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ulcerative colitis

6-MP? Not for me…

Back in 2007 I was in the middle of roller coaster rides of flare ups followed by brief periods where things were going ok. I had recently been diagnosed with osteoperosis – softening of the bones. Osteoperosis is associated with ulcerative colitis among other things probably due to mal-absorption of minerals along with treatment with steroids. The Dr. advised me that he wasn’t going to… Read More »6-MP? Not for me…

Health Insurance for Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative colitis is not a fun disease,  and it can be very painful.  Nobody will doubt that.  But let’s face it, insurance, medical bills, and medicine are not fun either, especially when it comes to paying for all these bills.  One thing that is for sure, after you have a few years under your belt as UC patient, you just might feel like an expert… Read More »Health Insurance for Ulcerative Colitis

Why does My Colon Bleed, Is it Ulcerative Colitis?

From the very beginning, I think everyone who is diagnosed with ulcerative colitis wants to find out how to get rid of the symptoms and get back to a normal life, and FAST.  And who wouldn’t?  Especially after you have been dealing with the symptoms for probably a long time and seeing your quality of life going downhill.   Although I was bleeding pretty badly for… Read More »Why does My Colon Bleed, Is it Ulcerative Colitis?


I’ve been trying another sort of diet thing the past couple of weeks.  I have tried every diet possible and none have ever worked for me… but lately I’ve been eating really bland, boring foods… think soups, chicken sandwiches, turkey sandwiches, pasta… basically anything that is soft and easy to digest.  So far it’s kind of worked, and I’m feeling a little better!! Now having… Read More »Hope!

Ulcerative Colitis, is my life over?

And what did our survey say…………..NOPERS! Now time to play a game, it’s called ask yourself some questions, and then come up with your answers. I’ll go first: Question 1: Do you have any good friends with ulcerative colitis? My Answer: Nope Question 2: Did you freak out when they put the IV in your arm before the colonoscopy? My Answer: Yep Question 3: Did… Read More »Ulcerative Colitis, is my life over?