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Tents, Rivers, and Bears “OH MY” — VIDEO INCLUDED

When I was out of town in mid August with my wife, we took some video and quite a few pictures.  I’m coming up on my 4 year anniversary since my diagnosis with UC, and if that colonoscopy scope was a person, I wish it could access the internet and watch the movie below.  When I start talking in the video, I’m reading off the doctor’s notes from a visit back in March 2009.  That was a rough time for me, things were not going well.  It was almost a year before this website was even thought up.  I didn’t think I’d be doing the things you’ll see in the video, but then again, UC is NOT the end of the world.

*There is a tiny bit of foul language from someone other than myself towards the end of the video, so kids, please cover your ears…


For anybody who is up near, or wanting to go visit Crater Lake, Oregon, USA…GO FOR IT. Great Campgrounds, Cheap, Nice hiking, need I say incredible deep blue lake with awesome swimming, and also….showers for 75 cents/4 minutes.

And, if you are up for some river rafting with bald eagles, salmon, and Bears (which we saw 3 on the sides of the river), you should definitely hit up a rafting trip down the Rogue River. Rogue Canyon Adventures was the group we went with and Travis who is the owner of that spectacular company along with Mickey(from Hunters Point, SF) were super awesome guides. I filled out a “food request” sheet that they sent in the mail before the trip, and they were able to bust out some awesome food along the way that complied with the SCD dieting rules I follow. There are also some day trips down the river if you don’t want to hit it for 3 days like we did. The link for Travis’s company is:

Take care UC’ers, and keep your head in the game, flare ups do not last forever.  If you’re flaring, you still have options left.


9 thoughts on “Tents, Rivers, and Bears “OH MY” — VIDEO INCLUDED”

  1. Adam,
    These videos always make my day man. Good stuff! Pretty sad hearing those doctor notes, you have been through too much man, but you are one hell of a fighter and it looks like you had a great time. Pacific Northwest is definitely looks like a chill place, I heard they got some good herb up their?haha a little birdie told me that theirs a high chance that legalization may pass up their… That be tight.
    Anyways man great video and each time I see your videos I get jealous!
    btw where your guys grillin pickles with that chicken, Im having a craving for them right now, I have not had a pickle in at least 2 years!
    Ill talk to you later bro!
    Johnny Drama

    1. What up JD,
      Hey buddy, glad you enjoyed the video. I’m pretty sure you’d make a kick butt guide out there on that very river. And guess what, there’s actually a guide on that very river who also has UC, one of our guides was telling me about that. So why not you right?!!!

      Those were zucchini on the grill, I myself don’t eat much in the way of pickles, but tons of grilled zuc!
      Later amigo, hope Septiembre is treating you well,


      1. Nothing wrong with pickles but I’d prefer grilled zucchini over grilled pickles. Haha. Maybe I’ve been missing out all these years.

        Awesome vid…it does make me wonder when I’ll be able to do the same!

    1. Thanks Shelly, yeah there’s some pretty cool spots to see, I’m seriously wishing it wasn’t a 7 hour drive to Oregon, but way worth it. Love them outdoors! When we gonna get a Maine Video from you Shelly!!!!????

  2. Adam-
    How fun! Thanks for sharing. I also was able to do a bunch of 2-3 hour kayaking treks in the bay this Summer and it was so relaxing and awesome(I did have to desperately pee in the woods while waiting to be picked back up). Wishing you health and joy and more vacations and a great experience with your upcoming colonoscopy.

    1. What up Allison,

      Glad you enjoyed the video! Way cool you’re into kayaking!!

      Thanks for the well wishes with the butt violation coming up! I think its going to go well. Will keep you posted.
      Take care,

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