Teamwork – Mick Never Had Colitis, But Cancer was Reason for Bowel Removal


I have had my colon removed this was due to bowel cancer not UC however I would think the after problems would be the same . I would like to point out that I am copping very well after having my bag removed and had J Pouch surgery however could someone please advise me ,I have a very sore back side that is very painful any advice on creams or sprays of some sort.!

Some more info:

At present I am still in recovery period . I live not to far from the new forest. I like to go on walks bird watching enjoying the wild life e.t.c. At present this is not possible due to my unpredictable movements.I do hope that I can get back to as normal as possible.


I do not have UC but had my colon removed due to bowel cancer and was directed to this site . I would think that the symptoms would be the same for any reason after the bowel removal!. The symptoms i have are using the loo up to six times a day and the same at night , very loose stools, and very sore and painful backside – Any advice !

Mick’s Story:

My name is mick I am sixty years old I have not had UC but had my bowel removed due to bowel cancer . I had no symptoms but found out after receiving a test sample kit in the post that you receive when you turn sixty. I was in hospital for five weeks this was due to infections e.t.c . My main problem is using the loo up to six times a day and the same at night resulting in a very sore and painful backside any advice on creams / sprays e.t.c would be welcome thank you. At present I am not working and without employment I was laid off a about the same time I found out I had bowel cancer. At present it is impossible to work due to the amount of times I need to use the toilet day and night this makes me very tired i also have a very sore and painful backside I have asked for some sort of assistance to help with bills e.t.c and was told to put a claim in for personal independent payments ( PIP) . I filled in all the forms e.t.c and have now be en told that I need to attend a assessment in my present condition this could be a problem . I have contacted them and told them the situation and asked about the toilet arrangement at the place of the meeting as some days I can’t leave the house they told me that they have toilets there but are not used for general use but it should be OK !! I asked for a home visit and was told that should you be entitled to a claim this would set your claim back some time. I find this very unfair and insensitive for what I have been through.

Current Medications:

At present I am using sudocream for sore backside
Diarrhoea Relief ( Restricted use )

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  1. Mick

    I have a permanent ileostomy due to UC but sometimes use Loperamide capsules to make it less watery. I know Jpouch patients take them and there is literally no limit to how many you can take per day. Speak to your GP as they should prescribe them to you. After one of my ops i was having to take 32 tablets of loperamide a day while i was in hospital to get it under control so 5 or so a day should sort you right out.

    Best of luck


  2. Hi Tom
    Thank you for your e-mail you were the only reply I got and thank you for the information
    on loperamide capsuals I will speak to my GP .
    Thanks Mick

  3. Mick

    I had j pouch surgery because of UC, and have been using it since December 2014. The first thing to say is that things do get better. The butt burn is awful for a while, but lessens as your skin becomes less sensitive. That said some burning will always occur. The best method is prevention. Use cream after every movement. Try and get Ilex cream from your GP. This saved me and is fairly new.

    Watery stool can be difficult to deal with. As well as using loperamide, watch what you eat, as certain foods cause watery movements. I have managed this by eating thickening foods such as white bread, pasta, peanut butter, and banana. I also found the acid burns reduced when I cut out deep fried food, raw fruit and salad. I replaced these with cooked vegetables and fruit.

    I still use the toilet at night, maybe 1 or 2 times, but managed to reduce trips by stopping eating around 7pm. This means most of the food is out of my system during the night, reducing the need to go to the loo.

    Leaving the house gets easier. I travel a lot for work and plan when I eat with military precision. I know that I will need to use the toilet about 4-5 hours after eating, so make sure this doesn’t clash with a meeting or engagement. Takes practice, but I’m leading a pretty normal life now.

    Hope this helps.


  4. Mick, I too had my colon removed after years of ulcerative colitis and there was colon cancer as well. My bottom sometimes feels as if razor blades are inside. The frequency of movements is definitely the reason. I have to say that one thing that has helped me greatly is a bidet type style toilet seat. Cost was a little over $300.00 but it has been a lifesaver. It washes my bottom after movements so eliminates a lot of the rubbing. My Doctor recommended a product called Recticare, it comes in ointment and wipes. After trying all the other ones on the market I do agree it works the best for me. Tucks (witch hazel Pads) are also very helpful. When not at home I fill a small plastic tub (sitzbath) and sit in some epson salts for about ten minutes. It helps too. I have been told a bland diet helps too. Bananas, apple sauce, rice, toast. But that gets pretty boring. Everyone tells me the skin gets tougher Bt I find that hard to believe. Its been 2 months since I started using the jpouch. Best of luck to you. It’s hard some days to live like this but I am hopeful. Judy K In CT USA

  5. Hi Judy
    Thank you so much for the information from someone who understands the day to day problems that comes with this condition I have the same problems as you.I have to plan my day if I go out for the day and find out were the public toilets are . I will find out the toilet seat .
    many thanks Mick

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