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The Best Part of All

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3 thoughts on “The Best Part of All”

  1. Diet made all my symptoms better –
    I took out red meat, do not eat anything fried or greasy (I pay for it even If I have something a little greasY) eat lots and lots of cooked veggies and fish, do not eat dairy unless it is goat or sheeps cheese (can handle a little of that) – never drink cows milk (use almond milk, so yummy!)and have no gluten –
    I eat other grains (rice, beans, lentils) and can handle them
    I have been off predniosne fora month – take some colozal and supplements(fish oil, multi vitamin) and am feeilng SO MUCH BETTER!!!
    Dotors who say diet does not matter are nuts – what you put in your stomach makes a huge huge difference -my gastro said to eat easy but not much else – when I told him I took out red meat he said “I do not eat it either” when I asked him why – he said because it is hard on your whole GI system -… See More
    wow – preach what you practice!!!!

  2. hello to all i am new to the chat room, well where to start Im 29 years
    old had colitis since i was 17 in 2006 they removed my entire large
    intestine and just recently i got cuffitis(which in lamen terms i felt
    like i was shitting razorblades for 2 years)i had a bag for 10 months,
    they also found 4 blood clots in my lu…ng and i am lucky to be alive. So
    im recovered now and kicking ass and taking names and starting a
    company to help people like us. If anyone ever needs to vent or talk
    about anything please friend request me im here for you… Kick ass and
    take names flare ups suck but this disease made me who i am and i would
    not change it for anything. Love you all and good luck!

  3. I am so horrified to think that for so long I was told and really thought there was nothing I could do about my UC. I totally trust my doctors but now understand that they are like scientists who see an illness and try to cure it with medicine. I now know that we can do SO much with just changing our diet. I am wheat/gluten free and even though I have a teeny tiny bit of milk in my tea I’m also dairy free. I’m still on Asacol (12 a day!) but no steroids now for 3 whole months :) My doc said I can maybe start bringing my Asacol down too. Feel better than ever thanks to my new healthy diet!

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