Thanksgiving, Finals and Ulcerative Colitis

Thanksgiving just passed. I spent it with my boyfriend’s family. We left Wednesday night after I got out of class & drove 5 hours to his parents house.

I was nervous because I wasn’t sure how to best handle this lovely disease.

But they all knew that I had been really sick, so I kept reminding myself that they’d be understanding. Still, it was nerve-wracking.

Anyway, we get there around 1:00am & we go straight to bed. We got up the next morning around 8:00am & I was ready to panic. I usually go to the bathroom 2-3 times per day. That morning, nothing happened. Very unusual. Then we went to his grandmother’s & had Thanksgiving dinner. It was really nice & I enjoyed myself. I’ve had to change my diet since getting diagnosed with UC, so his family checked to make sure I could eat the food they had, which was super sweet of them! We had to leave that night because we both had to get back for work and for school. (It’s finals week for me. Yuck!) So we hopped back into the car for another 5 hour drive to go back home. I ended up going my 2 times that day.

However, the next day I went 6 times!! From what I’ve noticed since starting Remicade, I’ll have one day out of the 8 weeks when I’ll go a ridiculous amount & then I’ll go back to “normal.” I guess that’s become my “normal” for me. Not sure if the stress from all the traveling & the fact that I needed to prepare for finals caused it. I’ve quit questioning it at this point.

Finals week has been rough! But, surprisingly, I’ve been going at a steady 2 times per day. My doctors are hoping to get me to 1-2 times per day. Maybe I need to add just a little more stress in my life to keep the pooping to a minimum.

I saw my GP before Thanksgiving & she told me not to over-do it through the holidays. (I weighed 130 lbs & she wanted me to keep to around that weight). Anyway, I went to see my GI doctor yesterday & I had lost 3 lbs!! So much for even trying to over-do it!! He was happy with my progress though. I’m to keep on the medications & I’ll see him in 6 months (which is when I’ll probably need to schedule my next colonoscopy. Oh joy!) Still seeing a little bit of blood & mucous, but I’m having solid bowel movements now.

Anyway, that’s my update! Enjoy the holidays everyone! :)

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1 thought on “Thanksgiving, Finals and Ulcerative Colitis”

  1. Good luck with finishing up your finals Lara!!!

    I hope all the classes go well and you have a relaxing holidays where you’re not worrying too much about how many poops you’re taking. It sounds like you’re doing pretty darn good, and that’s GREAT NEWS!

    Pretty interesting though how you have these random big times to the pooper days. I can remember that for sure, and sometimes it still happens to me too. Go for several weeks with a pretty set crap schedule, and then boom, out of nowhere a double banger in the same hour.

    What a nice surprise it can be.

    Thanks for the update, and take care,

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