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Taking a Break & Enjoying Life

It is fast approaching my 10 year mark with Ulcerative Colitis, and it was time for a break. I shot the video above about 5 days ago.

Since then i have biked about 285 km ( or about 220 miles) east through far eastern Hungary, and today is my third day in Romania.

my buddy David did arrive, and he is doing pretty good with the strenuous physical activity so far( but his ass was hurting the first few days).

Here are a few pictures.

one of the best meals, was from the Ukrainian carpathian mountains between the towns of Yasna and Chervnici. Whole meal for me and my buddy, including salads and about 2 pounds of grilled beef, chicken and pork plus drinks…$25…(pretty good…and much much more expensive than all other meals..we were going all out as the day was super hard ride and we needed to celebrate..)

my buddy David and I in Chernivtsi, Ukraine after a long day biking into the wind from Vzyhnytsia, Ukraine. This was August 10, 2018

I wish great and exciting adventures to all of you.

Life is too short,





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