Thank You

I just wanted to thank Adam for all his wonderful work with this website. When I was in my most awful flare up and could barely get out of bed I came across this website. It was so inspiring to see other people who were able to live a normal life who have UC. This site introduced me to the SCD diet to which I follow very strictly. The Scd diet has helped feel better. Currently I am off all medications and I’am living my normal, busy life again. So thank you Adam and to all the other contributors to this website, you have all helped me get through my darkest days.

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1 thought on “Thank You”

  1. Hi Esti,

    thanks so much for writing this post. I really appreciate it. Its so cool to see so many people with our disease coming together. Everyone is pretty busy with their daily lives, but at the end of the day, if people in our tribe with UC can talk about the stuff we go thru, that’s got to be positive. thx again for your kind words, and have a great week,

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