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Successfully Treating UC by Vitamins and Supplements Alone!

Introduction: I’m Dee from Ireland, 34 years old. I have moderate UC (mainly proctitis) officially for the last 5 years, unofficially for the last 25 years (didn’t get diagnosed properly for a LONG time). My Symptoms: My current symptoms – NONE! That’s why I’m writing… I found a great natural solution that has stopped the constant bleeding of my colon and so I wanted to… Read More »Successfully Treating UC by Vitamins and Supplements Alone!

Too Many Times To Count

Introduction: Female 28 yrs old married one child , ulcerative colitis since 17 yrs. I myself have wanted a web site just like yours But didn’t know if i could handle the STRESS of it all.I like what you have done with it.  Great job!  I hope what i wrote might help even you. Colitis Symptoms: Stress, tiredness sadness depression,happy 2 find I’m not the… Read More »Too Many Times To Count