)

Just a few days after shooting this video, I was back to making up my morning smoothies once again. I actually was making them not only for breakfast but for lunch and sometimes for snacks during the day too.(Man I missed that sweet taste…)

But you need to be careful. Once you start to see some relief in terms of your symptoms getting better. DO NOT RUSH back into eating other foods and think you are HOME FREE. Colitis symptom shave a nasty habit of getting a bit better and then getting out of control again if you let them.

Once again, feel free to read up more on the diet I follow on the “DIET PAGE” (which you probably already have done I’m hoping.)

Best regards,

-Adam Scheuer

If you are still having a hard time with your UC and you want to read my whole UC story, I’d encourage you to read the ebooks I’ve written for the UC’ers out there who are struggling with symptoms and are looking to start feeling better. You can read more and learn the specifics of what I’m talking about from this link:  eBOOKS Download Page

51 thoughts on “The Colitis Flare Beat Down Party – Getting out of My FLARE”

  1. Thanks Adam
    You are my inspiration to continue on the SCD………..Last night was my first ever (since aged 17)new years eve without alcohol! I’ve been really sticking to the diet this week but today feel terrible with lots of bad pain in my legs and trips to the loo. But thanks for making me laugh and happy new year to you and your family.

    1. I literally flinched when you went to Whole Foods!! Aren’t you gluten free? I would never trust outside sources for food when a flare is going on, even if your not GF. You were so careful about everything else?

      1. Hey Bonnie,

        I understand you’re point for sure, but I’ve eaten at whole foods hundreds of time while in remission and things work out fine for me. Maybe i’m just lucky with what I pick at the salad bar, but i definitely think there are all sorts of great things someone like me can find that works well for eating at a place like that. Have you had some bad experiences at any particular places recently?

  2. Hi Adam, just want to say thanks for all your support I get from reading posts/video clips on this site. It makes me feel so much better every time I come on this site! Your video clips are so funny but helpful too! Sandra

    1. Hey Sandra,
      Thanks so much! :)
      I’m so happy.

      I know how hard it can be when you are not feeling good and dealing with active colitis symptoms, it’s definitely one of the hardest experiences to be living through, but it doesn’t go on forever and that’s what we all need to be reminded of. Take care Sandra,

  3. Laura from Toronto

    Thanks Adam for such a great video! Since I am a newbie on the scd this gave me a little more insight. In the beginning especially, I think this is the perfect little companion.
    Super wicked! (and now it appears twice :)) )

  4. Adam,
    Just diagnosed and in the middle of severe flare up. Best video so far for me. As a newbie I question everything, and am scared. Seeing day to day actual food and hearing the “poop update” was eye opening. I get hungry for comfort food and can’t quite figure out my “go to” food yet. I have greatly appreciated your website and the time you give to all of us. Thanks for making a difference in my life.

    1. hey Debbie,

      Whats up! Thanks for the reply, and i’m definitely happy that someone like you enjoyed the video. it was kinda strange recording everything I was eating for a week, and all the other added side show stuff, but its worth it and make sense when another UC’er appreciates it.

      As much as the disease is really strange, sometimes scary, and always REAL NEW to a newly diagnosed person(as I was not too long ago) you’re gonna be alright. A little bit of time, and getting used to some of the changes, and then also getting used to however you decide to treat yourself just takes some time. The one thing I can promise you is the severe pain DOES NOT LAST FOREVER.

      The video you wathched was from me back in october I think in 2011. That was actually a relatively minor flare. The one I had before my diagnossis and right after was probably 10 times worse and more severe, causing me to stop in my tracks and lay down all sorts of places due to the horriblly wicked cramping etc… (you might know exactly what I mean) but, like everything, it did eventually stop and get better.

      thanks for your comment again, always good to hear from people who are part of the SPECIAL “colitis tribe”.


  5. What’s up with the FALL season? My last two flares were in Nov. 2011 and now Oct. 2012. Anyone else have similar experience?

    1. Crazy right, I don’t think you’re alone. Super hard to pinpoint though what the triggers may/may not be. Either way, best of luck with getting out of the flare.

    2. I heard flares are autoimmune and related to allergies somehow… so many folks have flares in the fall and spring…. when people with allergies tend to experience problems. Interesting! We need more research – please!!

      1. Hi,

        I’ve found that every year I get the same flares (ever since I move to NYC) in Jan/Feb. I’ve also notice that during winter months I become vitamin D deficient and there might be as association with colitis activity

        The only other study I found about seasonal flares was done in Japan in case you are interested

        I wish there was a broader study about that because it can be related to different things, in my case particularly the Vitamin D deficiency makes sense although allergies might play a part as well but I don’t know.

  6. I am new here and Have had UC for one year, I am now 22. Currently I am in a bad flare. My stool is starting to harden but there is still blood and horrible pains while going to the bathroom and lower back pain throughout the day. Right now I am taking Lialda, some kind of steroid and an enema. For some reason I cannot hold the enema medicine for more than an hour. I am considering starting the diet to get into remission but right now I am on a low fiber low residue diet and I am afraid the SCD diet will make the flare worse. Advice about any of this would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Anthony,

      I understand where you are coming from. Do not worry, things will get better. Number one thing, and it is the toughest thing to do for any UCer, whether a veteran or a newbie, let go of the fear. Ha, this advice comes from a guy that used to freak out during flares himself but guess what, fear and stress do not help at all. Start the SCD today! Do not wait, if anything it will ease the pain in the next few days and guess what drives your fear and stress –> pain and blood. It is not only tough to deal with it physically but also mentally – it takes a toll on your psyche. Enemas did nothing for me either but getting out of flares was much quicker with SCD than any other diet I tried and I tried them all. Start very simply, cook up some chicken soup and sip the broth and eat the meat. If you’re all torn up, don’t even eat the carrots for the first few days. Best of luck and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know. Drink lots and lots of water but make sure you get electrolytes in, not just straight water. That’s where the salty broth comes in.

  7. i’m on day 2 of the scd intro diet and having the worst headaches ever. just a lot of brain fog. i had started the paleo diet in august which got my bm’s down to 4-7x a day from 15x a day, but the bleeding and cramping with bm’s was/is still there. same with the intense urgency. i’m hoping the intro diet will help but i don’t know if it will. i hate eating nothing but eggs, meat, and broth. i feel so miserable on this diet right now.

  8. Aghhh! This was awesome. My husband (who also can tell you about the smell o’ colitis) and I laughed a lot. I am definitely going to try this. Missed work today from joint pain and I haven’t slept well in a week. I’m not sure I can do the red meat or all the veggies, but I’ll try! Those usually make my cramping worse. :( great job.

  9. I am a ectomorph with a super high metabolism and when I have a flare’ I have about 2 weeks to stop it or my I will start losing a pound every few days until I die. What I noticed with my bleeding is when I ate nothing but Bok choy for 2 days and not bleed one bit but would immediately start bleeding BM with in 15 minutes if I ate anything else, like plain rice. It seems as if the bleeding is direct result of something irritating the body; which brings me right to allergenic foods. It’s easy to imagine an allergenic food causing a shock to the whole body when consumed, the ulcers at that point will have been so sensitive that constricting blood vessels might be all it takes to open them up.

    I don’t believe its really about eating healthy food, its about eating foods that you are not allergenic to. I had a acupuncturist tell me, through a questionable testing, that I was allergic to flax seeds. Healthy or not, anyone can be allergic to anything as we are all a little different.

  10. Hi Adam,
    I have to commend you for making these videos while in a flare. I am so fatigued while in a flare and I certainly don’t have your sense of humor during those times. But, I think you have a positive outlook that I need to adapt. I’ve had UC for 14 years. I was diagnosed in 2000 and it was a scary
    time for me and my family. Luckily, I came through that ordeal but I have never really accepted this horrible disease. I keep telling myself that I really don’t have it – but I do!!! I just started the scd diet about 5-6 days ago and I think I am feeling better. I’m on pred for almost a month so it might be the pred but I somehow feel the food on the diet is soothing and healing. The chicken soup has been fabulous and I made the 24 hour yogert as well – delicious. This flare I’m in now started because I quit smoking. I quit on 9/20/2013 and within about a couple of weeks I was in
    a full flare. I should have realized that this was a possibility as I have been told by my doctor(s)
    previously that smoking is protective of UC. It’s the nicotine, but again they don’t know why. Anyway, I am going to try to stay a positive as you Adam. I am really impressed with your sense of humor and energy that you seem to be able to display. Thanks for the videos. Take care.

    1. What up Joan!

      Super glad you’re enjoying the videos. It was one of my new year’s resolutions for 2014 to make more than last year, so gonna try to keep that rolling. Best of luck to you in getting out of the symptoms and back into remission.


  11. Hi Adam,
    I have just come across this website and have found so much useful information. I was diagnosed with UC 18 months ago but have not had my symptoms under control for most of that time. I am currently having a pretty bad flare up (been building for 6 months but at it’s worst over the past 3 weeks) and am not responding to my meds (mesalazine granules and enemas). I am trying everything I can to avoid steroids. I have just started restricting my diet but looking at your diet think I need to restrict it much more (and drink more water!) I have a sweet tooth so struggle with that when trying to cut out the sugar (any suggestions?).

    I’m only just starting to tell people about my UC and it’s symptoms – it’s really not a nice topic, so is nice to find a forum where everyone understands what I am going through without needing to explain the ins and outs.

  12. Adam,

    Thanks for your zaney video’s, I’ve been suffering from UC for several years.
    I know that diet plays an important in keeping this beat down, so after watching
    your video I’m encouraged. Is the honey working for you, I use honey as sweetner
    in my coffee, but I think I may have to let the coffee go.



    1. Hey Doug,
      Glad you’re watching the videos. As for honey working, YES, I use honey exclusively to sweeten things up from drinks to salad dressings. I’m not sure how I’d survive without bees.
      Best to you, adam

  13. this video is great! i know i will be able to follow this EXCEPT i find it hard to give up my morning 2shots of espresso with nondairy creamer…. any ideas about alternative caffeine sources. it’s hard to work without some caffeine…….

  14. I was watching your video, our stories are very similar I actually just started my first dose of humira today. Now I’m very scared, the doctors made it seem like this was the last resort so I went with it. I’m only 21 so it just makes this hard, friends never understand. I have started changing my diet but I don’t know how to go about with the medication… I don’t want this side effects you experienced. Did the change of diet make you go back to normal? I’m tired of doctor appts and medicines.

    1. Hey Ashleigh,

      Thanks for writing and most definitely this stuff can be scary at times, but keep your head up. There’s ALOT of people like you and me with UC who’ve gone from being sick to getting back in the swing of things and living some pretty cool lives once again. it will for sure be you soon too. DON’T forget that. You’ll be telling that same thought to another UC’er someday too.

      As for diet changes helping me get back to normal… Yes. It was a big change for me as i’d never been on any “diet” before, but it was needed for me and i’m really happy to have made the move (against what all the docs had said to me up to that point back in August 2009.)

      Hang in there, and thanks again for being part of the site:)

      1. Hi everyone!
        For all of us who have UC…. I have only two things to say… Diet Eliminate Stress!!! I have found this to me HUGE!!! I can’t believe that doctors don’t tell everyone this! I know it makes all the difference to many people I know who have UC. Please…. eat bland, avoid spicy and gassy type foods, avoid popcorn and corn in general and avoid nuts. Avoid anything that isn’t soft or would be scratching and scraping your colon as it moves through. Drink non gassy drinks, avoid caffeine and carbonated drinks. Don’t eat much dairy… at least not several days in a row. Drink lots of water. As for stress, avoid it at all costs! I’m telling you…. when you get rid of the stress and eat what I am suggesting….. you will feel sooooo much better. Trust me it works! Hang in there! It is truly possible! :)

  15. Hi Adam,had a good laugh watching your video today,as I really enjoy your quirky sense of humour,had extremely painfull abdominal pain last night,no sleep and spent night on toilet
    I have tried to contact you on several occasions but emails just bounce back.I have LUPUS in the GUT with all the GI problems imaginable.I would like to link up with other South Africans with GI problems and communicate with others on your site
    Great to know you are feeling better Kindest Regards from Kim Johannesburg South Africa

  16. Hi Adam and everyone!

    Thrilled to have found this site and book and diet book. Following the ‘get out of flare’ diet but the headaches are terrible! I know some headache meds are no go with UC so have been having paracetamol which are not working – any recommendations? I am in UK so if there’s anyone else who knows what we have here with any advice I would appreciate it xx

    1. Hi Joanna,

      So glad you’re here! And thanks for joining in on the UC chats! And a BIG “what’s up!:)” to you and the rest of us in the UK!!

      Headaches…yikers, don’t they tick you off right. Well, its for sure somewhat common for UC’ers to come down with some withdrawl like headaches when changing over the diet and mainly cutting out the carbohydrates that are often the main culprit to the inflammation that we deal with in our colons. But, if you can take the positive out of it, its usually pretty common to see some real positive rebound with symptoms getting much better if you’re feeling headaches(meaning that you’re actually starting to get to the root of the diet-theory related cause of the inflammation).

      As for treating the headaches…they don’t last for too long. Maybe a few days, maybe less or a tad bit more in most cases. I myself did not treat them with anything other than drinking some more water and that seems to help quite a few.) But going back to the sugars and carbs that the brain is trying so hard to get you to eat is definitely not the answer.

      Anyone with some other ideas how Joanna can get past this tuff stage??:)


    1. Hey Joanna,

      I myself have never taken a probiotic drink, and I made sure to limit my drink(s) to water exclusively while getting out of the nasty colitis flare symptoms. But that said, I’m sure there are some people from the site and beyond who have had positive experiences with a probiotic drink, it’s just not something I’d be doing myself unless I was absolutely certain of what was mixed in with the drink.

  17. I am soooo bored with eggs! LOL. Any other breaky suggestions? My flare is not bad at all at the moment – loose at times but only twice a day and minimal blood. Just starting to try and re-introduce other things into my diet very slowly.

    Any advice on other breakfasts would be good!

    Taking it steady – Hope you’re all good x

  18. Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the video. I’m 25, currently in the worst flare I’ve ever had, and I needed the solidarity in this video. So here’s my situation that I don’t see talked about a lot:

    I’ve always been very athletic and first noticed symptoms in 2007 while running a lot. Docs did an ultrasound, found gallstones, and had my gallbladder taken out. Lo and behold, a couple years later into college, the symptoms are back while doing long distance runnig. I was also drinking alcohol for the first time as I was 21. Binged one night and then had a 6 month hangover as my gut was pretty much wrecked. Got diagnosed with mild Crohns (indeterminate), and I took Asacol for about a year. Wanted to get of the drugs so I stopped them, stopped exerting myself so much physically, and restricted my diet to no alcohol, no spicy, less fatty, low residue, and less gluten. I had a 3 year remission with only traces of blood and the occasional diarrhea (chalked up to either fissures or hemorrhoids).

    But then, about 3 months ago, I got a sinus infection, went on doxycycline, and my stomach went haywire. Got off the drugs, recovered, and soldiered on. But then for fun soon after, I tried a few days worth of the Insanity workouts, and I got violently ill. Tried to relax and calm my body for several weeks after, but the bleeding and cramps got progressively worse over the next couple months. I continued exercise (mostly road biking) while trying to stay within reason (I have asthma too so when I aggravate that, it seems to set off my stomach). Nevertheless, symptoms keep worsening and here I was a week ago with terrible cramping and diarrhea after every meal and drink. Went to the doc, tried Delzicol for a few days, and the cramping got a bit better with worse bleeding. Then they decided to do colonoscopy and upper endoscopy. Tried the prep and had to stop half way through because of the absolute worst pain of my life. Cramping felt like I was being given an Indian sunburn on top of third degree burns. With rubbing alcohol mixed in for fun.

    So the tests revealed severe ulceration and inflammation in the majority of my colon. Put me on 60mg of Prednisone a day for a week, and now down to 50mg. I want to get off this as soon as possible because I’m already having side effects (anxiety/mood swings), and I’m missing work. My poops are less watery but still loose and mucousy, and they still have blood on them. I’ve never known what a lot of blood is… The bowl has never been all red. It has only ever been covering the poop or tinged red if it’s super watery. I seem to be worst in the morning and night, and stress only amplifies things.

    I want to get off Pred ASAP and avoid all drugs if possible. I have never tried SCD but really want to immediately. What I want to know is if other people struggle with exercise like this and if has ever caused flares.

    How can I return to my super active lifestyle without needing all the toxic drugs?

    Thanks again for posting and thanks for reading/answers!

    1. Hi Pat,

      Thanks for sharing. I’m pretty sure you’re much more hardcore than me in terms of physical activity, but a few years after my diagnosis I trained and completed the half marathon in Las Vegas which benefited the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Anyways, the whole expereince was great, minus the flare up I got myself into. The timing of it for sure coincided with the major increase in physical activity. I went from not running at all for maybe 10 plus years…to running several miles a day, and that just was too much of a shock to my system. I had been doing great on SCD diet alone for quite some time up to that point, so you can never really pinpoint things with absolute certainty…but I’m pretty certain it played a part. And, yes indeed, there are other people who have mentioned the same type of experience with heavy physical activity leading to flares in their own opinions too. So you/me and others are not the only ones.

      But, good news is physical activity is for sure possible, while also keeping and maintaining remission. Just last summer I was working full time on a hardcore beef and veggie organic farm, lifting way/weigh more weight than usual (throwing 50 pound bags of chicken feed over the shoulder) and moving pigs and cows all over the place…moving electric fences etc… all day long Long story short, I maintained my dieting rules I’ve set for myself and things were fine. Being out off the grid and keeping the mind away from most stress (besides the daily worry of being trampled by the pigs during feeding time…) was certainly a bonus.

      As for returning to your super active lifestyle, I’d take things in steps. No need to think about super athletic stuff at the moment until symptoms are better and your colon is healed. Then, baby steps back into things that are physical is what I’d do and recommend to anyone else. The body can most definitely heal itself (even from the worst of flares as I know from previous awful experiences), but taking it easy and getting back into things slowly is key. So again, I’d think in terms of getting back to a good physical routine in months and years instead of days and weeks. It’s worked well for many others, and for sure can for you too.

      Take care and keep up the positive thinking,

  19. Adam,

    Have you been able to get off your medications due to this diet? I am trying the paleo diet to see if it helps.
    So far I’ve been off Imuran for 3

    1. Yes, I’ve been off medications for quite a few years now since my diagnosis back in 2008 and the diet has played a huge part in it for sure:)

  20. Hey Adam.

    I know this video is “old”, but I just wanted to post and say I made your bacon-wrapped chicken breasts tonight, and they were great! I sauteed up some zucchini, onions, carrots and garlic too! All yummy. I described your cooking style to a friend as “laid back dude cooking”. I know, not all dudes cook simply, but you do, and I love it. You show that you don’t have to cook all these complicated meals (which is the last thing you want to spend time and energy on during a flare) to get the foodage you need. My flare keeps hanging on by its fingertips, and I am hoping to beat it down with some of your ideas. Thanks!!

  21. Hi all! Just got home from the hospital with the Hubby after his colonoscopy, and what do ya know, he has severe UC :( We were hoping the diagnosis was something a little less life altering, but thank goodness for websites such as this that show us that there are loads of people to help and support us! For 3 months now my husband has been having pretty horrific symptoms; with the last 2 weeks in particular being extremely MISERABLE (I’ve never seen nor heard of anything like it, until now). It has completely ruined his fun-loving spirit and attitude. He reminds me so much of Adam, always singing, dancing, entertaining everyone around him, and the “go-to” guy for a laugh and mood lifter upper. It has been heart breaking to watch! I feel like this whole experience has made us put our lives on hold. It affects his work, our relationship, him as a father, and just every day life. We have a one year old and recently found out we’re expecting again, so as you can imagine, it has been damn tough! As my son is napping and the hubby is sleeping off his medication from the procedure today, I am on my way to the store to stock up on groceries and everything Adam listed in the UC FLARE BEAT DOWN!! Got my notes and I am determined to get my husband back on track :) I just wanted to thank Adam for the video as well as everyone else for listing their tricks and tips that have worked for them. Welp I’m off to combat!

  22. Hi Adam, loved the video and tips.
    You were the first website i came across when my then 14 year old son also called ADAM was diagnosed with UC 2 years ago.. Luckily for us we went private and got him into remission straight away with the dreaded Preds. Hes been on Azath and Messazaline and been great with no change to his diet. He also has a NUT ALLERGYso really careful about food i guess…. Being a mum you cant help being helpless for them….
    we see his GI every 6 months now with regular blood work…..
    just wanted to say a bug thanks to you as i get your emails and find the info very helpful…
    i came across this video as a few months ago my son had small amounts/straks of fresh blood in his formed stools and freaked out. We mentioned to the GI who said to keep an eye on it as its perfectly normal and if it got worse to get back to him to increase the meds… it slowly died down after around 6 weeks…. Adam has noticed the bleeding again and i nearly suffered a mini-cardiac as he will be sitting his exams in 6 weeks!
    ive been on poop patrol ;)
    anyhow, i wanted to say a mahoosive thanks to to as the video was informative….
    ps. did you know i mention you in my prayers? well i do!
    stay happy and blessed… love all the way from Banstead, England xx

  23. Hello,
    I was diagnosed with ulcerative proctitis last year. It wasn’t terrible, just inflammation, no bleeding, little urgency. But over the past year, and more so past 3-6 months it has gotten progressively worse. Over the past two weeks my symptoms have become awful, I think I am experiencing my first flare up. There have been two days with no symptoms in the past 10 days but besides that, upset stomach, urgency, a lot of mucus and bloody mucus passing through. I feel like I can’t eat. I have an appt with my GI next week, I have been using CANASA suppositories for the past 12 days and they don’t seem to be doing much. Last Thursday and Friday were the worst, I went to the bathroom 10-15 times. Is the CANASA helping? Should the bleeding stop? Are these normal symptoms of a flare up? How long can a flare last? I am still new to this and I am worried which is why I made a GI appointment….is there a max amount of days of bleeding that one should endure? any insight is greatly appreciated. I am a healthy 23 year old, I cut out dairy recently, but I am pretty much scared to eat anything.

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Thank you for joining the site and unfortunately the symptoms and thinking you are in the middle of is all too common for us UC folks when symptoms are present.
      I would recommend for you to write down on paper all your questions and bring them to your next doctor appointment. That will make it easier for you to get answers directly from your doc. Bleeding and symptoms are unique in terms of duration for everyone and also can be very different for specific flare ups. There are over 2500 pages on this site. Maybe best for you to do some reading on some of the stories and the comments to slowly hear from others experiences.

  24. Hi Adam, I have been following your site for quite awhile but I have not actually watched many of your videos and will decided tonight. I have had active colits since my flare many years ago from server to mild, acute then back to sever which is really disappointing. I have tried to do the diet scene but I am terrible at diets. I am so time poor I commute many hours a day so I would love some tips ideas for someone like me who is very time poor. I mean I am that bad I sometimes don’t have time to grab breakfast or making lunch and dinner time I’m home so late I found quick and easy and don’t really want to cook that much. so take out sushi and gluten free bread is my go to,. so it is obviously not helping as I am still flaring. I am on infliximab but not helping me either its getting pretty down any ideas would love to hear from you and or fellow I have UC followers. Cheers and thanks

    1. Hi Anne,

      Thanks for writing in.

      I would start by trying to really get away from the gluten free bread and going bread free. If you have 5 minutes in the morning (come on…tell me you can scrounge up 5 minutes…or set the alarm a tad bit earlier…) You can make the smoothie I make. I am sure that you can find all these ingredients just about anywhere in the world.
      Here is the link to that:

      Heck, some days, I make that twice for two differnet meals. Also…if you can, try adding in some cinnamon spice which also has some anti-inflammatory claims from many a UC’ers!.

      Let me know how that goes for you as a start.


      1. I think no bread at all is the best way to go yet , the gluten free bread might not be the problem. Gluten is found in any pastry, sweet cakes, in many foods you buy from supermarket,or restaurants, in some drinks like beer or other cereal based beverages. Also muesli is based on gluten cereals! I think there are also diary products that can contain traces of gluten… Anne, also said she buy ready made food(like sushi which theoretically is ok but you never know what exactly is that made from) and that ‘s really not good, at all .However,for my, gluten free was like a miracle… No flares for more than 5 months now.As I said in my comment below. going gluten free means , full gluten free. Not only bread but also anything that might contain any gluten trace.

  25. The Jimmy Cliff song you sang at the beginning is my toilet anthem too! I laughed so hard the first time I thought of it while on the toilet. Humor always helps! That is one reason I like your videos so much.


  26. Thank you Adam for doing this and your video. Funny! :) It does help a lot in my case. I have been fighting with UC for a long time. I was diagnose Feb. 2007 and Dr said I have to take medication and other infusion they are giving me for the rest of my life. I hated to hear it but it does help and sometimes when I get flare ups, it just kills me. Of course have to watch what I eat even though I have been eating right and exercise but I don’t know how I got this disease but I have to live with it for the rest of my life. I don’t like taking medication or any other sort of drugs but what can I say. Thank you and all the comments out there. You are not alone. We are all part of this and we just have to think positive and not think of it.

  27. Hello guys!

    I wrote here because I found a cure for my problem( daily strong flares for couple of moths) and I want to share this with everyone.Maybe it will help. Everything started almost 3 years ago with the first flare, after a long night out, so I thought is maybe because of the drinks…It happen gain after 2-3 months yet this time it was sudden and without nay reason( no going out, no weird food eaten that week.. then happen after one month, and from that moment, came back more and more often , therefore, 6 months ago it was almost daily :( I did a lot of exams during all this time , including gastroscopy, endoscpy, screenings. They took blood samples , a lot of other samples, etc… Always the result was none.No medic was able to give me at least a decent diagnostic. I took a lot of pills , including antibiotics. I kept a very tight diet excluding milk and any diary products, sugar, meat, etc… I lost weight and became very tired. No diet was good , nor the pills. until one day when my wife bought some gluten free bread for her and I was just curios to see if it taste funny. I had never tried gluten free products before so I give it a try. First day was not an obvious result, yet it was no blood in the toilet , only the diarrhea( I forgot to mention I had daily diarrhea or constipation during all this 3 years too). The second or the third day the diarrhea/constipation it was gone too and I had the first normal stool after almost an year… No exaggeration! I was loosing almost any hope that I will ever be able to have a normal digestion ever.. After that I kept eating ONLY gluten free products or products that naturally won’t contain any gluten. It is 4-5 months now since I had a normal digestion and a good stool.I had no problem ever since! I will write down some of my alimentary habits here though it will be to much to get into details. So, for bread I ALWAYS eat gluten free. I don’t eat any cereal based food that might contain any gluten! There’s a long list of no go foods including cakes, crackers,sweets.. etc because they all are made of flour which it contains gluten. Also beer contains gluten since the cereal that is made of , contains al lot of gluten so beware! I also avoid eating sugar (processed sugar) but only from time to time. Be careful with milk and diary products. I avoid drinking milk but I eat form time to time. I also eat yogurt ( natural only, no flavors and suff). Also I am eating enough butter, meat and fish ( non processed one and try to buy bio/eco if possible), eggs, fruits( although you should be careful which fruits to eat in the morning and which don’t , for this better consult an naturist medic). Dry fruits are also part of my diet as well as honey but don’t abuse them since they have a lot of sugar.I am eating vegetables, some more raw other boiled or fried but there are some vegetables that also are good for some people yet not that good for others so also here, is better to consult some naturist or to save some money, you can test to see how you feel after eating some specific food and decide if is good for you or not. I also eat potatoes, rice or corn(cornflakes) to replace bread since those three won’t contain any gluten,naturally. If you buy cornflakes though , be sure that they don;t contain any gluten , read the pack!. Better safe than sorry.Avoid eating processed food and canned food. Eat 3-4 times daily with 3-5 hours in between and avoid taking snacks between meals.I hope some guys will benefit form my experience. Once again, stay gluten free! ;) Good luck!

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