Thank God I Found Comrades in the UC World

recent picture of Renee

recent picture of Renee


48 year old female, stay-at-home mom to two teenage boys. I need to get this under control because I want to return to full-time work.

Some more about Renee:

Live in San Jose. My hobby in the last year has been taking naps. I didn’t know why I was so tired all the time.


Diagnosed in December 2013, after 6 months of bleeding. Other than being tired all the time and bleeding, I really didn’t have other symptoms. Feeling so much better today because of what I’ve read on your website.

Thank God I Found Comrades in the UC World

Prescribed 4 Lialda pills/day after diagnosis. Didn’t really notice any difference. Was still bleeding every time I sat on the toilet. Went for a check-up and was told to add a rectal enema to stop the bleeding. My doctor was worried that the Lialda wasn’t helping enough since my swelling was so low in the colon. I was on a hydrocortisone enema nightly for a month. It was downhill from there. Lots of blood, pain, diarrhea, and rectal swelling. My body was expelling all food and drink. My colon was having spasms. It was exhausting. Called the doctor back and she next put me on mesalamine enema. This is the time I found your website. I’m finally getting this under control. I’m sure it’s a combination of the things I’m trying: extra virgin olive oil, L-Glutamine, turmeric, and trying to follow the SCD as closely as I can. Since I’m trying to cover all my bases, who knows what is helping. I suspect it’s the change in diet that’s giving me the most benefit. As of the last four days, I haven’t had to run to the toilet. I’m no longer afraid to leave my house. My energy level is starting to come back. I was really worried there for awhile that this would define the rest of my life. I stopped work six years ago to raise my boys, but I’m thinking of going back to work (college tuition right around the corner). How can anyone possibly work with a flare up? My fear is that I won’t be true to the diet in the long haul. But today, I do it because of the fear of the alternative. Thank you so much for your website. I know no one with UC, so this has been a blessing and eye-opener.


Currently on Lialda (4 pills/day), mesalamine enemas, EVOO, L-glutamine, turmeric, vitamin supplements and SCD. My colon is definitely getting healthier by the day. I haven’t seen blood in the toilet for days. I just assumed this would be my new life. Thanks for all the wonderful resources.

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5 thoughts on “Thank God I Found Comrades in the UC World”

  1. Congrats Renee for making a turnaround, and I hope can enjoy some more of the hot summer out there in San Jose. Keep us posted on how things go for your and thanks so much for sharing:) -Adam

  2. Hi Renee,

    Good work and well done to you for getting on top of things in such a short period of time. Sounds like you have done the hard bit, I would stay vigilant and keep reading…

  3. Glad things are looking up for you! Thanks for sharing your story. In case you don’t know about it yet, check out CCFA’s website, at least to find a support group in your area. I’ve been going to my local monthly support group meeting for six months or so, and have found it really helpful to meet others dealing with the same disease. Online support is wonderful, but actually meeting other people is even more meaningful. Looks like there’s at least one close to you.

  4. Renee, the meds used to ‘treat’ UC are often more the culprit than the helper, as you have already found. The meds can actually exacerbate UC symptoms, yet they are still being used in this day and age. They are almost archaic now…lol.

    We long-timers with UC have mostly come to learn that we have to find out what works for each one of us individually…diet and supplements. It’s a pain and often difficult lengthy work…but once we have done it, we almost always end up feeling better.

    Like Graham said up above…keep going and keep educating yourself. You can glean what works for others from them, and run with it!

    Cheers…and welcome here!


  5. I agree!! This site has really helped me not feel so alone, it’s educated me and helped me to not be so terrified!! Thank you so much!

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