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Update: My Colitis Symptoms for 2011

Update: My Colitis Symptoms for 2011

Hey UC’ers, I wanted to get off to everyone an update with regards to how things are going for me. Last time I shared a story, my ulcerative colitis symptoms were starting to get quite out of control with all sorts of bathroom breaks, filled with soft messy bloody poops. That’s right, full blown colitis […]

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"Extraintestional Manifestations"

“Extraintestional Manifestations”

Hello fellow colitis people. Quick update on me…still flarin’ big time…veered away from SCD for a little while seeing I was just getting more ill and losing a ton of weight. I had to…but I have the intention of going back if and when I ever heal up. I’ll give it another whirl if that […]

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My 4yr Old Has UC

My daughter was born 3 weeks early but had no complications to speak of. She was almost exclusively breast fed with some minor intro to formula but around 4 or 5months of age, we notices some strands of blood in her poopy diaper. Upon seeing the Pediatrician, we were advised that it was probably a […]

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