Struggling with UC

Mirza is struggling to get the UC symptoms under control and willing to make some treatment changes to achieve the goal of remission. Check out where she’s at and what she is thinking in her recent post.

Dealing with Urgency

Meet UC’er Abe A: My name is Abe and I am a 25-year-old male with ulcerative colitis. I was diagnosed about a month ago and started the SCD diet two weeks ago. Some more background: I am a college professor and professionally performing musician. I am also on a full ride scholarship getting my Masters degree. Ulcerative colitis makes all of these things incredibly difficult… Read More »Dealing with Urgency

Stop the Urgency, Please!!

Introduction: I was diagnosed with UC about 10 years ago after my first son was born. At first I was diagnosed with IBS. I figured that I just had hemmorhoids from the pregnancy/delivery but I was diagnosed with UC after having a colonoscopy. Over the past 10 years, I have had 4 colonoscopies and tried MANY medications. Some more about me: I am a 39… Read More »Stop the Urgency, Please!!

The Worst Colitis Flare – Urgency Fresh Blood and Cramps

Introduction: Hi all, I am Julie, 48 years old, usually very active, I live in the UK and am a deli chef full time. I have 3 beautiful grown up children and 1 grandaughter. My life consists of regular exercise, socializing with friend and frequent travel. My Symptoms: I am currently in the throes of a severe flare up, which seems to have its own… Read More »The Worst Colitis Flare – Urgency Fresh Blood and Cramps