Are You Drinking What I’m Drinking?

What Up Colitis Readers, It’s almost Christmas time, and whether you celebrate it or not, it’s pretty cool to see trees and houses all lit up isn’t it? I think so. But there’s also something pretty cool about this time of year, hanging out with old friends, family, people you might not see too much, that kinda stuff right. And, what the hell is a… Read More »Are You Drinking What I’m Drinking?

Peppermint Tea Anyone – Helps My Colitis

Peppermint Tea (just plain or with honey) Really helps because it is relaxing, and helps keep symptoms calm. I am not running to the bathroom all the time. I have been on medications for very bad symptoms however its been awhile since I’ve last had to run to them. Initially I suffered from bloody lose stools and false sensations to use the bathroom, bad gas,… Read More »Peppermint Tea Anyone – Helps My Colitis