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Stopping Colitis Symptoms Before they Start – Part 1

I’m super excited for this week ahead, and most importantly I am hoping to see a nice log roll down the river in the next day or two. My colitis symptoms have finally re-appeared. It is ever so slight at the moment, but I’m sure that if I don’t make some changes to how I eat(and DRINK more importantly), I’m going to find myself in a flare up in a week or two. And we all know that’s no fun. My video explains the start of my battle plan.

Update: My Colitis Symptoms for 2011

Hey UC’ers, I wanted to get off to everyone an update with regards to how things are going for me. Last time I shared a story, my ulcerative colitis symptoms were starting to get quite out of control with all sorts of bathroom breaks, filled with soft messy bloody poops. That’s right, full blown colitis flare was just around the corner. Oh, let me point… Read More »Update: My Colitis Symptoms for 2011

“Extraintestional Manifestations”

Hello fellow colitis people. Quick update on me…still flarin’ big time…veered away from SCD for a little while seeing I was just getting more ill and losing a ton of weight. I had to…but I have the intention of going back if and when I ever heal up. I’ll give it another whirl if that ever happens! Still on prednisone (can’t seem to get off that… Read More »“Extraintestional Manifestations”

5 Years with Colitis, No to Prednisone, Hello to SCD

I was Diagnosed with UC 5 years ago. I work at sea on old wooden boats and was a week away from land when the symptoms that we all are familiar with started. Sailing is very physically demanding and as the week went on, I couldn’t eat, had severe stomach ache and was passing basically nothing but blood. When we got to land and i… Read More »5 Years with Colitis, No to Prednisone, Hello to SCD